Omniscient Reader Chapter 124

Omniscient Reader Chapter 124

When the attacks from the Late Divine Core Evil Devils arrive at where Jiang Chen stood, he and Big Yellow had already escaped from their trap.


The energy of Lord Baoju was too powerful. A sharp horn suddenly appeared on top of its head, and a bright beam was instantly shot out from it. The Great Elder was knocked far away from where he stood.


Bai Yushuang snorted before looking at Yu Fengyan with a justified look, "Open your eyes to see who stands by you. He is still alive and well, is he not? It matters not what he experienced on the outside, he is still living and obviously endured what little dangers he came across. If he continues to stay here, our entire clan will be in danger. Second aunt, I know you worry for Xiangtian, but I am only looking out for the entire clan."

"Damn it all, who gives two f*cks about a Class 5 Magical Beast then? We have two Earth Saint Master experts on our sides! Brothers, forward! Kill those bastards and take revenge for our dead!"

Furthermore, Jiang Chen could defeat young lord Lee who was at the Early Qi Hai stage, while only being a ninth level Qi Jing warrior. His potential was like a needle in Mu Rong Zhan's heart, and if he allowed this genius to continue growing, it will only take a few years before the Mu Rong family was forced out of the city.

"Don't you all know? My cousin in a nearby city is the captain of the soldiers, but I heard that a spy from the Gesun Kingdom has infiltrated our Blue Wind Kingdom. Even the three hundred soldiers of the elite Storm Troop were killed. The spy took all of the monster cores and ran, making even his majesty furious. Right now, every single person in the kingdom is looking for the spy££"

The spread of the wave of energy was exceedingly fast. In a split second it had reached where Jian Chen stood, but in that moment, the energy had begun to wane in power before becoming nothing more than a strong whistle through his ears as it passed. Jian Chen's clothes were blown slightly along with his long black hair which began to drift in the wind.

Jiang Chen never showed any fear. With the Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapon in hand, he shook it with his Yuan energy. The spear produced a buzzing sound as it pierced toward Shangguan Chong.

"No, Ming'er is currently at a critical point of breaking through to the Mortal Core realm. If he is disturbed, it will affect him greatly. Arrange our men to block all the exits of this city, watch the Misty Rain Tower closely, and inform me immediately once Jiang Chen tries to leave the Misty Rain Tower."

The second Thunder Dragon collided with Baoshan Xiong whom Jiang Chen had already caught up to. It instantly exploded into a lightning-like web, flooding both Jiang Chen and Baoshan Xiong.

As he spoke, another three rays of light came flying out towards the man that had just spoke.

The next few days were relatively peaceful as the after effects of the magical beast wave had finally died down in Wake City. The entire city was already back to fully healing and was booming once more.

"Haha, I hadn't imagined that the journey would be so peaceful. This was really against my expectations." Changyang Hu happily smiled, his tone also carrying a hint of excitement.

Big Yellow was puzzled. He possessed the Dragon Horse bloodline that had been passed down since the ancient era, and he had dragon's essence in his body.

On the same day, Jiang Chen announced his order, and during the next two days, all the different City Lords started coming to the Fragrant Sky City to greet Jiang Chen. No one objected the idea of having the Jiang family as the ultimate leader of this region, because no idiot was capable of being a City Lord. Therefore, they knew what they should do now. Also, they were really grateful, as their lives had been saved because of Jiang Chen. Not only would they do as the Jiang family told them to in the future, if Jiang Chen asked them to follow the Jiang family from now on, none of them would disobey.

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