The Enchantress: Rebirth of the Malicious Poison Empress Chapter 2855

The Enchantress: Rebirth of the Malicious Poison Empress Chapter 2855

"Who knows? All these men have grudges against Jiang Chen, perhaps it isn't something good."

Only a Late Divine Core crystal beast might be a match for Jiang Chen right now.

One hour, one and a half hours, two hours, two and a half hours.

Guo Shan coldly harrumphed. He knew what kind of man Jiang Chen was. Jiang Chen was a man who thought of every aspect, so Shangguan Sheng's dirty little trick would never succeed.

Jiang Zhen Hai said as he walked into Jiang Chen's room.

"Look! There are so many palaces, and all of them are filled with treasures!"

On the second day, Sans and the mother left the inn with new clothes. On the streets, Jian Chen had not bothered to do anything as he used his wind element to wrap the mother and son. Taking them into the air, they flew toward the Yangji Sect much to the shock of everyone around.

Jiang Chen muttered to himself. The Inferno Hell was a place where no ordinary man could go, but Guan Yi Yun had the guts to enter it. With this brave heart alone, he had won Jiang Chen's respect.

This time, the Dragon Transformation skill was on the verge of transforming for the second time. Of course, Jiang Chen wouldn't let go of such a rare opportunity. Since the Nine Stars Killing Formation was concentrating the combat strength of all these people into one person, giving him the strength of a half step Combat King warrior, Jiang Chen would definitely maximize his gains.

"Jiang Chen, cultivators are forbidden from flying in the city. Let's descend here."

"Tianyu, what happened? Just how in the world did a fire start?" Suddenly, the father of the fatty appeared out of nowhere as he addressed the flames eating away at the house.

Both the mother and son looked on in alarm and fear behind Jian Chen. Although they knew how strong Jian Chen was, he was a Heaven Saint Master, but the might of the Yangji Sect was far too powerful. The two had long since given up on the idea of victory, so they were feeling concerned on how Jian Chen would be able to defend himself against the Yangji Sect.

"Master Blissful, can't you just give a little face to the Qingyi Sect? I have to kill this brat!"

After some moment, Jiang Zhenhai finally let go of Jiang Chen. He threw an examining look at Jiang Chen, and the more he looked, the happier he got."

Yang Meng carefully said.

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. He was on the very brink of going berserk, and the Dragon Transformation skill's circulation doubled once again. The number of Dragon Marks in his body were increasing like crazy. Nine thousand four hundred, nine thousand six hundred, nine thousand seven hundred, nine thousand nine hundred££

The fist made contact with the fire snake causing a resonating crash. Dispersing into the air, the fire snake sent sparks flying throughout the night sky for a while before disappearing into the night.

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