Spirit Circuit Chapter 236

Spirit Circuit Chapter 236

The ground was littered with the corpses of many Vampiric Falcon Vulture and Berserk Dragons, however they were quickly devoured by the Vampiric Falcon Vultures. Regardless of whose corpses they were, as long as they saw blood, even those that were still living would be met with their attacks, sucking their blood until they died.

Qing Shui nodded and left for the inner hall with the Yun family. There would naturally be people who would fix and reconstruct the hall in the Adventurer Guild.

Qing Shui delivered half a month's worth of fish over to Yu He Inn. Knowing that Qing Shui lacked money, Yu He directly took out 1,000 taels of silver and paid him. Qing Shui could not help thinking about how much of a young and wealthy entrepreneur she was, as he was filled with admiration.

He was almost halfway to the bank, and was only a few hundred meters away from the black-robed old man.

That was especially true of Beihan Lie, Master God-Diviner, and Jia Lie.

"But we are not in any ordinary placeĦ­. Things are different here. If we put them in the Daoist Tower of Life and Death, then their Life Essence will slowly build back up, and their cultivation bases will also progress!

"La la la! Hello!"

He could instantly tell that the place was different from East Sea City or World City. First of all... there were no shops anywhere to be seen. Although there were a lot of people present, most of them wore suits of armor, and had cold, expressionless faces.

"I'm going to enter into secluded meditation now. In a moment, someone from the Senior generation will come to pay you a visit, so please wait for him. Finally, take this jade slip. It's an arcane cultivation technique for you now that you've reached Core Formation, a secret magic of the former Frigid School!" A strange expression could be seen on Frigidsect's face, but before Bai Xiaochun could look up to notice, Frigidsect tossed him a jade slip, turned, and vanished.

"I didn't notice anything. Did you?" Qing You asked Qing Bei.

The elderly man spilt out a mouthful of blood. He was thrown outside akin to what he did to Qing Shui just now!

Qing Shui greeted with a smile before taking a seat beside Huoyun Liu-Li, a seat which happened to be just right beside Qing Qing. She turned her head and looked at Qing Shui who had settled down beside her.

It wasn't just them. Any living beings in the area who could see the Heavenspan Battleship with its deva pressure were shocked. Everything went completely silent.

Another month passed, and Bruiser's habits changed yet again. In addition to being held in the close embrace of the female disciples, and secretly watching them bathe, he developed a new taste.... When watching the female disciples bathe, he would secretly take away their bras... and then hide them in a safe location. [1]

"If you fall into my hands, Bai Xiaochun, I'll make you suffer for a thousand years!!"

Twin Phoenixes Face the Sun!

Time passed. As Bai Xiaochun went about his work in seclusion, Mistysea Prefecture transformed on an almost daily basis. The Grand Heavenmaster and Giant Ghost King were the leaders and planners, and they worked perfectly together. Furthermore, as news spread that Bai Xiaochun had occupied the prefecture, Heavenspan Realm cultivators from all over began to head there.

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