The Douluo Dalu System Chapter 2776

The Douluo Dalu System Chapter 2776

Qing Shui felt at that moment, the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique had started to circulate very quickly, and Qinghan Ye seemed to be spiritually linked to Qing Shui. Their souls had merged into one. It was as if they were in the same dream, but yet unable to control their own thoughts and only able to feel and observe.

Diamond Qi!

It was a force that could not be defended against, and moved with incredible speed. From a distance, it almost looked like a pair of hands wiping away everything within that 30,000-meter area!

All of the objects within 30 meters of Bai Xiaochun were floating up into the air and emanating cracking sounds. Even the pebbles in the walls of the immortal's cave were affected.

The powerful thing about the Heart Toxin Talisman was that the effects were cumulative. Just one talisman wouldn't have too large an effect, but the effect lasted two hours and could be accumulated. There was about a seven minute waiting time between each talisman usage.

The Bai Clan patriarch, instead of breathing a sigh of relief, suddenly began to tremble. His eyes went wide with disbelief, and his face fell as he shouted, "Giant Ghost King!"

They sat at the end seats of the banquet table. Even though there were no rules about eating. It was a fact that the banquet had not officially started. Besides, the people here did not come to the banquet to eat. With their statuses, they could eat whatever they wanted.

Although he couldn't be sure of the answer, he was filled with intense anticipation. Taking a deep breath, he produced some medicinal pills to restore his vital energy, then began to cultivate the Undying Live Forever Technique.

Jade Emperor Queen Bee at the Martial Saint levelĄ­...

Qing Shui lashed out at Qianxi Yong, his leg like a whip lashing out on Qianxi Yong's chest. Qianxi Yong's panic turned into a resigned despair at the acute energy of the kick.

"You have already became a Xiantian cultivator. You should be able to see the talent that Chi Ao and Chi Feng have. I have a few things here that I want you to give to them in future. I am going to leave now." Qing Shui handed over many beast parchments to the old man.

"Great Revitalizing Pellet!"

Hou Yunfei was about to laugh, but as soon as he opened his mouth, he coughed up some blood, and his face paled as he swayed on the verge of collapse.

It was accompanied by a scattering formidable wave-like aura. The people surrounding theml looked at Jing Changzheng in amazement because they could feel his strength constantly and rapidly growing.?

The truth was that the Saint-Emperor Dynasty only controlled most of that immortal domain, not all of it. Its northern prefectures had been occupied by the Vile-Emperor Dynasty for many years. That state of affairs had resulted from a situation similar to when the Saint-Emperor acquired a handful of prefectures in exchange for handing over Gongsun Wan'er. Therefore, although the Saint-Emperor Dynasty maintained control of the immortal domain as a whole, the Vile-Emperor Dynasty had a foothold there.

Since the other party was afraid of Tang Manor, it meant that they were not as powerful as Tang Manor. However, they still dared to follow him. They must have investigated his identity and they must also be considered quite a strong clan in the area.

Rumbling sounds echoed out as hundreds more clan members did the same thing. Then, the stone gate slowly closed.

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