Praise the Orc Chapter 1230

Praise the Orc Chapter 1230

"One moment!" Jian Chen's voice suddenly made itself known as they were talking to one another.

Jiang Chen crossed his arms around his chest. A light smile emerged on his face. He didn't rush up towards the mountain top, instead, he started waiting for someone to come here and invite him up.

Seeing that the three men weren't even trying to escape and were instead running for Jian Chen, Ming Dong and Dugu Feng finally cracked open a mocking smile. Not even moving to stop them, the two of them charged toward the others that had took a step forward earlier, for they had been ordered by Jian Chen to slay whoever came forward.

"Firmament Hand!"

"So you weren't Si Qiafu after all. It seems that Si Qiafu was killed by you, and then you pretended to be him in order to poison our water."

Thousand year Ginseng, Spirit Mushrooms, Knotweed, Dragon's Tongue Grass, Core Plant, Hundred year old Spirit Root and so on. All sorts of ingredients that Jian Chen had never seen before appeared on the table.

Who could have thought that a massive battle could have ended like this? Shangguan Wei's destiny was easily predicted; even though he was from the Shangguan family, but with Jiang Chen's character, he wouldn't let Shangguan Wei go easily.

Immediately, violent buzzing sounds began sounding out from Han Yan's body. Threads of devilish energies overflowed from his body and covered the entire secret chamber.

"If that is the case, I won't show you any mercy. I'll let you taste my Myriad Returning Swords today."

Rooted to where they were in the skies, the two Heaven Saint Masters from the Blue Wind Kingdom could only stare with rigid wide eyes at the dreadfully familiar face of Jian Chen. Already had their faces gone slightly awry--between the two sides was already a pre-existing grudge.

Big Yellow angrily said. He had been very worried after learning about Yan Chen Yu's condition. He and Yan Chen Yu had established a deep relationship during their journey, and now, Yan Chen Yu was severely wounded and in critical conditions. It was obvious why Big Yellow became extremely angry.

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up, and a confident look emerged on his face. Cultivating an illusion skill was a test to the person's mind and soul. Jiang Chen had the Great Soul Derivation skill as his foundation; which gave him a unique advantage when it came to cultivating the Illusion Heart Sutra.

Facing with such an incredibly fast attack, the Lion King was unable even to counter attack. All he could do was defend himself. As a demon beast, he was by nature very formidable in terms of strength and defense. With the addition of the Yuan energy barrier that surrounded his body, no ordinary man would be able to break through his defense.

"Let's work together and fight him."

The prime minister sprang up from his chair and spoke to the king, "Your Majesty, we were still talking about the unison of our two kingdoms££"

Jiang Chen didn't reject the offer and took the Pure-Yang fruit for himself.He knew that Yan Zhan Yun wanted to buy his heart so that he could save Yan Chen Yu with maximum effort.For the wealthy Misty Rain Tower, a Pure-Yang fruit was nothing.They even gave Jiang Chen a Soul Refining Pill, so a Pure-Yang fruit that was worth significantly less was nothing for them to worry about.

The man smile grew warmer as he said, "My child, your strength is still quite weak. For now, you should stay with me, I will exhaust all my strength so that I may be able to improve your strength. Whether or not the glorious era of the Ming family returns, that will depend on you. Do not disappoint your ancestor."Chapter 294: Godkiller Ants

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