-------- Chapter 304

-------- Chapter 304

Those cruel Blood Devils were a disaster for others, but their devil cores were great for Jiang Chen. Therefore, Jiang Chen was actually the disaster for these Blood Devils.

In fact, Chang Qing's order was completely unnecessary, as it was just a joke two make two guards watch Jiang Chen. If Jiang Chen really wanted to leave, even with both eyes wide open, those two guards would never be able to stop him.

"Forge a weapon? Imperial Protector, what use do you have for that? Do you plan to use that material to forge yourself a weapon? Any regular weapon pales in comparison to a Saint Weapon in terms of durability and strength. In a battle between Heaven Saint Masters, an ordinary weapon would be as good as a chicken rib utterly unfavorable." Qin Wujian asked curiously.

Jian Chen stood up from his stool and smiled, "I am Changyang Xiang Tian. Thank you for helping me with this embarrassing situation, otherwise, I'm afraid it would had escalated into something troublesome."

"Hehe, this old man seems pretty nice."

Shangguan Yilong furrowed his brows as he spoke.

Jiang Zhen Hai shouted, "Mu Rong Zhan, how can you leave like this?I doubt you've forgotten about our bet.From today onwards, your pill shop will be ours!"

Taking the five of them to the Huang family had been Qin Ji's idea. When Qin Ji had heard that Jian Chen was going to the Huang family, he had immediately worried for Jian Chen's safety. He had been adamant that Jian Chen bring five Imperial Advisors with him. In the end, Jian Chen had no other choice but to agree to Qin Ji's request. Taking five of the most trusted Imperial Advisors to serve as a way to show off prestige.

"No one dares point at me like that, looks like you really have no idea what the consequences of doing so are."

Seeing Jian Chen's emotions, Qingsuo couldn't hold back her silence and began to console him, "Master, do not be so discouraged. There is plenty of time in the future, and although the path set out for you is long and hard, you will one day have both the Chaotic Body and Chaotic Force."

"Mystery of space?" Jian Chen murmured to himself in a low voice. His eyebrows furrowed together in deep thought.

The Ice Demon King wasn't afraid of death. It immediately countered the attack with its gigantic fist. Although it was knocked back several dozen meters by the Seventh Emperor, it simply leapt right back toward the Seventh Emperor.

"She is still in her room."

"Ten thousand year old Ginseng, take one and you'll stay young forever!"

After the mighty battle between Jiang Chen and Yang Shuo, Jiang Chen's name had gained quite a bit of reputation. Not a single person in the outer perimeter of Inferno City didn't know his name. It wouldn't take long before his name was heard by someone in the middle area of Inferno City.

He thought to himself with a smile on his face.There was no doubt that the Nine Solar Energies skill was very powerful, but he was just too weak to practice it right now.

Standing on top of its head, Jian Chen let out a yell as his Saint Force gathered within his iron rod, before fiercely stabbing it into the head of the beast.

-------- Chapter 304 End!

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