The Tale of the Ghost Eyes Chapter 2624

The Tale of the Ghost Eyes Chapter 2624

Although he still accompanied his mother Bi Yuntian to the dining hall, but as usual he had still shut himself off in his room every night. Sitting on the bed with crossed legs and his hands on his knees, he would close his eyes and face the sky once more.

Such a major reaction from Jian Chen caused everyone in the room to jump in surprise, especially the ones that knew Jian Chen most like Ming Dong, You Yue, and Dugu Feng. This was the very first time they had witnessed Jian Chen react in such a way, so they were all flabbergasted at his expression, especially since it was only an Earth Tier Battle Skill.

There must be something wrong with this guy's brain. He was just an outsider to the Martial Palace, but he still acted so arrogantly. He just had no idea what death truly meant.

"You have torn the Imperial Decree and conspired with our enemies to hurt the Crown Prince! Each one of these crimes is a capital offense! However, I won't be killing you now, I'll imprison you in the Heavenly Jail and focus my time on those damned people!"

The Nine Yin Meridians? This was the first time Yan Yang had heard about it, but this doesn't matter compared to the young man in front of him who had saved Yan Chen Yu. He was shocked that this young man who seemed to be younger than him had the ability to save his cousin.


"Hang them up and beat them, don't stop until they are dead."

Borrowing the cover of its poisonous fog, the Silver Striped Golden Snake began to move; it immediately slithered backwards to escape.The infamous snake that had spread fear with its name alone was feeling dread in its heart from the speed of the Light Wind Sword, as the snake couldn't follow the blade's movements. In a life threatening situation like this one, the Silver Striped Golden Snake had given up on chasing Jian Chen.

Three of the five experts had all agreed while the other two remained silent.


Being a Heaven Saint Master at the age of 21 was something that had never been done before. The last outstanding genius, over the entire history of the Tian Yuan Continent, had been thirty years old at the very least when he had become a Heaven Saint Master. Even more surprising, that very same genius later on became a Saint King!

At that moment, Jian Chen suddenly felt an abnormal sensation. The white tiger cub that had been asleep against to his chest finally woke up. Slowly opening its eyes, the tiger cub shook its head from side to side to observe the surrounding area with curiosity.

By this time, You Yue had moved to Jian Chen's side and held his left arm. "Jian Chen, let it go. There's no need to waste time on such small matters."

The vice headmaster had an ugly expression on his face as his gaze swept across the dozen students; his gaze lingered for an especially long time on Cheng Mingxiang and the other two that had lost their right arms. His expression fell as he bellowed, "What happened here? Who wounded you to this extent? Could it be that you encountered someone from outside? Hmph, don't they know that everything within this 100 kilometer perimeter is Kargath Academy's territory? To think that someone would dare to enter Kargath Academy and injure its students; this is really absurd." Bai En was fuming; it was very obvious that he thought that Cheng Mingxiang and the other dozen students had been hurt by some people from the outside


Outside the room, Yu Zihan cupped his fist toward Big Yellow, expressing his admiration.

In that one moment of warfare, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom lost another expert by the hands of Xiao Tian. Xiao Tian extinguished the man's soul with a single strike through the eyebrows, allowing his body to fall to the ground and crumple on the streets.

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