The Human God Chapter 1195

The Human God Chapter 1195

The time had passed by again. Qing Shui and the ladies decided to head back.

Qing Shui promptly retreated backwards, creating a distance between him and the remaining wolves. He glanced towards the One Horned Silver Wolf that had been bashed to one side. The wolf was badly crippled from the Shield Attack with the strength of nine countries.

Qing Shui was happy that he had finally seen a 3rd grade piece of furniture!

"Hmph. With him around, the notorious Bai Xiaochun, who is the ultimate chosen in the world, a person that countless individuals are infatuated with, will definitely walk right into the trap I'm planning for him!" He emphasized his righteous, sincere words with the flick of a sleeve.

Situ Shang's words even caused a wave of grief for Situa Ba, a man made of iron. As parents, especially as an iron man like Situ Ba, he only hoped that his children would grow into a happy and healthy adults under his wings and not suffer any harm, but he could not even achieve this. He was the magnificent master of the clan, but his superior status was like a rope that tied up his hands and feet.

Before he could even attempt to compose himself, the sovereign spoke a second time.

Qing Shui quickly used the Heavenly Vision Technique to analyze his Violet Gold Divine Shield!

"Then why did you chase that fellow from earlier away? Although he is just a servant, he is from the wealthy Dong Clan. You should know that wealthy people fear dying the most." Wenren Wu-Shuang asked with some confusion.

It was extremely pungent, and to the horror of the Dark Concocters, it contained some of the effects of both Aphrodisiac Pills and Fantasy Pills. In the past, they had experienced this horror for two short hours, but nowĄ­ it was happening without stop!!

After they passed through the inner hall, they arrived at a smaller shrine that was within the hall itself.

"Stop crying girls, father is fine!" After Qing Shui said that, he struggled to get up. He looked at the old man and laughed very loudly, he wiped the corner of his mouth but fresh blood leaked out again.

"Alright, Mingyue, do you want to stay here at the Heavenly Palace or go with me and Liu-Li to our area? It's quite a secluded area and is suitable for taking a break."

That was mostly because the Qing clan's collection had turned obsolete. Ever since Qing Shui started teaching the people of his clan his martial art skills and technique, it no longer had any uses.?

Master God-Diviner's terror mounted with every moment that passed. After hearing Bai Xiaochun's suggestion, he reached into the fold of his robe and pulled out a copper coin, which was a magical item that he used to perform divinations. Normally speaking, he was very protective of the copper coin. In fact, back in that savage tribe where he had been held captive, he had been allowed to keep the coin on his person when performing his duties. As soon as he pulled it out, he drew upon the various magical techniques and divine abilities that he used for divination.

"One breath's of time is sufficient!"

Eight hours later, Qing Shui woke up. Regardless of how tired he was, Qing Shui would normally wake up after eight hours. After he woke up, he made some fish porridge and drank two bowls of it. He left some behind so he could heat it up later and eat it.

Song Junwan accepted them, and after examining them briefly, was clearly moved. She gave Bai Xiaochun a deep look, then smiled. Telling him to wait for her, she flew toward the top of Middle Peak.

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