The Mask Of A Siren Chapter 242

The Mask Of A Siren Chapter 242

"Imperial Protector, this time I have invited you here to be an honored guest in our household. Aside from a matter with the ancestor, our Huang family still has a small understanding we wish to resolve with the Imperial Protector." The patriarch spoke.

"Jiang Chen? So you are that Jiang Chen who got first place in the Qi Province competition, the newcomer?"


"Hmph! They can't run away! The Island of Ice's exit hasn't emerged yet, and once the time comes, all of us will have to leave this place, and I'm sure they will come back here at that point of time."

Jiang Chen held Yan Chenyu's hand gently. He could completely understand how she felt right now, because he wasn't in a good mood either. Jiang Zhenhai was the only family member he had after reincarnating, the father who would do anything for him. Jiang Chen had never experienced such kinship in his previous life, that's why he couldn't allow anything bad to happen to Jiang Zhenhai.

Along the way, the Qi Province competition was being discussed everywhere. It was hard for Jiang Chen to not hear any of it.

"Look! Who is that young man?! His speed is incredible!"

"Crap, this bloody woman's at least the Eighth Heavenly Layer." Old man Situ exclaimed.Chapter 713: Family Transformation (Three)

These sword clashed with the sea of swords unleashed by Xuan Yuzi. After that, they continued on and collided with Shangguan Yiqing's sound waves, causing the entire scene to become extremely violent. First, there were clanging sounds and sparks flying off in all directions, and then, the other half of the mountain underneath them was destroyed, followed by a loud explosive sound.

Elder Bai's face instantly paled as he turned his head back to the three meter long tiger with horror.

All of the men from the Mu Rong family were screaming, amongst them were two of Mu Rong Zhan's children. They looked at Jiang Chen with hatred. In their eyes, Jiang Chen was a killer, a killer that wouldn't even blink when he killed someone.

Quickly, a group of people came back to where Jian Chen was. The leader of the group was Qin Xiao with the patriarch of the Tianqin clan along with a few other guards.


Reading the first chapter of the book, Jiang Chen couldn't help but let out a little smile.The first page in the book was about the greatest Saint in history who was trying to break the gates leading to the Realm of Immortals with his sword a hundred years ago, but unfortunately died on the Saint cliff.

Guo Shan said.

"I wonder how strong they are." Jian Chen muttered. Although he was fourteenth place on the rankings, it was not an accurate testament of his strength.

"That bastard! We've already agreed to the duel, so why does he still want to deploy such an evil plot?! If Wentian is dead, we'd have to appoint a new young master, and only Nangong Wenyen is eligible to be the next young master. What a plan, what a vicious plan!"

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