Peerless Martial God 2 Chapter 2133

Peerless Martial God 2 Chapter 2133

Hearing this, the king's eyes flashed with an almost undetectable amount of light. Sneering, he spoke, "My daughter and Changyang Xiangtian are no longer within the imperial palace. By now, they've already returned to the Changyang Manor in Lore City. If you are truly courageous, then go capture them at their manor, hmph!'

"So, Wu Jiu hadn't broken through to the Combat King realm before this? However, since he broke through before the war began, we can't say that Jiang Chen lied to us. However, Wu Jiu is the Ninth Emperor, won't there be any problems by letting him fight them?"

Jiang Chen grit his teeth; he had to do it no matter what!

"What was that light?"

Right afterward, several more blurs could be seen as more wolves surrounded Jian Chen. They were smaller in size compared to the first four wolves, signifying that they were Class 4 Magical Beasts.

Jian Chen growled furiously, "I had no idea that senior would deal in such a manner like this."

The old man stopped his attack and asked loudly.

The Town Marshal had no choice but to be an autocrat, as he had to consider the safety of the majority. Gathering all the people together was the only way for them to fight the Blood Devils. If they chose to fight the Blood Devils separately, the casualties would be higher. Besides, all the townspeople would become weak sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

Smiling sweetly, You Yue replied, "I am rather fond of this lifestyle. Everyday is another day where I get to experience and see something new in the world. There's just so much to this world unlike what there is to be seen in the palace. Every day was spent in boredom and the same scenery, and leaving the palace was very troublesome."

Turning his head, Jian Chen saw a man who was roughly fifty years old. The captain was completely draped in black, and possessed an imposing two-meter-tall figure an entire head taller than Jian Chen. On the left side of his face, there was a terrifying wound that completely disfigured the left side of his face, but added to his intimidation factor.

Jiang Chen said, his voice loud and clear.

With an explosive shout, Jian Chen brought his Saint Weapon up against the base of the iron seal in hopes of slowing its descent.

Within Jian Chen's stomach was something similar to a roaring sea; it was very stormy. At the same time, an extremely nauseating feeling arose from Jian Chen's heart, and Jian Chen could barely stop himself from vomiting.

"The Feral Mercenaries shouldn't be belittled either. They are the most well known mercenary group in the Cloud Capital, and their captain is the sworn brother of the ruler of the city. Every single faction within Cloud Capital has to give that group some face."

"Halt, where are you going?" Ming Dong's figure suddenly appeared in the way of the group and laughed, "Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, did you really think that my brother and I would be that easy to bully without consequence? You were just going on about capturing the two of us to bring back to your shitty Highness as if we were beneath your notice. But now that you know you are no match, you decide to slip away? How easy do you think that'll be?"

"That's the aura of the patriarch! The patriarch has broken through!"

"Brother, did I hear wrong? Jian Chen actually wants to rid the mountain of the bandits and gift the mountain to the Tianqin clan?" The second great elder murmured as he stared at Jian Chen's back in the distance.

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