XP Chapter 205

XP Chapter 205

It required a large collection of earthstring energy to form the earthstring capture crystal.

Yiye Jiange and Luan Luan were not here but the others told him that when Luan Luan was eighteen, she was already a peak Martial King and Yiye Jiange was a Grade Two Martial Saint.

Primal Chaotic Divine Needle Technique!

"Only the ghosts of the dead thrive on auras of death. Furthermore, after reaching a certain level of power, such ghosts require life force from living beings!"

"Then I am going to bring out my own weapon!"?

After which, he practiced with his new hidden weapon in his spatial realm while marvelling at its effects. As it was too thin, there would naturally be limits to it's attack power, thus Qing Shui could only aim for the heart or eyes of his enemies. Engrossed in his practice, it wasn't till much later that he realised he forgotten to do a very important thing.

"If you don't call me ˇ®uncle', then I won't kill them."

But then he imagined another scene in which, after raising his hand, the Blood Stream Sect went crazy trying to kill him....

It seemed about time, so Qing Shui showered and changed before leaving the Realm of Violet Immortal. He looked at the 10 pieces of Tempered Metallic Essences before leaving, planning to wait till he could forge before forging them into desired items.

Her coy adorableness was devilishly alluring!

"The spirit tail chickens from the south bank of the Spirit Stream Sect were rare enough to begin with. However, a few years ago, a bandit known as the Chicken-Thieving Fiend caused a sharp decline in production. Nowadays, spirit tail chickens from the south bank can only be acquired at auction, and for an extraordinary price at that. They're very easy to identify. They have green bones and beautiful tail feathers. They look completely different from other types of chickens.

However, Elder Xu had opened his eyes, and a gleam of shock flickered deep therein. Although he had been a bit surprised that Bai Xiaochun had succeeded seven times in a row, what he was doing now was far more shocking.

Qing Shui consumed one Agility-Enhancing Fruit and Gale Pellet. He wasn't only careful about it, but he also took out the Violet Gold Divine Shield and Thunder God before he sprinted towards his opponents.

Only Patriarch Spirit Stream wasn't affected. However, his shock at hearing that familiar voice caused an expression of disbelief to cover his face. Even as he contemplated whether to look over his shoulder at the source, the air in the area rippled and distorted.

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"You're not Xuemei!!" Bai Xiaochun's heart and mind were in chaos, and he felt like he was going insane. As he stared at Xuemei's face, he thought back to what he had occurred inside the Blood Ancestor. The last time that mask had fallen off her face, a very different face had been revealed!

"Flower-patterned screen." Qing Shui sighed in remembrance as he stared at a classic flower- patterned screen with a touch of elegance.

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