Travels of an Immortal Pyromancer Chapter 2655

Travels of an Immortal Pyromancer Chapter 2655

"I'm sorry, I did not know that this matter would bring you so much trouble. I'd never have thought that the person I met in the dream was you. It was becauses I didn't believe that such a beautiful lady would exist. I don't regret having done that at that time, but since it brought you inconvenience, I'll do my best not to think about it!"

However, as they tried to make contact, the Grand Heavenmaster frowned, and the Giant Ghost King's expression flickered. Then both of them rose to their feet in shock.

When he reappeared, he was in another location, surrounded by blurry darkness. He wasn't sure how large of a space he was in, but he could see that right in front of him was a palm-sized turtle shell.

"They're all almighty figures who live on the blue rainbow." The more he thought about it, the more exciting it seemed. Then he thought back to his time at the Great Wall, and how the deva Chen Hetian had so brazenly screwed him over.?[1]

Qing Shui had dinner with the two ladies as well as the members of Di Clan. However, there were only people from Di Xuan's side and there were not many of them, just over ten of them. It was much quieter than how it was previously.

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"It's freezing here!" he thought. Looking around, he tested to see if the power he had over the fan could help him here, but absolutely nothing happened.

Even though the process was halted, Qing Shui decided to use the remaining time to temper other Poison Weapons and valuable materials that he had been planning for a long time. He looked at the giant 10,000-Year Coldsteel and took a portion of it to produce an abundance of Coldsteel Needles and Frosted Iron Balls.

"You have already reduced me to this, what more do you want?" The fatso morosely said, surprising Qing Shui.

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Bai Xiaochun didn't mind at all that Gongsun Wan'er had seized the initiative. Actually, he would prefer it if she could just resolve the whole situation on her own.

He raised all aspects of his strength to the highest limit. He knew that this immortal-like being in front of him ,who was known as the "Sword Demon", was one of the most powerful people he had met. She was the most powerful opponent that Qing Shui had met to date.

"The further you get from East Sea City, the weaker the spiritual energy gets. The second city is called World City, where a large military force is garrisoned. It can be considered a transfer hub on the way to the Great Wall itself, but is also a major line of defense."

"Qing Shui¡­¡­ "

In that same moment, the vortex up above began to emit intense rumbling sounds. Even as the world seemed to be descending into the gray of death, multi-colored light erupted out from Bai Xiaochun to shine on everything around him!

Qing Shui continued walking while thinking about his plan. The more he thought about it, the happier he felt. He was confident that he could kill them because if nothing went wrong, both him and Old Lady Mo would be able to challenge warriors with up to nine thousand countries worth of strength.

"I'm not afraid of that, heh heh!" Qing Shui smirked at the comely and gorgeous-looking Zhu Qing.

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