The Devil WithInn Chapter 303

The Devil WithInn Chapter 303

"Do you guys see that? Those whose cultivation levels are below the Combat Soul realm are not allowed to step onto the Blissful Island in advance. Even those from the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan aren't excluded from this rule, even they do not dare break the rule."

Within the study room of the Tianqin clan.

Although Jian Chen had never thought about having to do anything with love, he was still a healthy male in the end. Huang Luan herself was very beautiful. In fact, she was devastatingly beautiful. Even under the heavens, she was very remarkable. So when such a beautiful woman offered a kiss, even Jian Chen wasn't able to keep his calm. The hidden and deep feelings within Jian Chen had finally ignited, forcing Jian Chen to close his eyes.

Momentarily, Jian Chen's look toward the Ape King had changed.

"Little Chen, I never thought you were such a brutal guy, it looks like I truly underestimated you! But, what surprised me even more was, I never thought such a brilliant genius would exist in the Eastern Continent!"

Even Yun Zheng had been moved by such a sight as his heart began to beat wildly.

Seeing the reaction on Ming Dong's face, Jian Chen could only laugh, but he gave no explanation. The cub understood that Ming Dong was indirectly insulting him, so it leaped onto Jian Chen's head. Lifting its cute head high into the air, it stared down at Ming Dong. It gave a discontent growl as if it was a king overlooking his subjects.

"It's as if there's almost no pressure on the first 20 steps, like it's pretty normal for him to be there££ I guess he will stop at the 40th step!"

"Fourth master, I'll notify the lord of your return. The lord and the fourth lady have been missing you dearly. They have been hoping for your return every day." Chang Wuji spoke as he turned around.

Mao Sheng felt his heart pounding faster and faster. He was so mad it felt like his lungs were going to explode soon.

The two elders revealed apologetic smiles as they cupped their hands, "Lord Jiang, please calm yourself. This decision came from our ancestor himself."

"No need."

Just as Jian Chen opened his mouth to admit defeat, Ming Dong beat him to it.

On top of the stronghold walls were several armored soldiers that walked around anxiously. Each one of them had a sallow and dried up expression that had definitely seen better days.

This Black Tiger was only a Class 2 Magical Beast, and with a Saint Master and a Peak Great Saint fighting it, this Black Tiger didn't have a chance of surviving. In a flash, the Black Tiger's body was filled with wounds as blood flowed freely from it. As a result, its normally black body was dyed red.

In a single moment, Jian Chen had killed six Heaven Saint masters without their notice. However, Jian Chen still continued to summon another three arrows to bring down the next trio of enemies.

Jian Chen's forward advancement began to falter as he sized up the two injured magical beasts with a critical eye. Seeing how the two were gathering energy, it felt as if they were ready to take action if he got any closer.

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