FLAWED TEETH Chapter 2838

FLAWED TEETH Chapter 2838

Among them, half of the people had had their monster cores taken away by Jian Chen in the forest. The other half had no enmity towards Jian Chen, and had merely been gathered by Cheng Mingxiang.

"As long as you're fine, then that's no problem. I'll have the village prepare another room for you by the edge of the village so no one will disturb you. It'll be peaceful as well, come on now."

Daoist Black bowed deeply toward Granny Feng and expressed his apologies. If not for his misjudgment, the situation wouldn't become like this. The combined force of two big sects would still give them the ability to fight back, but for now, all their warrior were seriously wounded. They had lost all ability to fight back.

The Flame Mercenaries all inhaled sharply. Currently, all of their hearts were uncontrollably racing. Although a Class 5 Magical Beast cub's strength was far from an actual Class 5, as well as the fact that it would still take quite a while for it to reach adulthood, its value was far more than an adult Class 5 Magical Beast.

Pointing his finger, Jian Chen allowed for two beams of Sword Qi to fly out towards these two men.

"That's normal, when I started concocting pills, I made the furnace explode more than a hundred times."

Many people felt an impulse to give this arrogant guy a severe beating, but eventually refrained themselves from the impulse. Some Late Divine Core geniuses were staring at Jiang Chen as well, hostility leaking out from their eyes. However, they didn't do anything either. Firstly, they had to conserve their energy for the upcoming competition, and secondly, they did fear this man who could cripple Luo Song with a single kick.

After another four hours, Jian Chen opened his eyes once more and stood up on the tree branch. He took out another set of clothes from within his Space Belt and changed into them. Noticing that it was now dark, he began to think for a while before deciding on leaving the area.

Even the current patriarch and several other Earth Saint Masters were able to barely survive. In an instant, they tried to surround their bodies with Saint Force, but the splinters shattered it and perforated their bodies with holes, much to their shock.


Jiang Chen glared at the scene. With a sway of his body, he arrived behind Daoist Black and used his hand to support Daoist Black's body.

On the second day, everyone cleaned up their tents and formed a dense group within the forest. Shi Xiangran was afraid of Jian Chen's initial strike that he had delivered, causing him to keep up his barrier without the slightest intention of dropping it.

Jiang Chen said with a smile.Looks like news about what happened in Fragrant Sky city would be spread across all 28 cities soon enough, and his name would be heard by many people.

"The chilling cold will be at its strongest during the birth of the ninth Yin meridian."

"Ancestor, this is an extremely important matter. If we were to unilaterally agree to annul the betrothment, it would be a great slap to the faces of the Huanggu clan. There is no way that they won't feel dissatisfied with us. This is a situation where our friendship with the Huanggu would become irrevocably destroyed." An elder spoke seriously.

Xiao Dao on the other hand was tiny, and with his skinny body, he almost looked like a skeleton. In comparison to Yun Xuan, Xiao Dao was seemingly weaker than him. Aside from Jian Chen, Xiao Dao was the youngest of the bunch at the age of 22 years old who also had the strength of a Middle Saint.

The once restless Valley of Yin Spirits had quieted down. Yu Tian Long, Yu Zi Han and the others raised their heads and looked at Jiang Chen. With his clean white clothes, Jiang Chen glowed in a faded golden light all over his body. His eyes were bright, and his hair was fluttering in the cold breeze. He was like a true god of war who had just descended from the immortal world. He portrayed an image of someone above all else that was enough to make anyone want to submit to him.

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