Cultivation Online Chapter 1106

Cultivation Online Chapter 1106

Guan Yiyun said.

"F*cker, Tian Jue, you do want to be beaten up to even provoke my brother!" Qin Xiao roared in anger as he swore in front of everyone else.Chapter 279: The Trouble Brought by the Five Colored Stone

Jiang Zhen Hai kept the ingredients list and left the pill shop.

"Fuck them, let's fight! Our lives were given back to us by chief Jiang!"


"What a strong force, I've finally come across a strong opponent! Let me at him, you two shouldn't take this away from me." Ming Dong stared at the Amethyst Thunder Lion and charged at it with his own Saint Weapon."

The energy within the monster cores became absorbed into Jian Chen's body at alarming speeds. The powerful energy gathered around his body, and was already gradually condensing into an extremely weak light. Because of the azure and violet glows within his dantian, Jian Chen's cultivation rate had improved a hundred times over, but at the same time, the two glows robbed him of his cultivation. Jian Chen would only see a small part of what he absorbed and cultivated. Despite this, his cultivation speed was still a bit faster than before.

"Throw down the armored wall!"

Crack££ crack££!

"Judging from what happened today, the way senior disciple Jiang treats his enemies and his own men are completely different! From now on, I'll do whatever senior disciple Jiang asks me to do! As long as he orders, I will never refuse!"

Apparently, Mu Rong Zhan was in a great mood.

"My apologies!" Jian Chen replied instantly.

The True Dragon Flames and Demon Taming Lock were all the weapons Jiang Chen could use against this Ice Demon King. Only by suppressing the Ice Demon King's strength would he be able to run away from it.

"Did you guys see that? They were heading towards the Qi Province! Perhaps they're originally from the Qi Province?"


The inner group Qin Ji had mentioned were all standing right next to him. Some were the five experts, including Jian Chen's group.

Therefore, Jiang Chen decided to continue staying in the Black Sect. With Daoist Black's help, Jiang Chen would at least have place where he could rest. He couldn't just give up on this.

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