BLEACH Chapter 2844

BLEACH Chapter 2844

Jin Tian's younger brother Jin Feng was a Second Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler with a Ruler Armament of his own so that he could fight against a Third Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler and defend against a Fourth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. Paired with his brother, they could contend with a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler.

Zhang Yang said. From the way he talked, it seemed he was discontent with his current status.

"You don't have to worry about that. I know Daoist Black's character really well, he is a stubborn man, and he would rather fight than surrender to Nanbei Chao. There is absolutely no way Daoist Black will surrender to Nanbei Chao and the Burning Sky Pavilion, there will definitely be a war between them. As for the Valley of Happiness, they all carry evil influences, so you can actually call them an evil clan. Their Chief, Granny Feng is a person with a unique and independent character, she would never let anyone restrict her. Therefore, the Valley of Happiness won't surrender either. After we surrender, Granny Feng and Daoist Black will look down on me from the bottom of their hearts, but that's nothing. I, Duan Jianhong am a man who will achieve big things, I won't be bothered by these personal opinions."


Blood splashed around. The Mid Divine Core warrior was cut in half and died on the spot. His body fell down from the sky, and the waiting Big Yellow immediately dashed forwards to rob the poor fellow.

Clang clang clang££

It seemed like the battle was going to last for quite some time. A few minutes later, these three men had finally stopped attacking, and Jiang Chen stood a few steps behind where he originally stood. Nonetheless, with Shangguan Yiqing and Xuan Yuzi's combat strength double, as well as their good teamwork, they now had the ability to turn the tables.

Jiang Chen said with a cruel look on his face.

"Haha, Imperial Protector, this magical beast of yours is quite intelligent. It has to be a high leveled magical beast." Qing Shaofan spoke.

After everyone left, the dissolvement of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom made its way out of the imperial palace and left everyone that heard the news in shock. Soon, the news made its way to every single corner of the entire kingdom. In an instant, magical beasts capable of sending messages could be seen flying through the air in droves to reach any place the information might not have reached. Combined with this method of sending messages, within a day, practically everyone within the kingdom knew about the changes.

"None!" Bi Dao shook his head, his tone filled with complete certainty.

"I declare that the Dayong clan, the Domineering Heavens sect, and the Shuilan clan, will change their names to that of the Halls of Dayong, Domineering Heaven, and Shuilan. And you three will still lead your respective hall."

But too bad, today was just not the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil's lucky day. The attack that contained its full strength only shattered one of the phantoms.

When Jian Chen reached the kitchens, over a hundred servants could be seen running about. The kitchen was a tremendous mess due to the stove where it stood like a smoking hot steamer basket.

"Wang Yun told me that the first sector is mostly filled with Qi Hai and Mortal Core demon beasts. For me, it's not challenging enough. Let's go to the second sector straight away."

Jiang Chen said. The bronze plate was a truly precious treasure for Jiang Chen, and he would have to use it to reach the Divine Continent later on. The distance between the Eastern Continent and Divine Continent was too great, the distance between the Southern and Eastern Continents paled in comparison. Even if a Combat King was to repeatedly used Spatial Jump, it would take at least one month to arrive. As Jiang Chen couldn't yet use Spatial Force, it would take him at least three months to travel to the Divine Continent.

Aimlessly roaming around the streets, Jian Chen finally entered an inn so that he could sit down and eat a meal. After residing within the holy land for so long, he hadn't a single thing to eat in ages.

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