Atypical Reincarnation Chapter 2086

Atypical Reincarnation Chapter 2086

Indeed, a loud shout sounded out through the entire auction hall. In the following second, Master Blissful appeared. He casually unleashed a bright beam and shattered Shangguan Chong's attack.


Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed. With his full strength, he unleashed the True Dragon Palm. Every time he formed a new Dragon Mark, every time his cultivation progressed, the True Dragon Palm would become stronger. The gigantic blood red dragon claw grabbed the blade light unleashed by Eldest Mang, and shattered it in the most formidable way. After that, Jiang Chen unleashed the Sonic Hawk Cry. The tremendous sound-waves immediately crashing into the Devilish Lute Tune, causing a huge amount of sparks to emerge when the sound waves collided.

Who would ever expect that disciples of the Heavenly Blade Clan would come here to Red city, this was huge news for everyone in the city.

The Crown Prince went straight to the point.

There were a total of 100 stone steps on the Stairway to Heaven, and each step was one meter tall. Any Mortal Core warrior could easily climb such stairways, it was nothing in their eyes.

Jian Chen's heart skipped a beat as he looked on in shock at the two elders next to Tianmu Ling. Waves of shock spread through his heart as he registered the news given to him by Nubis. He hadn't thought that Tianmu Ling would be able to manage such a terrifyingly strong power like this. These two elders were at the Eighth and Ninth Heavenly Layer!

Right at this moment, a sudden change occurred. An oppressive sound echoed out from a distance, and soon after, nearly twenty figures were seen flying toward the battlefield. There were two people in the lead; one man and one girl. The man had a tall and muscular body; a very imposing appearance, and he was carrying a long and big blue ruler. The girl was wearing a skintight black dress, giving her a beautiful and seductive look. The girl was carrying a zither in her hand, and she was also portraying a very imposing appearance.



If the Shangguan Clan saw it as an enemy attack, the people of the Yu family would see it as a rescue.

Daoist Profound River was shocked by what he saw, and felt as if he could hardly breathe. Before personally witnessing how Jiang Chen fought, he could never have imagined how frightening Jiang Chen would be. Not only had he killed Lord Baoju with ease, he could even force back the Second Grade Demon King, Lord Zhanlang! And, he was only a Late Combat Soul warrior! The existence of this young man was truly a defiance against the heavens!

"Damn it, where are you going?"

"Why don't you let Tyrant join the Great Leiyin Temple? With this, Tyrant will become a disciple of the Great Leiyin Temple. With the Great Leiyin Temple's status, and taking Ancestor Greenlotus's reputation into account, even if they have ill intentions, they wouldn't act on them in a flagrant manner. Furthermore, there are two benefits for letting Tyrant join the Great Leiyin Temple. First, you're showing them that you haven't turned your back against them. Second, Tyrant would benefit greatly. What do you think?"

Big Yellow said while wiggling his tail.

Heavens, this had gone too far! Only the heavens knew that Jiang Chen didn't desire Wu Ningzhu!

Xuan Ye let out a cold snort. He had prepared for this. He held his palms together, then he unleashed a bright seal and forcefully threw it at the devil claw.

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