The girl with the cross Chapter 1557

The girl with the cross Chapter 1557

Everyone began to talk to each other after learning of such information. Now that the five Imperial Advisors knew the true identity of the Imperial Protector, they began to treat the Changyang clan with a politeness unlike the previous noble demeanor they had used before. The five of them had an attitude that made the entire Changyang clan feel honored, causing the clan members faces to light up as an indicator of their feelings.

Duan Li said.

"When did that happen? The destruction of a big demon power should have caused a big stir, so why haven't we heard anything about it?"

Jiang Chen said.

The arena became quiet, as everyone stared at the lone figure standing on top of the arena. At this moment, everyone showed incomprehensible expressions. This had already exceeded anyone's wildest guess, and no one had thought that Jian Chen would win against a Saint. Most importantly, he had defeated a Saint while coming out almost unharmed. Even though the Saint didn't use a Saint Weapon, this outcome was no less surprising nor predictable.

Jiang Chen extended his hand and made a grabbing gesture. A red devil core immediately flew out from the leader's corpse. It was emitting an evil aura, but at the same time, it also contained a lot more energy, qi and blood compared to ordinary demon souls.

Jian Chen circled the students at high speeds. The Light Wind Sword in Jian Chen's hand slashed at their bodies continuously, causing splashes of blood and torn pieces of clothing to fly out in the air.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes and looked at the shop owner. Just as he was about to speak, the shop owner cried out in shock, "Kendall, that is my Kendall! My lord, have you seen my Kendall?" The shop owner was beside herself with joy. She had not seen Kendall for many years now and was still deeply concerned for him.

Although the old man looked skinny and weak, just from the aura he casually unleashed from his body, no one would underestimate his ability. With a casual glance, he could make one's heart startled and shudder with terror, as if the glance dragged that person to hell.

All sorts of shops could be found along the street. Some were selling pills, some were selling demon souls, and some were selling combat weapon. But of course, the quality of these items was just common, and was not good enough to enter the sights of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

Big Yellow wasn't bothered by Yan Chen Yu. When women fall in love, they lose reason.

Two bright beams shout out from Jiang Chen's eyes. He threw his glance at the Seventh Emperor's disgusting face with a strong desire to leave a shoe mark on this evil person's face.

Right after Mao Sheng finished roaring, something happened once again. A deep explosive sound could be heard from the Island of Ice once again, and in the next second, a flaming object erupted from the island.

Soon after, the three men all unleashed their divine sense, spreading it throughout the entire mountain range. The three Fifth Grade Combat Kings could easily search every single inch of this mountain range, and they could even see a tiny ant from high up.

"Jiang Chen, where did you learn this?"

"Ancestor, the Huang family has cancelled the betrothment between Huang Luan and our Huanggu clan. In our place, they have chosen an Imperial Protector from the Qinhuang Kingdom." Jiang Tao replied respectfully.

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