Let him love you first Chapter 7

Let him love you first Chapter 7

Rumbling booms filled the air as he relied on teleportation after teleportation!

Since he was currently incapable of unleashing the Undying Emperor's Fist, he needed to close some of the gap between his own level and Lei Shan's, and this was the only way!

He wasn't the only one to react with such shock. The old man on the left gasped in astonishment.


"Big brother, other than you, no one would actually boast about their own clan members to this extent." Di Chen laughed.

It only took about two hours¡­ to go from one end of Spirit Stream Sect territory to another. It was at this point that Bai Xiaochun began to frown. Something seemed off.


At present, Qing Shui has divided up his time into three sections every day. They're during dawn, in the morning and in the afternoon respectively. During dawn, he would spend one hour to train Qing Clan. In the morning and afternoon on the other hand, he would spend two hours respectively for the trainings.

It was a decent restaurant. Qing Shui and the group stepped into the inn. There was quite a decent amount of people in Qing Clan. But it wasn't considered to be that large an amount because the number of people in adventure groups across the World of the Nine Continents would have easily exceeded the amount of people in the clan.

"Nope, do I look like someone who is easily taken advantage of? Thank you for showing concern for me." Qing Shui laughed.

[1] - horny men

The Junior Champion King stood there quietly, and the heir apparent of the Spirit Advent King bowed his head. Chen Haosong and the other heavenly dukes stood in silent introspection, clearly hoping that they didn't get dragged into what was happening.

"Yes, definitely. We are in name a subsidiary of Demon Gate and such acts are like giving them a slap in the face. One can lose anything, but not their reputation. Therefore, we'll just need to report the matter to them truthfully," the thin old man said with great confidence.

With such thoughts on his mind, he lifted the Giant Ghost King over his head to block the incoming palm attack, and then reached his left hand down toward the teleportation formation.

"Since the clan is ignoring us and Boss Azure Dragon is too mysterious, then why don't just take the Fantasy Pills out of the picture? That would cripple the Azure Dragon Society, resolve this deadlock, and also make it more clear how to completely finish things.

Qing Shui and Tang Wude only left Tang Manor in the late morning. Although the auction had not yet started, it would be starting soon.

"Eleventh Transformation!!"

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