Cat Who Walks Thru the Wall Chapter 121

Cat Who Walks Thru the Wall Chapter 121

"If I remember correctly, he was only a peak Combat Soul warrior back on the Heavenhawk Island, but now, he has become a First Grade Combat King! Could he really have done that in just a few hours? Comprehend the Spatial Laws and step into the Combat King realm? How could this be possible?"

"Who are you? How dare you get in front of me? Today, Jiang Chen's life belongs to me, Huo Yuner!"

Each time Jiang Chen struck, a Dimensional Creature would explode into a blood mist and disappear into the thin air. In just a single minute, all the Dimensional Creatures had died, and no survivors had been left behind.

Just when these three men turned around, three deadly sword strikes descended upon their heads, slashing them all in half.

Yan Chenyu coldly harrumphed. She slightly moved her body, causing beams of bright light to shoot out from it. The beams were extremely cold, so cold that the air around them started fogging up.

"Zhuge Yun is dead! I quit, I want to surrender; I'm willing to submit!

Seeing the headmaster disappear into the horizon, Bai En let loose a sigh. "Changyang Xiang Tian has really disturbed the peace this time. If he had only just beaten them, then the situation wouldn't be that bad, but he had to go and cut off Cheng Mingxiang's arm! Although it's not like the arm can't be reattached, but the strength needed for this is too high. Even the Hua Yun Sect cannot invite a rank 7 Radiant Saint Master with ease.

The wind blade was exceedingly fast ¨• far quicker than what the black bear could react against. Finally spearing through the head of the black bear, it bisected the entire body in half without resistance. Without losing any speed, the blade of wind continued off into the distance. It finally disappeared into the bushels of grass, out of sight.

The other two old men looked excited. They could imagine how happy the Sect Chief would be when he saw this treasure.

A buzzing sound could be heard from Jiang Chen's body.Under the control of the Dragon Transformation skill, the energy was being dissolved and absorbed bit by bit.The severely wounded soul was recovering with great speed.

The two men behind Tian Jian looked to be around their seventies. With their long hair and time-worn faces, their eyes seemed to look as if it had lived through countless years of living and had seen all sorts of things that happened to the world. As of now, they looked to be men that had rejected the mundane world in order to live a secluded life, and the aura that they exuded around their bodies was anything but ordinary.

It was another broken sword part!

Han Yan said with a smile on his face.

Space Rings were treasures within the Tian Yuan Continent that were symbols of status and power. Although Earth Saint Masters were qualified to have a Space Ring, not all of them had one.

Lin Anying told Jiang Chen. He was at the scene when Jiang Chen killed those disciples from the Qingyi Sect, so he knew Jiang Chen was a ruthless man. That's why he tried speaking with a rather polite tone. However, his words left no room for negotiation. He spoke as if the demon soul belonged to him.Chapter 290 ΓΏ Damn Bitch

"He's coming for Jiang Chen, perhaps it's someone from the Myriad Sword Sect or Shangguan Clan? Let's go check it out!"

"Old Jiu, you've disappointed me."

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