The WhiteRooms Chapter 2872

The WhiteRooms Chapter 2872

Shivering, Bai Xiaochun backed up. And yet, before he could even move, another wave of medicinal pills shot in his direction.

? ?

When Qing Shui finished writing about the Divine Arm Clearing and Divine Feet Clearing techniques, he was shocked.?

The Blood Stream Sect disciples looked like they might cry at any moment. Despairing, they looked at Bai Xiaochun flicking his sleeve, and their hearts surged with hatred. Moments ago they had been clamoring about how they wanted to kill him, but now they had no other choice but to bow their heads deferentially.

The power of the detonations rippled out, and corrosive blood splashed everywhere. Many of the group of thousands of cultivators were injured, and tumbled backward as a result. At the moment, it seemed like the troop formation they had created would fall apart at any moment.

The war between the Heavenspan region and the Wildlands continued to intensify. At this point, nearly seventy percent of the cultivators from the four rivers had been deployed.

There was not a single person who hadn't heard about the matter, and even the Inner Sect disciples were talking about it.

Dust blew out in all directions as incredible pressure weighed down. Zhao Long and all of the other soldiers under Bai Xiaochun's command looked at the pill furnaces with complete shock.

"Dammit! No wonder Squad 9 wanted to switch patrol duty with us...."

"See if she can survive past the third day. Senior, could you and Mingyue please shower her first before passing her back to me. However, don't touch the golden needles embedded in her chest."

"Qing Shui!" Just then, Qingqing called out softly.

"All of these might seem easy, but they are all really time consuming. You always have to remember that the easier something is, the harder it is to understand the Essence of it. This is because it's hard to feel the essence hidden within it if it is too easy."

The pressure he felt from this woman actually surpassed that which he had felt from the Celestial.

The strength of the medicinal pill lay in the personal improvement and consumption where, in normal situations, the pills cannot be lost easily. However, the divine weapons were different; they would get one into trouble by attracting envious people, or worse, there would be impending massacre.

"Quickly go fetch your bastard son and bring him here. That good-for-nothing scumbag." The old man shouted at a middle-aged man impatiently. He knew that Qing Shui stood at the pinnacle of the Greencloud Continent and that his existence meant the potential deadly power he could unleash to his Ximen Clan.

"Ah, I can't move my arm!"

They were both dressed in golden silk clothing, which added to their radiance. They smiled at Qing Shui, revealing pearly white teeths and bright eyes. Most importantly was that they were a pair of tender and beautiful sisters.

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