The path of the lustful demon Chapter 802

The path of the lustful demon Chapter 802

Overall, the product was symmetrically smooth. The size was just enough for the slender feet of a woman. The scales of the Golden Ring Snake King shone with a gentle gloss, with soft golden light reflecting off the vibrant green of the snakeskin. The snakeskin was further decorated by the golden patterns of the snake king, appearing akin to extremely luxurious goods. The finished product was beautiful, really beautiful. The only complaint that Qing Shui had was that it was obviously for woman. Why would guys need to wear such a beautiful pair of boots? On the contrary, if guys wore it, it's beauty would surely diminish, not bringing justice to boots at all.

"I have not but I am slightly inferior. In a life or death battle, I might not lose but I would definitely not win." Ye Guyan chuckled as she replied.

The green-robed man immediately flew over to stand in front of Duke Deathcrier, where he clasped hands and bowed deeply.

The lands around them were frozen, the sky was dark, and an icy cold breeze blew constantly, providing the only sound to be heardĦ­

He knew that the so-called heavenly marquis pagodas were not created by heavenly marquises. InsteadĦ­ they had been built along with Arch-Emperor City itself! More specifically, they were shocking magical devices that could focus and release the power of an unseen spell formation!

Whenever a disciple was promoted to the Inner Sect, they would be able to acquire one of the sect's techniques at no cost. As soon as Bai Xiaochun arrived, the disciple in charge clasped hands in greeting. Feeling more pleased than ever, Bai Xiaochun clapped his shoulder and then went to look at the options he had in terms of techniques.

Roasted lamb and stewed lamb soup. The meat was tender and soft, with a good taste. The roasted lamb was golden yellow in colour, and neatly arranged on a tray. The meat was flaky and soft, oily and textured, with a fragrant smell. It was extremely delicious...

It was the same in Giant Ghost City, where life went on like it usually did....

"Miss, my name is Pan Long. I'm pleased to be able to meet you. I feel that fate has brought us together and I was wondering if I can have the honor of inviting you to the Pan Residence so that I can be a host?" The youth used a soft and gentle voice as he spoke to Wu-Shuang.

"I sure hope that what the little turtle said is true.... The Giant Ghost King had better recover in the next couple days." And so he sat there nervously, surrounded by silence. Considering how exhausted he was and how quiet the area was, he soon began to think back to what it had been like to rise to the deva level, and then beyond that, to the demigod level.

"All of you pick a different direction to search in," he said, his voice as cold as ice. "Once you track them down, send me a message immediately!" With that, the others nodded in affirmation and then scattered in different directions.

Even so, both Qing Shui and Feng Wuji suffered from very serious internal injuries. However, Qing Shui knew that his condition was not very serious, but he had given Feng Wuji a few hidden ailments. Three years, he would be crippled after a maximum of three years.

"Go and die, you are crazy. You are talking nonsenseĦ­" Canghai Mingyue blushed. Previously, she suppressed herself because she was in front of her parents. Now, she could finally give free rein and didn't need to suppress her words.

"Immortal Imperator!!" Bai Xiaochun blurted. This was no random sphere, it wasĦ­ a gigantic head!!

"Uncle!" Chi Feng was very happy to see Qing Shui.

"My stomach...."

"I like how you are now. You have become more relaxed." Qing Shui was pleased to see that Wenren Wu-shuang had learned how to relax herself. Ever since her elder sister, Wenren Wugou, had passed away, she had rarely allowed herself a time of peacefulness or to be cheerful.

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