Star Wars: Force Bound Chapter 2528

Star Wars: Force Bound Chapter 2528

"Yes captain!" The guard responded before leaving.

"Quan Youcai greets the fifth elder!" Quan Youcai who had followed Jian Chen out of the tower also clasped his hands at the fifth elder. Shortly afterwards, he shot a glance at Jian Chen and laughed, "So you're called Yang Yutian. Even if you don't tell me, I know your name."

Two figures quietly appeared above the Myriad Demon Mountain, they were Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

"I'm sorry. I, Jiang Chen am actually reluctant to have an unpleasant relationship with Tycoon and the Asura Palace. As long as Tycoon promises me not to cause any trouble for this monk, we will still be friends. What do you think?"

"Seeing how we have never met before, it would be inconvenient to tell sire my name." Jian Chen laughed.


Following the death of three great guardians and Tieyi Ying's fleeing, all demons started crazily fleeing from the city. They continuously increased their pace, scared that if they flew just a little bit slower, they would get burned by the Heavenly Tribulation.

Ming Dong sat in the seat across from Jian Chen and looked at Jian Chen with upraised eyebrows and a rather dissatisfied look. "Jian Chen, are you or are you not my sworn brother? Using such a manner to speak with me, just say whatever you need to say with me. Don't go beating around the bush like we are strangers. As long as it is your problem, whether it requires me to scale a mountain of blades or dive into a sea of fire, I, Ming Dong, will not shirk my duties."

"Just do as I said, make the mansion simple. I don't have much too request about it."

The prestige of the Flame Mercenaries had constantly grown throughout Wake City by the words that came from the mouths of the civilians. Practically everyone within a thousand miles knew about the Flame Mercenaries, which helped give rise to their reputation in the Blue Wind Kingdom.

"Of course not. Do you really think a Saint Ruler is that easy to kill? He's a very enduring person, and unless there's a great difference in strength, a Saint Ruler won't die so easily." Nubis spoke. "But that Saint Ruler has already been poisoned by my toxins. Combined with the fact that he used his own life force as fuel for his power, he's not too far away from death itself."

"Sire, just who are you?" The first person spoke, his voice began to treat Jian Chen with a more respectful voice.

"This young man isn't bad."

Jiang Chen stared developing a strong interest towards Inferno Hell. He wanted to see for himself what kind of existence Inferno Hell was. The appearance of these strange realms was proof that he had broken the structure of Saint Origin."

Yang Meng was shocked.

Furthermore, Guo Shan considered Jiang Chen his benefactor, or perhaps even his teacher. He had learned a lot regarding alchemy from Jiang Chen, and he had even given him the Great Soul Derivation Skill and Profound Six Solar Energies. These two skills were both priceless and rare, advanced skills.

The middle-aged man with the king of the Gesun Kingdom handed him over to the other man next to him before saying, "I'll leave the king to you. Look over him while I go lend a hand."

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