Grasping Evil Chapter 205

Grasping Evil Chapter 205

Wu Ningzhu felt as if Nangong Wentian was joking with her. Not only her, everyone at the scene were thinking the same thoughts, including Han Yan and Yan Chenyu. The distance between the Eastern Continent and the Southern Continent stretched was gigantic, and crossing this gigantic distance in just half an hour, it seemed like a plain joke to them.

"Changyang Xiantian, they most likely escaped in secret already. We just need to find traces of a secret passageway." Princess You Yue suddenly spoke.

"You're a damn abnormal monster!"

Wang Yun shouted out in shock. Fan Kun's attack was too powerful. If it was some ordinary Mid Heavenly Core warrior, combined with the Jail of One and a palm attack, he would be dead by now.

"The grand master has an unpredictable temper££wait, the grand master knows my name?!"

Big Yellow said.

"Oh right, I need to show you something."

"It looks like I'll have to make a trip to the magical beast forest for some monster cores later." Jian Chen muttered under his breath.

Seeing the sudden spread of the fire, even the king of the Qinhuang Kingdom was surprised. But a white figure suddenly shot towards him as a cyan colored man brought both the king and himself into the air by using his wind attributed Saint Force. With a grab of the king's shoulder, the two of them flew away from the fire.

The Crown Prince threw an examining glance at Jiang Chen. Compared to this young man, he felt that he was stronger in all aspects. He wondered why Yan Chenyu like this man, and not himself.

"Young master, I beg you to get vengeance for Zhuang Fan. Zhuang Fan can only live for another year, and I'm willing to do anything for young master."


The beam on Jiang Chen's finger was swung like a sharp blade. Lee Chang Hao responded quickly and turned his body to the side in order to avoid being cut into half while at the same time preparing to block the attack with the Black Soul Ripper.

Squeezing tighter and tighter, Ankhs' hand gave several cracking sounds as his anger reached a boiling point. The murderous killing intent flowed unrestrained in his eyes.

"Ordinary defense mechanisms are useless to break this natural defense mechanism, I have tried all sorts of methods for the past ten years.

"Kaka, I'll treat them some fresh stock later."

Jian Chen's figure continued to free fall down toward the ground. Now that he had lost his Saint Force, a fall a hundred meters up in the air would inflict fatal wounds if it didn't kill him outright.

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