Restarting Life Can Never Be Good! Chapter 2019

Restarting Life Can Never Be Good! Chapter 2019

"We can't just keep wasting time like this, we have to strike now."

Suddenly, an incredibly loud roar sounded out form the palace and swept across the entire devil cave. It echoed nonstop while carrying a mighty devilish power.

"Little Chen truly has great luck, he actually got the Magma's Heart! But, the Island of Ice's exit obviously won't appear anytime soon, and since we can't leave££ where should we hide?"

If Jiang Chen was awake right now, he would definitely recognize this statue.

It was only until dusk that Jian Chen finally stopped his window-shopping spree through the streets and settled in one of the inns to wait for the auction two days from now.

Feeling the sharp glare of the elder, Jian Chen had instinctively turned to look at the source of the stare. When he saw the elder, Jian Chen had been startled as well. But then a meaningful smile appeared on his face as he stood up from his chair as well and strode over to where the elder was.

Both men were at the brink of collapsing, they had completely lost their minds. Without hesitating, they both attacked Big Yellow at the same time.


A Late Qi Hai warrior was considered a powerful man in Fragrant Sky City. He would even be respected by everyone in Red City, but in this tiny Silver Moon City, he could only be a door guard. This was the difference between the two regions.

"Jiang Chen, you have acted against your superiors! The Sect Chief will punish you for sure!"

Leveling a calm stare at the escaping man, Jian Chen raised his finger again and shot a beam of Sword Qi accurately onto the man's calf.

Sending his Yuan energy into the bag, he immediately saw what was within the storage bag.

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face.People could not tell what he was thinking.

While tungsten alloy was an extremely durable alloy, the Origin Energy of the Sword Spirits was something even the Saint Weapons of a Heaven Saint Master couldn't defend against. So the Origin Energy easily stabbed deep into the tungsten alloy.

Everyone was simply thunderstruck. Despite it happening right in front of their eyes, everyone just had to doubt themselves. A mighty Saint King had been easily injured right in front of them!

Nangong Wentian was terrified as well; this was situation he had never expected. It clearly wasn't Jiang Chen who had stolen the broken sword, it was the broken sword that had jumped out from where it was kept and fallen into Jiang Chen's hand.

Bi Lian resolutely shook her head, and looked at Jian Chen imploringly. She said, "Brother, Lian'er extremely likes to do these things. You should just let Lian'er do it. Please don't turn away Lian'er. Lian'er and sister You Yue will manage the Flame Mercenaries very well together. Also, Lian'er will ensure you that it definitely will not interfere with cultivation."

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