Knight Kings : 1st Encounter Chapter 1516

Knight Kings : 1st Encounter Chapter 1516

All of Arch-Emperor City was thrown into another commotion as people looked up in shock to see... the number fifteen appear next to Bai Xiaochun's name!

Suddenly, he could hear the sound of footsteps walking in from outside.?

"I've already thought of what to put on the couplets. It's best to be simple and direct. On one side put One Spirit Enhancement, 1,000 Portions Of Spirit Medicine. On the other side put Must Enter Shop With Minimum Of 10,000 Portions Of Spirit Medicine!" With that, he swished his sleeve grandly.

"Devil Bai!!"

Next, the main gate of the immortal's cave... was flung wide open!

Immense roars rang out as the pain caused it to unceasingly go crazy where it was. All of the demonic beasts around it suffered a calamity, as they had a huge disparity in size compared to it, with their strength being even more so. Therefore a large number of them were instantly killed by the crazy Berserking Dragon King.

"What do you like about me?" Qing Shui was confused. Prior to this, she has said that she wasn't interested in arrogant children.

Combined together with his Ghostly Steps, Free Spirit Steps, "Core Qi Method", and Soaring Crane Steps, the Cloudmist Steps was extremely strong. It's speed was amazingly fast yet crafty. It boosted one's speed to a terrifying height for a short distance.

"What am I supposed to do...? Please tell me I'm wrong about this!" By now, he was scowling on the verge of tears, and couldn't stop sighing inwardly.

The Red-lined snake left very quickly and disappeared almost instantaneously. If Qing Shui were alone, he would've assumed that it was just his imagination, but now both of them had seen the snake.?

He was moving far more quickly than he could on his own, thanks to a secret magic that was quite draining. However, as the clan chief, he had access to plenty of soul medicine to make up for the loss.

"Dabao, you're supposed to cherish little creatures like that. You can't hit it!" Xiaoxiao's voice was warm and soft, very pleasant to the ear.

Even though this was her first time meeting her, Qing Yi had a strange feeling. Facing Qing Shui, she asked, "That is QingqingĦ­"

Wenren Wushuang then called out to Qing Shui softly.

"Middle Peak's grand elder always takes Nightcrypt's side. Young Lady Xuemei, please come out and cut him down!"

"How is this even possible!?!?"

The more one was privy to the behind-the-scenes information, the more confusing things became. After all, the Giant Ghost King was a demigod, a fact that put a lot of pressure on the three great clans.

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