Legend Slayers Chapter 2250

Legend Slayers Chapter 2250

An explosion sounded out, and in the next second, a gigantic silver palm taller than 3 meters suddenly appeared, and it caused endless airwaves to sweep across the place. The massive force even caused the air to produce violent cracking sounds. The palm carried a really devastating momentum as it forcefully thrust out towards Jiang Chen.


The old man started explaining the rules without any stops, but most people thought he was just speaking nonsense. The old man's name was Xu Neng, and one could tell he was a capable man from his name. If he wasn't, he wouldn't be assigned to be ceremony master.

However on the man's face, not a single trace of happiness could be seen; instead, his face hardened in annoyance.

At this moment a loud commotion could be heard from behind as the entire crowd finally came into this room. In a flash, the small room was filled to the brim as even more people tried to get in until the room. It seemed as if the room was like a steamed bun and could not fill up anymore. In front of Jian Chen and the others, there was still a small empty space as everyone recognized who they were. They all knew of their strength and while they did not wish to be constantly pushed in from the others behind them, they did not wish to get close to Jian Chen and so they kept their distance in fear that getting any closer would mean their lives would be in jeopardy.

Jiang Chen was unable to suppress the excitement in his heart! Without saying anything, he immediately flew toward the broken sword part.

A look of excitement emerged on Tyrant's face.

"But just at that moment, something unfortunate happened. The other two organisations actually schemed and baited out the sect master's partner and killed her in an ambush. Her soul was wiped out and utterly destroyed, which even prevented powerful Radiant Saint Masters to revive her. The partner was found by the sect master before he reached Saint King, so she held an extremely great position in the sect master's heart. Also before she had died, she was actually pregnant.

Immediately, two Saint Rulers flew towards Bi Hai and Jiede Tai. As for old man Situ and Mateng, they continued to fly towards Nubis.

Xu Neng said with a bright and clear voice.

Other than that, Jian Chen had ran into something unexpected. Of the 6 freshmen who reached the 9th layer, 2 of them were the students he had ran into yesterday: Ka Di Qiuli and Ka Di Liang. Although Jian Chen had yet to fight against the two, he felt that each time he saw them, there was a hidden air of provocation between them.

In Changyang Ba's room, Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian sat by a table to talk to one another.

The first red line started swaying and producing thunderous sounds. In the following second, the red line transformed into a Thunder Dragon. The Thunder Dragon's terrifying body swayed, and it threw an angry glance at Jiang Chen.

Jian Chen put down the platter he had been eating from. With a single movement, he took out several purple coins from his Space Ring, "Then here's ten purple coins to rent out the inn. You may leave now." Jian Chen wasn't one to show off, but these men in front of him were not pleasant people. He decided to take such unusual actions against them.

In a corner of the inn, Hu Xiaotian had been eating a platter of barbecued meat by himself. Giving only a vague soliloquy to himself, he spoke, "Even after that loud conversation, not a single bit of it could be heard. That must be the power to control space itself. Only a Saint Ruler could do magic like that. It seems that the enemies of Jian Chen aren't unordinary themselves. Should I help him, I wonder?"

Jiang Chen shook his sword and pulled it out from the different dimension together with the Old Emperor. It was a frightening scene, and the Old Emperor's entire body was trembling. Jiang Chen's sword had pierced through his head all the way through. Fresh and warm blood was dripping down from the Heavenly Saint Sword.

Jiang Chen thought to himself. With just one look, he had found what Nangong Wentian's bottleneck was.

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