Bliss and Blitz Chapter 1196

Bliss and Blitz Chapter 1196

"I knew that you would ask. Very well, since you've already realized, it just means that you're already very strong now and I'm also assured now. Qing Shui, can you do me a favor?" The old man's tone was extremely calm.

"Lass, you've returned and Qing Shui too!" Old Master Shi laughed heartily. Anyone could tell that he was extremely happy right now.

That originally weak nature energy also grew a lot stronger than before, and merged together with the Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique and the Frenzied Bull's Strength, these three strong forces gradually combined into one, and flowed through the meridian channels like galloping horses!

Bai Xiaochun was sure that people would relay his words to the Vile-Emperor, and that soon”­ the emperor would come for him!

"It's hard to say. Hu Yunlong was dreaming of getting his hands on Miss Yun Duan despite his old age. This is great. Hu Wei Adventurer Guild is probably goners now."

Four hours could neither be considered long nor short, and if he were to come across a patient person, that person may be even willing to wait patiently for forty hours if he had to. Of course, that was also under the condition that they knew of his secret. However, no matter how much they cracked their brains, they would not be able to find out or believe this.

Rocks were sent about everywhere, and within the distance of a hundred meters, the place was like a sandstorm!

Qing Shui was circulating his Ancient Strengthening Technique. He had just broke through to the 115th cycle a few days ago. Tough training for over the half a year's time had progressed his Ancient Strengthening Technique forward for ten cycles, and just in terms of his strength alone, he had increased by over two hundred thousand jin and 10% increment of his overall abilities. This was not a small number, and not something which the Small Revitalizing Pellet, which could increase one's overall abilities, could compare with. If one's abilities had no potential for further development, medicinal pills would only be able to increase 10% of what the person had at that point in time.

"Master, it wasn't very long ago that your apprentice gave everything to protect the sect, to ensure that its 10,000-year legacy continued on. To protect the honor of the sect, I was chased down relentlessly, and during that time, all of my magical items were lost or ruined. I came back to the sect without anything to call my own. My bags are empty. I'm more impoverished than a servant....

A huge crowd was gathered, their backs to the staircase. A narrow path led straight through them to a location that Bai Xiaochun could not currently see. However, the aura he could sense surpassed any sort of god, as if that person were the lord of all living things!

Of course, it only went to prove how incredible he was. After all, he had actually vanquished two of the top three celestial goddesses in one fell swoop.

Some of the reputable family clans and small sects came as well, hoping to establish a relationship. If they were able to obtain protection from the Heavenly Palace, then it would be a matter that they would thank their ancestors for.

"Ah, whatever. As a member of the Senior generation, it's my job to help educate the youngsters." Sitting down cross-legged, he put aside the matters of the day and began to practice cultivation.

It was similar to how he really wanted to go to a mountain right now and then flatten the ground with the Mighty Elephant Stomp technique. Before this, he had always pounded the ground with his fists.

"Dammit, I'm gonna turn him into turtle soup!!"

Most importantly, Qing Shui saw his expressions, this was a smart man, he knew what to do. The things that would be yours, even without asking for it, it will come to you. However, the things you are fated to not have, no matter how hard you try, it will not be yours.

The little kid had grown so much. Normally, she would not indulge in the love of her father too much. However, for the first time, the love she indulged in the most today was her father's.

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