Rise of the Demon God Chapter 2456

Rise of the Demon God Chapter 2456

This was also one of the things that motivated the people from Zhuoshi Clan to continue battling.

Bai Xiaochun was more than pleased by that, and would normally have taken time to strut around and bask in the adoring gazes of everyone in the sect.

Instantly, he vanished from the embassy. By the time the embassy staff came to their senses, he was gone, and they all knew exactly where he was going!

As soon as Hou Yunqing appeared, the valet greeted him respectfully and escorted him inside. Bai Xiaochun walked along by his side, looking around curiously at the banquet. This was his first time attending such an affair.

He could also sense the killing intent in the eyes of the surrounding disciples. However, it was at this point that, all of a sudden, the corpses behind him all howled, and then cleared a path.

Qing Shui headed up to his place, but felt a little uneasy. He immediately sent his Spiritual Sense out. Qing Shui smiled bitterly, because as he stood at the entrance to his room, ?he could sense that there was someone in the room.

Eyes widening, he shouted, "It's time to break the fourth shackle!"

He could not see any of Qing Shui's concrete achievements, and he didn't believe that Qing Shui would be more powerful than him because he knew his situation well enough. It would be extremely difficult, or nearly impossible, for someone of Qing Shui's age from the Greencloud Continent to surpass him. In regards to the defeat of those Sword Tower disciples, who had the power equivalent to the Heavenly Palace Chief Senior Disciple, Xi Ri thought that he could defeat them just as easily.

"Xiaochun, are you alright?" Hou Yunfei asked. Worried, he patted Bai Xiaochun on the head.

Furthermore, taking out eighteen heavenly marquises was the limit of what he was capable of. If he continued on with such action, it would lead to complete revolt.

Qing Shui had thought about a murderer because he felt that they perhaps lacked people who loved them, or people whom they loved. Their heart wouldn't be so cold otherwise. If their heart wasn't cold, they wouldn't be murderers.

"Grandma! Daddy is back!" At this moment, Yuchang told Qing Yi who was nearby the front door.

"I will take you there. That is my younger brother Yu Jian!"

Song Que thought back to the first day he had met Bai Xiaochun, and everything which had happened since then. Bai Xiaochun had always been there, hanging over him like thunderclouds of misfortune, impossible to dispel.

Then someone suggested that they should start visiting some of the most tight-lipped of the prisoners, people who had never revealed the location of their hidden treasures.

Passive skill: Divine Bash, when using the Violet Gold Divine Shield to bash, there will be an addition 20 percent of the body's strength added to the attack.

"How is she compared to Miss Ye?" Qing Shui asked.

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