EMPEROR AND I Chapter 1133

EMPEROR AND I Chapter 1133

"Fine. One minute is more than enough! Xiao Yu, go into the cold pond and retrieve the Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal."

"Damn it! Guys, look at that mountain peak! When we started flying, that mountain peak was right in front of us, but now it's still at the same spot! It looks we are still at the same spot after flying for so long."

He had already anticipated becoming a Heaven Saint Master for three years.

Afterwards, students walked up in succession and handed their monster cores to the teacher for appraisal, and at the same time, were recorded. The process was quite fast, and in the blink of an eye, dozens of people had already passed. The fewest number of monster cores among them so far had been 2, and the greatest number had taken out 8, which had made the appraising elder shocked for a moment.

Chang Wuji and Khafir were both expressionless, but their hearts were steeled with their resolve.

Suddenly, just as Zhou Yun resigned himself to death, a large broadsword flew out to come across Zhou Yun's body. At the same time, Zhou Yun could feel two elderly but powerful arms grab him around the shoulders and pull him away from his death.

"Seniors, please release the patriarch. You must not harm the patriarch. Jian Chen is an Imperial Protector of our Qinhuang Kingdom. If Imperial Protector Jian has some misunderstandings with seniors, we hope that everyone can sit down and talk over it, and not fall out just because of some small things." Qin Wutian said with his hand clasped. From the presence given off by the five elderly men, he already knew that they were Saint Rulers. They were a powerful force that even the Qinhuang Kingdom needed to be cautious about and could not be underestimated, so Qin Wutian's tone was extremely polite.

"Brother Jiang Chen, here are ten thousand Mortal Restoration pills. 800 of them are 100% effectiveness pills, and the rest of them are between 70% to 90% effectiveness!"

The next morning when the sky started brightening, the front entrance to the Misty Rain Tower became noisy. Not long after that, many people gathered, making it congested.

"If you dare then come and kill me." Jian Chen laughed coldly. He was gambling on the fact that the two elders wouldn't dare make a scene in Mercenary City. He had remembered the words from the Grand Elder: No matter what happens, do not try to fight in Mercenary City or risk having no help at all.

With a light smile, Jian Chen replied, "The second sister's ability with the zither is quite amazing. Although I do not understand how the zither works, I still found myself attracted by it's song."

Jiang Chen stepped on Li Hui's face, and while towering above him, he said, "Outer circle Sect Elder means nothing to me. If you want to interfere, then make it fair. If not, then just get the hell out of here. When you provoked me, your luck became bad."

"Hey, Jian Chen! Did you get a good night's sleep?" Suddenly, a deep voice called out to him from behind. At the voice, Jian Chen turned his head behind only to see a sturdy looking man coming toward him.

Ming Dong and the other two had made a quick retreat after learning all that they could. Taking a seat at the table, Ming Dong whispered to Jian Chen, "Brother, I've researched all that I could, but the power structure in this city is far more complicated than the clear one in Fengyang City."

Seeing the shock on Jian Chen's face, Feng Jianming was secretly delighted. He said with a smile, "Sir Yang Yutian has guessed correctly. Mr Cheng indeed belongs to the Cheng family of the eight clans and in the clan, Mr. Cheng hold a very high position."

At this moment, the effectiveness of the crystal cores became obvious. They strengthened his foundation, so while absorbing it together with the demon and devil souls, Jiang Chen's foundation wouldn't suffer and risk becoming damaged.

A few of the high ranking soldiers immediately gathered together to take a look before commanding the rest of their soldiers, "Everyone, go task a person from your squad to go three kilometers southwest to fetch some water!"

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