Revered Devil Sovereign Chapter 1960

Revered Devil Sovereign Chapter 1960

What? Burn the courtyard? This wasn't a joke, ever since the Black Sect had been established, although there had always been conflicts between disciples, no one had ever tried to burn a courtyard. After all, the courtyard was the property of the Black Sect; it had nothing to do with anyone.

Lord Yun Li had shocked everyone with his words, "My lord, what are you saying? The Class 5 Magical Beast has been dealt with? Could it be there are some Earth Saint Masters in Wake City right now?"

"Damn it! I was fooled by that damned dog! I hope something unexpected happens, if not, I'll suffer a great loss!"

The yellow clothed girl walked up to Jian Chen and spoke quietly, "I have some words to speak with you."

The Golden Tower had no other customers now, only Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were having a big feast by themselves. The manager and servant were watching from the side, their facial muscles violently twitching. This man and dog duo had incredibly big stomachs. From the beginning until now, they had eaten seven tables filled with food, and they were currently eating the eighth table full of dishes. No one knew when they were going to stop.

Chen Shuang's eyes became red. He couldn't accept what had just happened. He was a genius and a disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect. He was a Mid Mortal Core warrior, so how could he be defeated by a young Qi Hai warrior in this remote place?

Just as Jian Chen absorbed the Light Wind Sword, both of his hands rested against his chest as he looked at the mercenaries surrounding him. With disdain, he said, "It would appear that many people were tempted by the ten thousand purple coin bounty, but I didn't think that even Great Saints would come to capture me as well. Could it be that you didn't hear about how many Saint Masters died by my hand, or do you think your strength surpasses those of the Saint Masters?"

With Jian Chen's arrival, the heavy atmosphere of the hall became slightly warmer. The many high-ranking Tianqin clan members would glance at Jian Chen from time to time. They seemed to be interested in him and were thinking about something.

"That punch was too powerful.I can feel that Jiang Chen still hasn't shown his true powers££This young man is a beast!"

In their minds, everyone from the Black Sect was a superior being. Help from a disciple of the Black Sect was way better than getting help from any clans within Yellowstone City.

Fan Zhong Tang let out a cold snort. He was a Mid Divine Core warrior, of course he wouldn't take Jiang Chen seriously.

Han Yan said.

"Shh!Don't mention them, that's a caravan belonging to Red city's Misty Rain Tower.Do you see that old man?He's a late stage Qi Hai warrior, and he is from the Yan family.I wonder what they are carrying this time.I've heard that they won't leave until they have eight Qi Hai warriors.Only then will they begin their journey££They only need one more."

"Brother Jiang Chen really possesses a god given talent, you have my eternal respect!"

The Fifth Grade Combat King became extremely angry. He never expected this monk to have the guts to attack a disciple of the Heavenly Sect.

There were only 11 mercenaries left in the group aside from the middle aged Saint Master. Another man that looked to be 30 years old had also possessed near Saint Master strength. Amongst this mercenary group, it was only that thirty year old man and middle aged man that could give threaten Jian Chen.

The useless fool of the Jiang family had become famous after that fight;everyone was surprised by his ability, while the Mu Rong family's reputation had been sent down the drain.They completely lost this fight between the two families, and the person who had defeated them was just a 15 year old young man.

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