The Simulation System! Chapter 620

The Simulation System! Chapter 620

"100,000 purple coins going twice££."

Jian Chen looked at Xiao Han, "Make your move then."

"If not for there being something wrong with his brain, I would have delivered him a slap just now!"

After being blocked from his escape path, Tian Zhou could do nothing else but fight Jian Chen. With his Saint Force exploding out from his body, the pressure around them began to escalate as the grass below them began to wither away.

Another Sect Elder shouted.

The Heavenly Saint Sword was extremely frightening, and it had become incredibly powerful after being further refined by Jiang Chen. At its current level, no King Weapon could compare with it. Even if it had to face ordinary Emperor Weapons, it would still be able to match up to their power.

Tyrant stood up from his chair and asked.

Jian Chen cupped his hands in salute towards Kabolds and Deere as a sign of greeting and respect.

The youth retreated from his battle with the girl and came to protect the middle age man from Jian Chen's attack. His long spear was like a viper that blurred as it flew at Jian Chen's heart.

"Stupid dog, hurry up and run!"

"Da Niu, help me go find Sect Elder Guo Shan, ask him to give you two Revival Pills. Just tell him Jiang Chen asked for it."

In a flash, two figures entered Jian Chen's eyesight. With the light from the campfire, Jian Chen could see the appearances of the two men. One wore a black sleeveless gown and was quite sturdy in stature that revealed his dark skinned and muscular arms. The middle aged man behind him was well distributed in build, they were the two that Jian Chen had seen when he was collecting branches earlier.

Although there was a huge difference in the number soldiers between both sides, the quality of the Qinhuang Kingdom's soldiers were on a completely different level. As the elite soldiers of the Qinhuang Kingdom, their strength had been tempered from the experience of many battles and fights against magical beasts. This method incited valiance in each soldier. In addition to the incredibly strong defensive power they obtained from the silver armor that even a Great Saint would have trouble breaking, as well as the fact that each person possessed Earth Tier Battle Skills, every soldier was well prepared to easily kill several other soldiers of the same level as them.Chapter 491: City Invasion (Two)

The father clapped his hands in applause, "Not bad, not bad at all. The Bloodwolf King is a Class 6 Magical Beast of the Third Cycle. I didn't think that you would be able to kill one. Just what method did you use to kill it? Now that you've lost your Saint Weapon, you shouldn't have any energy left in your body." There was a good deal of confusion on the man's face.

Seeing the city gates close, Jian Chen's face immediately fell. His eyes swept toward the gates 40 meters away as he let out a deep breath of air. The Saint Force within his body began to circulate within his body, increasing his speed by some degree. At the same time, Jian Chen was employing the techniques he had learned from his past life; both of his legs ran at such a fast speed that his feet looked as if they were gliding across the ground. For every 10 or 20 meters that he glided, his legs touched the ground once.

"I'd bet so. My sister has always been a smart one with a power of comprehension stronger than others. Even her skill in cultivation is decent, but what made my father disappointed was her lack of motivation to continue with her cultivation. As a result, she is only at the fifth layer of Saint Force and spends her time focusing on the zither instead. Although the ballads she plays are captivating, it's rather useless against an enemy." Qin Xiao shrugged his shoulders noncommittally. The fact that his own sister was so entranced by the zither had been a source of a headache for him since he did not see any applicable way it could be used for cultivation.

Sensing the strong amount of energy come from the wings of the Class 5 Magical Beast, Jian Chen couldn't help but retreat a few steps backward with a heavy face in preparation to dodge the incoming attack.

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