Some Sexual Energy, please Chapter 1422

Some Sexual Energy, please Chapter 1422

"No way, we'll die together. I will not escape alone!"

"Slash of Dawn, first style!"

"Damn it, what kind of dog is this? Can't any defense mechanisms hold him back?"

Big Yellow turned his head away.

At the moment, the ocean had become very crowded. Numerous powerful warriors were rushing towards the center of the ocean, and many warriors who lived closer to the ocean had already arrived.

Jiang Chen was speechless, someone like him had long forgotten the feeling of having one' s mind wander.But, he had just experienced that feeling again because of a young lady.This was a great shame for someone like him.

The Crown Prince scolded those Golden Guards. After that, the Golden Guards simply bowed toward the Crown Prince and started flying in another direction.

Just as Jian Chen submitted himself to a realm of calm, a sudden but strange feeling appeared within Jian Chen's mind. In that crucial moment, Jian Chen's spirit seemed to have harmonized with his long sword. He was the sword, and the sword was him; there had been no difference between the two of them. It was almost as if the sword had already became a part of his soul.

Saint Kings could tear apart the space to travel inexplicably long distances at a moment's notice. As soon as the jade stones were crushed, two Space Gates immediately materialized in the sky near each other.

Nangong Wentian asked in a shocked manner. He just couldn't think of any possible solutions Jiang Chen might come up with.

Yu Zi Han's eyes lit up.

"Kid, in my opinion, take this opportunity and marry Xiao Yu. Then, have your first night straight away!"

"Little Yun, I've heard that the fourth master has broken through to become a Saint Ruler. Would that tidbit of information be true?" An elder besides Changyang Ba suddenly; he was one of the doyen of the Changyang manor.

He had been unsure of how much time had past, but over a hundred strands of Chaotic Force had been used for the sake of Jian Chen's evolution. By now, the source of endless energy that was being fed into the sword spirits to be refined into Chaotic Force had been stopped, as there was no longer any need for it. Shortly afterwards, the voices of Qingsuo could be heard, "Master! You've done it! You've finally reached the Minor Achievement realm with the Chaotic Body! You can now use the Chaotic Force."

"Jiang Chen, dead dog, let see where you can run now!"

Jian Chen's question had been heard by the sensitive ears of everyone in the group. The entire group turned around to look at him as Kendall asked, "Jian Chen, what exactly is wrong here?"

There were simply too many pills stored within his body.Even though he had reached the fifth level of the Qi Jing Realm, he had only used half of the pills stored within his body.

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