The Rise of Yi Fei Chapter 898

The Rise of Yi Fei Chapter 898

With his Threefold Spirit Concentrating Pill, Qing Shui made a soup which could boost his Qi Force, within it, he added many precious herbs. It was a very effective soup which could help revitalize his body after those daily strenuous practices.?

He forced his eyes open, and although they were listless and mostly blank, when he saw the fire and Bai Hao, he weakly murmured, "Hao'er°≠."

Bai Xiaochun needed no prompting from Big Fatty Zhang. He immediately took a bite and swallowed it down. The tangy flavor filled him with a wonderful sensation. After that, Big Fatty Zhang produced an incredibly sweet red spirit fruit.

Her husband was long dead and with her gifts, she should long be remarried, but she had refused to do so. Qing Shui didn't know the reason why. This should be the shackles which the World of the Nine Continents had placed on her. It was very hard for a woman with a traditional mindset to get rid of those shackles.

The biggest advantage of a Martial Saint was that they could fly!

The elder standing in the forefront waved the large sword in his hand. This action was mirrored by the two others behind him. Suddenly, a mysterious force extended from the three men and merged together.?

From their perspective, Bai Xiaochun was the bane of vengeful souls, and therefore, virtually nothing he did with regard to them would be very surprising.

Even as everything trembled, Bai Xiaochun slowly turned to look at Bai Xiaochi, who was still on the treasured fan.

Without even giving a chance for Qing Shui to ask questions, Qing Yi ploughed on "Other than classifying them into precious or common grade, the cost of the herb is also largely dependant on it's age. For example, a common grade herb of 100 years and a common grade herb of 900 years, the difference in price can still be quite excessive. With age as the criteria, herbs could roughly be classified in this manner."

At this moment, Qing Shui was speechless. From the way he put it, Qing Shui was a Heavenly Palace disciple. Hence, after he took over the Heavenly Palace, it would mean he associated himself to Heavenly Palace. Him dismissing the Heavenly Palace? What a joke! Who would want to let themselves carry this kind of infamy? Hence, once he took over the Heavenly Palace in the future, he would have to be really cautious when looking for people to replace him.

"With your current power, that will be sufficient. Grandma, shall I prove it to you?" Qing Shui said after pondering for a few moments.


Regardless of the reason why she loved him°™even if it was due to her gratefulness towards him for saving her daughter, or if she loved him for who he was°™as long as she loved him, this was a reason!

After sending off Lai Chusong, Qing Shui locked the doors to the Martial Clinic and took out the box with the two 1,000 year medicinal herbs. "Haha, I can finally refine the Small Revitalizing Pellet and the Five Dragon Pellet!"

This was good. Presently, the Gold-Silver Colored Butterflies' cultivation level had grown a lot thanks to Qing Shui's mysterious alchemy as well as strong medicinal pills, especially in the area of speed. This allowed it to gain a lot of survivability and attacking options.

"I am pure and good, no matter how anybody tries to smear me," he said. Sighing, he finally left the arena floor. Behind him, countless north bank disciples were shouting in fury and staring daggers. If looks could kill, Bai Xiaochun would be dead many, many times over already.

Qing Shui was totally amazed!

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