Psychosis Chapter 628

Psychosis Chapter 628

The panther's maw bit at empty space before howling angrily and chased after Jian Chen. Despite it being extremely fast, Jian Chen was even faster, so the distance between the two only increased more and more.

"Sect Chief, since Jiang Chen is from the Black Sect, what should we do now?"

The management of the reconstruction of the Changyang clan was monopolized by Chang Wuji. With him in charge, the others were able to relax a little.

At that moment, an intense amount of energy flew out from Jian Chen and reverberated all over the cavern. The energy grew more and more intense as it eventually evolved into a squall that roared throughout the cavern. The dust kicked up everywhere and was scattered by the squall of energy.

Early morning the next day, Liu Hong arrived outside the courtyard's entrance.

Jian Chen looked at Ming Dong for a moment before giving a small smile, "Ming Dong, you are quite talented! In such a short amount of time, you've already reached the Great Saint Master realm. I had anticipated that you would take a longer amount of time, but you've managed to beat my expectations."

"If I were to pair the Blue Wind Kingdom up against the Gesun Kingdom, then the Blue Wind Kingdom would lose greatly. However, it's a shame for them that with the rest of the Four Great Kingdoms combined, there are a total of thirty Heaven Saint Masters. Hmph, I want to see how the Gesun Kingdom will face off against that."

Later in the evening!

Everyone gasped when they heard what Big Yellow said. Only now did they understand why Jiang Chen accepted this unreasonable mission from the Majestic Emperor, it was actually related to his family's safety! If that was the case, even if the Majestic Emperor didn't tell him to go there, Jiang Chen would still rush to Mount Origin with no second thoughts to eliminate those dimensional creatures.

Jian Chen looked at the wound on Ming Dong's leg, "Are you able to walk then?"

Smirking slightly, Jian Chen leaped thirty meters forward into the air and then brought down his shining Light Wind Sword onto a small packet of dirt with lightning speed.

Lee Shan Yue furrowed his brows. He never expected the situation to become like this. It looked like if he really wanted to kill Wang Ting and the other three men, his reputation would be damaged. This was not a good thing for the Lee family in Red city's future.

Little to the Third Emperor and the other men's knowledge, not only were their attacks not injuring Jiang Chen, they were actually pushing Jiang Chen to a higher level.

As the single arena ascended up, another transparent barrier completely encompassed it before two Space Gates opened up on opposite sides of each other.Chapter 333: The Ten Great Practitioners (Three)

"Faster, this Jiang Chen is a moving treasure chest! If we can get all the wealth he possesses, we'll be living a good life in the future!"

"Once I perfect the Thousand Immunity, all of the blood that my body makes will naturally contain the anti venom. So I don't need to worry about my body losing any blood with anti venom anymore."

At the same moment, another guardian of the Demon King Palace was also being suppressed by Wu Ningzhu. It looked like it wouldn't take long before she could completely kill it.

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