The Son of Soul Gear Chapter 363

The Son of Soul Gear Chapter 363

This trip to the Radiant Saint Tower was quite a big harvest for Jian Chen. He obtained the wondrous Radiant Artes, which allowed his abilities as a Radiant Saint Master to greatly increase. Not only did it include powerful regenerative abilities, even his attack increased greatly.

"So now there's another remarkable genius in the Black Sect! From now on, it won't just be Nan Bei Chao in the Qi Province!"

Han Yan shouted out loudly, then he unleashed a sky-piercing devil energy and blocked Fan Kun's path towards Yan Chen Yu. His eyes were filled with extreme anger.

As soon as the entire story was recounted to him, the king sighed. In that sigh, he seemed as if to have aged years in a single moment.

"Intruder, speak your name!"

Jian Chen looked at the middle-aged man; he looked to be an Earth Saint Master in strength, but his imposing presence that brought forth dignity from it overwhelmed the area with his hegemonial air.

"This is the third prince!"

After this conclusion, Jian Chen immediately began to use some of the Chaotic Force to refine his body. Fortunately he had cultivated with the Azulet Sword Laws for some time, so he had a large amount of experience cultivating with it. Although there was a sparse amount of the Chaotic Force, it was still strong enough for him.

A series of intense explosions could be heard as several hundred rounds from the Magical Crystal Cannons smashed into the ground, riddling the area with deep craters.

"Look! Li Wu Shuang from the Heavenly Sword Sect is here as well! Looks like this time he's the only one who can compete with the Little Devil King."

Big Yellow shook his head and sighed.

Even Jiang Chen felt speechless. What a miserable way to die.

By the afternoon of the second day, Cao Keqin and Dongyi Junbai had been fully healed by the ten Heaven Saint Masters looking after them. With their wounds fully healed, they immediately followed Jian Chen's command to fly to the southern stronghold.

"So that's it!" The elder suddenly came to a realization. "Youngster, right now you are primarily focused on using your thoughts to attack. In regards to your cultivation path, you will have to continuously practice with your mind. Right now you can easily control tiny objects without a problem, but if you wish to push a giant mountain with just your mind alone, this will not be an accomplishable task."

A cunning look emerged in Liu Kui's eyes, he had made up his mind.

"This guy is really an abnormal monster, I wonder what powerful skill he is cultivating. How could it make his body so strong? Too bad I didn't kill him back then, now he has become very strong££ Not good!"

The adult man let out a horrifying scream. He knew he was going to die, so a hopeless look emerged in his eyes.

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