Overlord side story Chapter 927

Overlord side story Chapter 927

Cycling through all his techniques, Qing Shui put on his full-body armor and battle shoes, and held up his Violet gold divine shield and Big Dipper Sword. In addition to that, he slapped on many types of Heavenly Talisman to help improve strength.

And that was only the floor! The walls of the sepulcher were covered with innumerable openings, from which erupted beams of multicolored light, which swirled together in midair to form the shape of an enormous golden dragon!

At about this time, the special guards who were tasked with leading the groups of cultivators into the main island appeared outside of the various residences. The person who had come to lead Bai Xiaochun was a beautiful female cultivator, and was not the same person that had led him to the residence the day before.

Di Chen's emotions were in a mess. She could only feel her strength rapidly increasing, so much that she couldn't even tell how much her strength had risen. However, she knew that this power exceeded her own by far too much.

Gaze warm, she smoothed out some of the wrinkles in his garment, and spoke some sincere words of concern. Considering they were now alone, most of the flush had left her face.

Just like this, half a month passed peacefully and nobody came to challenge him. Just when Qing Shui was enjoying the peace, halfway through his morning routine in the public square, the first challenger abruptly appeared.

When used again cultivators of such a level, Qing Shui could easily push back his opponents. They say that in battle, if you take one step back, it'll be followed with many steps back thereafter. Moreover, although the powers of the Shield Attack would not be able to cause the opponent to be hit by dizziness, when it pushed back the opponent, the opponent's gathered powers would be scattered by half if not completely. It only took that one short moment.

Neither Chen Hetian, Li Xiandao nor Bai Zhentian could accomplish such a thing. And yet, Bai Xiaochun had done it right in front of them!

"What's... what's going on...?" The recently injured grandmasters almost couldn't believe what they were seeing. It surpassed their imaginations to the point that it didn't even seem real.

Compared to the Jade Emperor Bees, Gold-Silver Colored Butterflies, and Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable, the Thunderous Beast's improvement was huge. This also let Qing Shui heave a sigh of relief. During this period of time, its strength had increased from three stars to the current ten stars.

A few days later, Bai Xiaochun emerged from his medicine concocting cave, loaded down with medicinal pills designed to attract wild beasts. When night fell, he hurried out toward Irispetal Peak. After reaching the summit, he looked anxiously at the cave, and then, eager to find out if his idea would work, threw a tier-3 spirit medicine inside.

The 3,000-meter-wide pit was filled with what appeared to be 10,000 people!!

In his opinion, his clan's Young Lord was making a mountain out of a molehill. Bai Xiaochun had lucked his way into being an important person, and was more of a clown than anything else. He had killed a few weak members of some cultivator clan, and it was only by chance that the sect ended up making a big deal about him. That certainly didn't earn him the right to be given face by a Young Lord who was already making his meteoric rise, and would certainly reach the Gold Core stage and forge a legend in the future.

Qing Shui tilted his head slightly downwards as he barked softly at the young man!

"Eating seems too mundane for my Master. Everyone who sees Master imagines you to be an otherworldly goddess, a deity who can sustain herself on immortal fruits in the deep mountains or forest," Qing Shui rubbed his nose, slightly embarrassed.

Canghai Mingyue had a keen eye for details and noticed how Qing Shui was calling her amorously by her nickname, although she noted the absence of any teasing in his expression.?

"We haven't seen each other a month. Do you miss me?" Qing Shui grinned.

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