Pathfinder: Journey into the Deadlands Chapter 1722

Pathfinder: Journey into the Deadlands Chapter 1722

Shangguan Yilong said in a ferocious manner. The man in front of him was Shangguan Yihong, a genius from the Shangguan Clan who was currently furthering his cultivation in the Martial Palace. He was assigned to follow both princes, and had come to the Island of Ice to train.

"Fuck them, let's fight! Our lives were given back to us by chief Jiang!"

The Light Wind Sword met no obstructions as it penetrated the man's throat, at the same time, the 5 Saint Weapons that were on the verge of cutting into him had their Saint Force already about to touch his clothes.

These Blackwing Birds weren't Class 5 Magical Beasts, they were generally Class 3 or Class 4 at the most.

God's££ Descent!

Very quickly, all the people on the top 10 experts lists had already left the platform. The people remaining were all extremely well-known. At this point, the one who had displayed the highest number of monster cores so far was the first ranked on the top 10 experts list¨•¨•Bogadi, with a total of 103 monster cores.

Along their way, Nangong Wentian couldn't help but praise Jiang Chen. He had basically thrown himself down at Jiang Chen's feet in admiration, just like Han Yan. In his mind, Jiang Chen was a man who was an expert at everything! Alchemy, defense mechanisms££ he even had such incredible combat strength at the Peak Mid Divine Core realm! Nangong Wentian had absolutely no confidence he could defeat Jiang Chen.


"Look, something is emerging from the ocean far into the distance!"

Although no one had personally seen what the experts from the Four Great Kingdoms had done inside the mountain, even those without a brain could guess what events had transpired. This result was something the mercenaries and merchants had a hard time accepting, and so as a result, the Boundless Bandit's reputation skyrocketed. To some mercenaries and merchants, the Boundless Bandits had become a mythical figure that was feared by quite a few of the neighboring kingdoms.

This was an absurd feeling. Past life and current life, Jiang Chen was pretty sure he had never seen this blood talisman before, and he had no relation with this blood talisman. However, the feeling of kinship came from his soul, it was an uncertain feeling that really existed.

"Hmph! You can never hide your tricks from Jiang Chen."

On the contrary, Shangguan Chong remained quiet after Ye Xiao made his bid. He wanted to see if Jiang Chen had the courage to continue bidding.

Jian Chen's arms wrapped across his chest as he stood there with a proud look before staring at the ashen face Saiya, "Grand elders, you seemed to have forgotten something. There is still an arm that needs to be taken."

"That was a genius from the Heavenly Sword Sect, a Late Mortal Core warrior, and he was killed before he even had the chance to attack! This is too stunning, just how powerful is that young man?!"

With a cold sneer on his face, Jian Chen concentrated his Sword Qi to extend out from two of his fingers. The Sword Qi shot out from his fingers and flew at one of the men like a streak of lightning, before striking him straight through the throat and leaving a cavity behind.

"How queer, that was actually a phantom image."Chapter 233: The Number One Power in Wake City

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