A Peaceful Ending Chapter 2635

A Peaceful Ending Chapter 2635

"Heavy Stone Strike!"

Jian Chen stared icily at Caraga as an azure and violet light appeared on his Light Wind Sword, causing the silver light on the blade to intensify.

"With four kingdoms uniting to fight a single kingdom, he came to our Qiangan Kingdom instead of protecting his own kingdom, how preposterous is that! Does he take our Qiangan Kingdom to be a kingdom of no one?"

Smiling, Jian Chen said, "This one thanks uncle for his concerns. At this point I've resolved all the issues, so there is nothing to fear now."

A stinking smell filled up the air within the place, extremely unpleasant and pungent. Besides this, black whirlwinds appeared all over the place, and the air blowing across the place was cutting them to the marrow. It also carried a strong corrosive characteristic.

Soon, several dozen figures were revealed in Jiang Chen's line of sight. When they saw Ling Yi's dead body, they were struck with great shock. They turned their eyes to Jiang Chen. It was obvious that he was the one who had killed Ling Yi.

In the next second, a desperate wail from the Flying Spirit Snake could be heard. Within the poisonous mist, no one was capable of seeing what was happening, but they knew that something had obviously struck the ground heavily and shook it.

He had failed the first time, but Jian Chen did not become dejected at all. He read the description of converting Radiant Saint Force in the book carefully again. He understood that in order to practice Radiant Artes, the conversion of Radiant Saint Force was an extremely crucial step.

However, right now, Wu Ningzhu didn't focus on admiring that sword strike, she was focusing all her attention on her veil.

Combat weapons could be seen everywhere, killing intents leaked out everywhere, violent energy ripples were hovering in the skies above the stronghold, blood mist was floating in every single inch of the air. The floor underneath their feet was covered in fresh and hot blood, broken limbs and dead bodies were everywhere.

"It's senior disciple Jiang, wow! He can really fly, and the pair of blood wings look amazing!"

From far away, a loud sound and a large amount of energy could be seen and heard. Even the shaking of the earth continued despite the long distance, and had even cracked the ground slightly.

A crisp sound could be heard as from what was once an empty space in the air had now a single figure levitating over it--it was the third elder. The third elder that had been approaching him from the other side had been nothing more than a mirror image that disappear as soon as Jian Chen looked at it.

As long as the person wasn't an idiot, he would be able to relate the ocean's abnormality to something great. If the abnormality was caused by the appearance of a precious treasure, leaving now would mean missing the opportunity to get it.

"Perhaps!" Jian Chen spoke vaguely.

Another Sect Elder spoke.

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