Webnovel Test0531003 Chapter 295

Webnovel Test0531003 Chapter 295

Before he could even react, more people in the crowd suddenly fell to the ground, screaming as their bodies began to wither. Bai Xiaochun instantly started to get nervous.

However, this hope was too unlikely to happen; it was as though he was searching for a needle in the vast ocean!

Qing Shui swiftly ordered Fire Bird to fly lower near the ground, and as soon as they landed, Shen Chaoyun quickly leapt from Fire Bird's back and hugged Shen Chaoyang in tears.

The dark clouds in the sky began to distort from the forces released by both sides. The air pressure around the sky surrounding the two men was at its maximum, and the thundering noises rumbled as the wind blew violently around them.

When he did thatĦ­ he suddenly felt blessed.

"I have to put everything on the line!!" He pulled out all of the pill furnaces he had left, and even personally went to the Internal Affairs Pavilion. There wasn't anyone on duty, but as a prime elder, he could easily unlock the storage warehouse and take out more than a thousand new pill furnaces!

As the starry sky trembled, Bai Xiaochun looked on nervously. Obviously, he understood a lot more about his life essence spirit than the Mortal Renegade. After all, he had been using the Waterswamp Kingdom from almost the moment he began to practice cultivation. Step by step, his cultivation base had grown higher, until the point where he witnessed the events of ancient history only moments before. That was when he was suddenly inspired to take out his turtle-wok and send it out, backed by the power of his sovereign cultivation base.

When he saw them, Qing Shui knew that he made the right decision to acknowledge Weng Xue as his sister. In the future, he would have a close relationship with Sky City. Qin Zongheng was very powerful, so he had already removed the silver needles in his own body without Qing Shui. Even if Qin Zongheng did not inherit the governing rights to Sky City, he was definitely a powerful man in the region.

Qing Shui thought that forging, stitching and alchemy would appear gradually, but he never expected for them to all appear simultaneously, and combined as well. Most importantly, even the synthesizing of jewels was inculcated into the Ancient Art of Forging.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Qing Shui hugged the beautiful woman and laid down on the back of the Fire Bird, while Di Chen leaned on his body. Recently she had discovered that Qing Shui seemingly loved to adhere to herself and would try all means to hug her.

The Grand Heavenmaster knew that, but didn't care. He didn't want public favor; he wanted people to fear him. And that was exactly what he was accomplishing.

"He had actually mastered the Art of Golden Thread of Jing Clan's up to this extent!"

Mu Qing looked at Qing Shui apologetically. They continued doing this until evening, before everyone stopped and went back home to freshen up. It was only now that the whole year had truly passed.

No one knew exactly what would happen inside that pocket realm, but they did know that there was one main requirementĦ­. The first person to get out of it would become the Celestial's fifth apprentice!

"Lingshuang told me that the man she wants to marry can only have her alone as his woman. She said she wanted to find someone like her father; a man who has only one woman. But men who are slightly capable usually have many wives. I will support her no matter what her decision is. Although Yanlin's cultivation and aptitude were slightly inferior, he has a great personality." Lady Duanmu shook her head.

Qing Shui knew that he was building up a resistance to the medicinal properties!

He could not help remembering the words that the Abbot from the Golden Buddha Temple said to him. He had an affinity with Buddha. Was him entering that sense of emptiness a sign of his affinity?

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