Into the World of Medicine Chapter 2990

Into the World of Medicine Chapter 2990

The dressing of the waitresses at the door were exceptionally sexy, mini skirts with tight fitting clothes that accentuated their graceful frames and busty buxoms, causing people to have nose bleeds.

"When did Master ever lie to you before? Master didn't tell you before, but my home is actually in Greencloud Continent. You are, after all, my only disciple, so I can also take the chance and bring you home to introduce you." Cang Hai Ming Yue smiled warmly and said.

"Don't worry, with your hubby here, you can relax." Qing Shui laughed.

With a smile Qing Shui lifted up the bowl and waited for the others before slowly placing it on his mouth. The wine gave Qing Shui a fragrant taste that lingered in his mouth after drinking.

"Look, it's Majordomo Bai...."

Bellowing, Bai Xiaochun flew after it, unleashing another blast of sword qi, which slammed into a blood cistern that the rabbit was passing, destroying it.

"This Nightcrypt is wily and cunning. He's brought disaster to the sect, and is the subject of universal complaint on Middle Peak. He dares to curse people, but doesn't dare to talk reason? I don't care if the patriarchs favor him or if my aunt likes him. He's nothing more than an outsider, with no connections in the sect. I'm the firstborn son of this generation of the Song Clan! I don't care what happens, I'm going to find my aunt and make an appeal to justice! She'll definitely drive this guy off. And even if she doesn't, she'll at least make him kowtow to me. Then he'll know who's boss!!" Gritting his teeth and fuming with anger, Song Que raced at top speed toward the upper finger.

"Aunty is so beautiful!" Qing Yin stood on her tiptoes and told Huoyun Liu-Li.

Back at his residence, Qing Shui did not come across Yan Ling`er and Xi Yue. He entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, and the first thing he did was to just get some sleep on the bed.

The black uniform hugged the sexy and well-embodied figure tightly, displaying the curves so clearly that it made one desperate. When he thought of the fact that she would have to go through many men or even satisfy some with unique preferences, he decided to dash the thoughts.

As Qing Shui clumsily practiced the 10 initial stances of the Solitary Rapid Fist, although the form was there, the essence was not. Qing Shui trained slowly, trying to reach an understanding of the underlying concepts behind it.

After all, the name Bai Xiaochun was very sensitive, and therefore, having someone named Bai Hao as the next Hell-Emperor would resolve many issues.

A third heavenly demon appeared!

Even if Qing Shui was a super expert that could defeat Young Master Yin, Young Master Yin's twisted personality meant that he would definitely get all the experts from the Yin Clan to attack Qing Shui. If he couldn't get rid of Qing Shui in an open and above-board manner, Young Master Yin was a man that would take the despicable route to make Qing Shui disappear.

"The pinnacle of Martial King grade? I can advance up to the pinnacle of Martial King stage?" Said Yiye Jiange with a surprised look which she rarely showed.

She seemed like she wanted to evade Qing Shui's touch, but ultimately, she didn't.?

Time momentarily seemed to stop, as Qing Shui unconsciously lingered in that awkward position, his hands automatically extended out and held Yu He by her waist. Unbidden, Qing Shui seemed to have lost all sense of conscious thought as his instincts took over. Gently, he began rubbing his nose and lips on the area of contact, mesmerised by the fragrance. He lamented the fact that a thin piece of smooth silky fabric was blocking him from ascending to the heavens.

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