Systems Of Valor Chapter 2490

Systems Of Valor Chapter 2490

Immediately, the soldiers all began to busy themselves with their own respective tasks as the gate began to close. At the same time, each person were shouting out commands to each other.

Yan Chen Yu looked happy. She held the Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal in her hands. Only Yan Chen Yu, who had the Nine Yin Meridians, could hold this freezing crystal with her bare hands. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow needed to use their strong Yuan energy, qi, and blood in order to withstand the intense coldness.

"Let me ask you again.Every time, when the disease strikes, your body will start shivering, and the blood would be frozen.You will have difficulties breathing, as if you are dead.You can' t feel anything except for the strange, painful sensation of something snake-like moving inside of your body, and that pain is very intense."

As Jian Chen climbed the city walls, Tianxiong Lie, who was right behind, immediately jumped up onto the wall without his magical beast and started to scale it in the same manner as Jian Chen had. However, not only was the magical beast very heavy, it was not an expert in climbing ,so it remained on the ground as Tianxiong Lie stopped in his tracks, but didn't admit his violations, nor was he willing to go with the officials.

Several Black Armors called out with serious faces. Their forward movement toward the palace hadn't stopped for a moment as they continued to escort the king with haste toward the imperial palace through a hidden passageway.

Sensing the sudden attack, the Flood Dragon who was focusing on its recovery instantly opened up its eyes. Its fury transformed into raging flames and burst out from its eyes.

"After having my body tempered by the thunder's force, my foundation has become much stronger. I can just take this opportunity to absorb these three demon souls. With that, I can increase my cultivation to a peak level."

Zhou Butong heaved a heavy sigh in unwillingness before closing his eyes and allowing his elderly body to hit the ground slowly.

Seeing the hand approach his face, Jian Chen's blank stare instantly became sharp, and his eyes flashed with a deep coldness. He lifted his own right hand up to block the incoming hand, so quickly that the other students couldn't react in time. After intercepting that student's hand that was halfway to his face, Jian Chen lashed out with his foot, and his kick connected with the student's chest. With a small gasp, the student was sent flying backwards, before he heavily fell down onto the ground some distance away.

The headmaster had a wide smile across his face as he steadily looked at Jian Chen. "Changyang Xiang Tian, the World Essence you just released was abnormal. Did you encounter any problems during your cultivation? If so, don't hold yourself back and tell me. Perhaps I can help you." The headmaster said in a tone of great concern.

Jian Chen's punch, however, had forced Tie Ta to stagger backwards, but only for a moment. Roaring out loud, he charged at Jian Chen once more with both of his hands outstretched. With a punch using only 80% of his strength, Jian Chen didn't even leave a mark on Tie Ta's skin.

"Of course, I am a disciple of the Martial Palace."

The third elder looked at Jian Chen's body with a furious look, "What a rogue Jian Chen is. With the Ruler Armaments hidden, they will be difficult for us to find them."

Tie Ta's gaze was locked onto the black Space Belt for while, before he shook his head and said, "Teacher, I would like to keep this Space Belt under your care. I still have Class 2 Monster Cores."

After Jian Chen had left, a figure in a light screen appeared in the fifth elder's room. If Jian Chen was there, he would recognise that the person was the master he had accepted, the president of the Radiant Saint Union.

When the elder swung out, so did Jian Chen. Waving his right hand, the sword instantly shot toward the elder.

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