Fate/Colizion Chapter 546

Fate/Colizion Chapter 546

Jian Chen sneered once more; he had no wish to meet with the middle aged man. Altering his path, he slid by the man and continued onwards to fight the weaker mercenaries.

World Force was the energy that a Saint King could wield. Compared to Saint Force, World Force was far stronger. It was incorporeal since it was an energy made of £¦nothingness,' but its strength was extremely potent.

"Did the Imperial Emperor come as well?"

Of course, in the minds of these people, it was still unknown if Jiang Chen would truly be able to defeat Lord Nether. Although Wu Ningzhu had told them so, none of them had ever witnessed what Jiang Chen was capable of, after all. The gap between the Combat Soul realm and Combat King realm was extremely huge, and it was nearly impossible to kill someone who was one realm higher.

The Grand Elder spoke a few more polite words with the Heaven Saint Master before walking through the Space Gate. With a single step, he was able to cross thousands of miles to the other side of the Tian Yuan Continent.

Shangguan Yilong once again unleashed his mighty energy. Without saying anything else, he immediately leapt forwards and struck toward Jiang Chen. With incredible killing intent, he turned his palm strike into a gigantic web which covered toward Jiang Chen, trying to capture him.Chapter 334 ÿ I Have a Condition

"We're safe now, we don't need to worry about the Boundless Bandits chasing us."

At the same time in the imperial palace of the Gesun Kingdom, five of the Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom gathered at a dining table. There were more than ten people gathered there. Aside from the king, the other people were the other Heaven Saint Masters from the rest of kingdom. This was a gathering that no regular person could attend, and even the prince of the Gesun Kingdom was no exception.

Seeing the beautiful face of the princess, Jian Chen hesitated for a moment before speaking, "Princess££"

Jiang Chen was truly shocked. Even with his strong mind, he still felt that this was really crazing. He had lived two lives, and was once the greatest Saint in the world. He had gone through death and come back to life; his experiences had given him a strong mind that no one else could compare with. However, what was happening right now had once again distracted his soul.


"Gudong!" "Gudong!"

The moment everyone could see, their faces went still with shock and amazement. Even Qin Ji was no different from the rest.

But Jian Chen didn't say another word and continued to stare at the ceiling in a stupor while the fatty continued to speak into his ear.

"Stardust is a material used for weapons of the Immortal level, I never would have imagined that they would appear even here. Master, no matter what the cost, you must obtain them!" Ziying spoke urgently. It would appear that stardust was an extremely important item to it.

"A beast with a gentle character? Little brother, looks like you really are too young. There are no gentle demon beasts in this world! Let alone a super powerful beast like the Firethorn Savage, not only is it not gentle at all, it also has an extremely ferocious temper. The Green Sanctuary Sect was fighting it nonstop a few years ago, they couldn't bear to let go of such a good place. The Firethorn Savage had brutally wounded many of the disciples and Sect Elders of the Green Sanctuary Sect."


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