Soul Land Chapter 1226

Soul Land Chapter 1226




Tianxiong Lie flew backward with a cry as his earth Saint Force surged out of his body once more. As it enveloped his body, his hand reached out to touch his neck subconsciously. Looking down, he saw that his hand was already nearly completely wet with blood.

With just one look Jian Chen could tell that the elder standing in front of him held a very high position within the clan.

The extracted poison was actually the source of Lord Nether's deadly venom, and it was incredibly powerful. Even a poisonous creature who carried an equally deadly poison would be unable to absorb it. However, Jiang Chen simply just swallowed it, and he was showing no signs of being uncomfortable.

The 10 mercenaries collectively looked at this animal hide wearing person as the knife scarred mercenary yelled out, "Who are you?!"

After a long period of time, Jiang Chen finally retracted his eyes from the statue, then said with an indifferent voice, "The path of cultivation is not an easy one. Everyone has their choices, and this is what Little Yu has chosen for herself; this is her destiny."

This man wore a blue colored robe with his hair tied up in a whip like fashion that hung over his shoulders. His eyes had a calm yet, powerful look. This man was the leader of the Zhou Mercenaries√ŅZhou Yun.

"Something like that can't be guaranteed." Kendall's face grew serious as he looked around the table, "Even though we're only going to be around the outskirts of the mountain range, no one should drop their guard. While the majority of Class 4 Magical Beasts reside in the depths of the mountain range, there are still a few exceptions. A few bored Class 4 Magical Beasts could chase a few weaker ones to the outskirts of the mountain range. Something like this can happen, on the Tian Yuan Continent, this is not a rare occurrence, it has happened many times before."

"Damn you, you're just a guard, but you're still so arrogant?! Let your father show you how I bite you to death!"

"Royal ancestor, would this not anger that expert?" The king spoke in concern.

Suddenly, another explosion of energy could be seen as the shockwave was sent throughout the area. The dirt on the ground was sent flying into the air as the clash of Saint Force immediately pressed against the ground. Countless plants were uprooted and sent into the air.

"Human, for you to come into Cross Mountains despite the dangers, I can admire your valor. Rum Guinness did not find the wrong person to trust." The Ape King spoke with appreciation.

"Little Yu, I don't expect you to help me beat those bad guys, I just hope you can be strong enough to protect yourself, then I can be free of worries.

At this crucial moment, not only Guo Shan, many people were also thinking about the man who had a one-year fight agreement with Nanbei Chao. It was the only young genius in the Qi Province who could stand up to Nanbei Chao. But, it was rather disappointing that when the Black Sect had reached a point where its very existence was at stake, the man was nowhere to be seen.

"Big Yellow!"

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