A story of stories Chapter 389

A story of stories Chapter 389

The familiar gush of energy appeared once again, 1st cycle, 2nd cycle...

"He's here¡­." It was impossible to say who said it. The entire Bai Clan waited nervously, looking up into the black cloud of tens of thousands of soul cultivators. Descending from within that cloud was¡­ Bai Xiaochun!!

Bai Xiaochun didn't have the inclination to pay them any more attention than they paid him. He could sense the ridicule in their eyes, but didn't care. By this point, the treasured fan already had a seventeenfold spirit enhancement!

As time gradually passed, the flames remained burning fiercely, and only gradually decreased after being sustained for about 6 hours!

However, before he could finish, both Xuemei and Song Junwan snapped, "Shut up!"

Outside of the ancestral land, Bai Xiaochun's shocking killing intent, and Bai Qi's abject fear, caused everyone to begin to shout in alarm.

The man nodded indulgently, then signalled to Qing Shui and Di Chen that he was leaving. Qing Shui, Di Chen and Di Qing sent both of them to the stairway and returned to their room.

"Hehehe¡­. You people certainly took your time¡­. So few of you¡­. I'm actually still a bit hungry¡­." It was impossible to tell whether the voice belonged to a man or a woman. It was piercing, and almost sounded like a man, woman, and child all talking at the same time. Even as the voice erupted out into the open, a figure appeared on the third mountain peak.

"Mother, I want it too." At this time, Qing Zun said to Di Chen.

"I want this, this and this¡­" Qing Shui ordered all the remaining tea leaves. He only wanted her to be able to go back "home" to the shelter that would definitely be warmer than standing out here.?

Once their name was on that rainbow, their names would be able to completely shake heaven and earth. Of course, only cultivators under the Nascent Soul stage could be Starry Sky Dao Polarity Superstars!

Qing Yi was extremely miserable. Her son and daughter were bearing the consequences of her actions in the past¡­...

After a while, everything went silent. Qing Shui knew he was getting closer to the Immortal Sword Sect as he caught a glimpse of the gate not far from where he was standing.

Of course, Bai Xiaochun and his regiment were used to the sight of the Great Wall, but not the old soul cultivator. He began to tremble even harder than before. And yet there was nothing he could do as the cultivators of the regiment produced their identity medallions and entered the Great Wall through one of the small entrances.

Qing Shui extended his finger, propping up the delicate chin of Huoyun Liu-Li as a shameless light shone in his eyes. "You are so beautiful, just like a demoness." Pressing her tighter into his embrace, his hands started to roam about and squeezing her perky butt. Despite her struggle, Qing Shui didn't loosen his hold, but held on tighter, only releasing her after several moments.

They've come. What that will come will eventually come. But why did they have to choose this timing....

Chapter 565 Courting Death, Blackjade Poisonous Spiderweb.

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