One Piece: Electromagnetic Rise Chapter 1517

One Piece: Electromagnetic Rise Chapter 1517

His eyes landed upon the miserable looking Tianxiong Lie before narrowing. Quickly stepping to reach his brother's side he asked him, "Big brother, are you hurt?" This was the brother of Tianxiong Lie├┐ Tianxiong Daoyun.

"You just have no idea what death or danger means!"

"It's hard to tell. Both of them have similar talent, and Nangong Wenyen broke through to the Combat Soul realm some time ago, whereas young master just had his breakthrough. Young master isn't in an advantageous position."

Afterwards, everyone started to scatter while Jian Chen and Tie Ta naturally walked together. Because the area was enchanted against magical beasts, everyone who entered this area would not be attacked by any magical beast.

Patriarch Jiede was more than aware that Jian Chen was skilled enough to reach the realm of a Saint Ruler soon. With such a powerful entity as an enemy, the patriarch knew that it would lead to nothing good. However, the undeniable importance of the patriarch's Ruler Armament meant he was extremely unwilling to forget about it.

Many people silently sighed. Now, even an idiot could tell that the arrogant Yin Ren had finally hit a roadblock; he had met a tough nut. This young man would kill without even thinking about it. This was scary for these people to think about.

"Interesting, look at his Yuan energy waves, he is only at the Early Mortal Core realm. Looks like he has some interesting secrets."


When the two men were still praising their luck in their minds, two screams came from their backs. The two other men from the Lee family had been stabbed by many swords. The men from the Yan family didn't care so much about killing the two men because these men were trying to kill them a few minutes ago. If it wasn't for Jiang Chen, the men from the Yan family would be dead by now.

"Senior disciple Jiang is back! It really is senior disciple Jiang! Hahaha, I told you, he wouldn't die so easily!"

"That's right, Jiang Chen. That guy has extraordinary potential, and I've never met anyone like him in my entire life. All those people we're about to kill are related to him. Now, Jiang Chen is nowhere to be found. In my opinion, we should put the punishment on hold temporarily and just keep all those people in captivity. We'll use them to lure Jiang Chen out of hiding and let none of them escape. If we kill all of them in one go, Jiang Chen will definitely be very enraged. If he just hides somewhere for a couple of years and return for revenge once he has obtained a mighty cultivation, perhaps he will bring a catastrophe to the entire Martial Saint Dynasty."

The elder patriarch floated up above with a pale face from the exertion. The outcome of his sect was not of concern to him, only the enemy in front of him. When he looked down, an unbelievable sight greeted his eyes.

"Senior Huang, Nubis, stay your hand!" Jian Chen commanded at the two to try and de-escalate the situation.

"Wow, we're rich!"

"Simple, as long as you agree to become this master dog's human pet, and obey all of master dog's orders, this master dog will ensure your survival."

Big Yellow praised. He had a certain level of understanding towards defense mechanisms and formation, most likely because of his innate treasure hunting ability. Therefore, Big Yellow could immediately tell there was a natural formation after it was pointed out.

"What! The Bloodsword Sect!?" The expressions of the five old men changed greatly. They exclaimed out of surprise, "Disappeared a thousand years ago, one of the three great assassination organisations, that Bloodsword Sect?"Chapter 718: The Welling of Sorrow

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