Super Urban Master Chapter 2364

Super Urban Master Chapter 2364

From the earlier moments, Jian Chen had recognized both Jiede Wukang and Dugu Feng as his enemies. For those who were his enemies, Jian Chen had no mercy. Even more so, Jian Chen desired the Heaven Tier Battle Skill pages in their hands.

"This is a natural water curtain cave, I never expected there would be such a beautiful place within the Myriad Demon Mountain!"

Not a single soldier spoke a single word. All 500,000 soldiers silently leaped onto the magical beast next to them without a word or wasted effort. Following Jian Chen's orders, the entire division swiftly traveled away from the Gesun Kingdom.

After that, Jian Chen killed a magical beast in the forest and tore off a large and fatty hind leg. He then found a dry spot on the ground to build a fire and began to slowly roast the meat.

"Look, that's Jiang Chen."

At this moment, a group of people was traveling on the two sides of the streets. From their fast speed but relative pacing, anyone that saw them could see that they were a part of the same group.

Seeing the men charge at him, Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword began to emit a hazy glow over its edges as a sign of the Sword Qi sharpening the sword. Then, with a single thrust, an extremely loud sound echoed through the streets that shook even the buildings.

But even then, the shadows began to grow smaller in scale from a kilometer to five hundred meters. Shrinking once more to twenty meters before finally transforming into a single black colored sword that floated right in front of Jian Chen.

"Alright. Sect Chief, please wait for me at Palace Black, I need to arrange something with brother Guo."

Jiang Chen had mixed feeling regarding the copper plates. When he was at the Blissful Island, the reason why he bought the first copper plate from that old man was because he felt it was quite heavy. But, since he had obtained another two of them on the Island of Ice, Jiang Chen felt there must be a secret hidden within these plates, and it was certainly a big secret.

Seeing how Jian Chen was familiar with the white tiger cub, the initial anger that was on general Liu's face instantly disappeared. He had seen Xiao Tian bring the cub, so he was not unfamiliar with it.

Watching those men leave their ranks, Kai Er and the others could only sigh to themselves. They couldn't blame them.

"Indeed. We must have the Imperial Protectors come on over. If we do not take back the prestige we lost, then our Qinhuang Kingdom will have none left to remain on the Tian Yuan Continent, let alone remain as one of the strongest eight." Qin Wujian growled. Although the Sect of Dragon and Tiger was very far away, everyone was extremely angry. None of them were afraid that the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger would hear them.

Wu Jiu had seen all kinds of geniuses, each and every single one of them were amazing, but when those amazing geniuses were compared to the young man in front of him, the gap between them was not small. Wu Jiu himself was also a peerless genius. If he wasn't, then he wouldn't have gotten so far. When he broke through to the Divine Core realm, his aura wasn't even ten percent as strong as the aura Jiang Chen was unleashing right now.

Many people were discussing the events. There were not many people who dared to cause trouble in Silver Moon Restaurant, and even less who dared to hit a man from the Mayor's mansion while inside the Silver Moon Restaurant. This was the same as committing suicide.

"Hmph! Jiang Chen, I have to admit that you are indeed a peerless genius who can't even be found in ten thousand years! However, since you have chosen to be the enemy of the Martial Saint Dynasty, you are destined to walk a path of certain death! Although you possess formidable combat strength, enough to let you kill any Late Combat Soul warrior; when faced with your current situation, do you still think you can escape death? My advice to you is to surrender right now, and you might be spared from all the pain! And, if sincerely pledge your guilt, the Imperial Emperor mighty show enough mercy to retract the Imperial Decree to slaughter all your friends and family."

The old man nodded with a smile. He looked at Jian Chen as if he was staring at a huge treasure and said kindly, "Child, you can call me the ninth elder. The one beside me in the fourteenth elder. As for the second test, it's only something that Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters can go through. It's used to test how talented the Radiant Saint Master is for Radiant Artes. Since you've already reached Class 6, you naturally have to take the second test. After you finish the test, you're allowed to learn any of the Radiant Artes the union has collected."

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