Kar98K Upon Touchdown! Chapter 1771

Kar98K Upon Touchdown! Chapter 1771

Feeling very pleased, and very proud of himself, he looked over at the Li Clan forces and waved his hand, sending his corpse troopers over to crush them. Meanwhile, Li Tiansheng was trembling as he realized what Bai Xiaochun was thinking.

Qing Shui was surrounded by three ladies of unparalleled beauty. The dream that he had in his previous life was now fulfilled. However, out of the three, Di Chen was the only one he loved.

Qing Shui crushed the stones on the cliff walls, and slowly and carefully removed the roots. He was afraid that if he were to damage the root system, the vine would not be able to survive!

Without hesitation, Qing Shui quickly equipped everything he had. This would let him observe the endurance of his forged equipments from the energy of a Martial Saint. Common decent weapons would still break apart within a few moves by a Martial Saint. Only a few divine artifacts or weapons that mimicked the divine weapons would be able to endure the powers of a Martial Saint warrior.

Zhou Wudao emerged from within the collapsing pagoda, blood spraying out of his mouth, and looking visibly older than before. The instant he appeared in the open, he didn't charge toward Bai Xiaochun in attack, but ratherĄ­ turned and fled!

"The Qing Clan truly does not know what death is. Do they really think that with the lone Peak Houtian Qing Luo, they can do as they wish in Hundred Miles City? Ba`er, carry Shang`er to the Qing Clan. No matter what, I want to talk it over. We need to win the battle of logic before we make a move. Since the Qing Clan disregarded the matter of face, we don't have to care so much about the consequences anymore." Situ Nantian appeared to be deep in thoughts, as he replied.

After he cooked some food and ate, he looked into his Dantian and saw a familiar gaseous mass, every time the Diamond Gigantic Elephant broke through, he would obtain 20 percent of the increase.

At that moment, the Tong who had regained his senses was on edge. The kick from Shi Qingzhuang, which was out to destroy his ability to procreate, now no longer hurt. It was fortunate that she slightly missed her target because if not, his balls would definitely break.

Qing Shui was jolted by Tan Yang's pressure. Before he consumed the Pure Gold Mystic Turtle Core and Greencloud Up-step Pellet, he couldn't tell who is stronger or weaker. But now, to Qing Shui, Tan Yang was merely a piece of trash.

He quickly performed an incantation gesture with his right hand, sending a flying sword bursting out toward the bats. Its speed was incredible, and before they could even get close to him, miserable shrieks filled the air, and numerous bats began to fall to the ground. The few that made it past the sword slammed into his shield and were sent spinning away.

"Oh, that's good." Qing Shui commanded the Fire Bird to descend once again. There was a large skydeck just beside the giant goddess statue. A number of large beast carriages and flying beasts were constantly on the move after they had stopped by for a while. This place seems to be always busy throughout the year.

The surrounding Outer Sect disciples were quite impressed by the intense battle, and their eyes gleamed with admiration as they gazed at Du Lingfei. They were now fully convinced of how amazing she was. As for Chen Zi'ang, his reputation also improved because of the fight.

Bruiser suddenly halted in place. He was smart, and had been well trained by Bai Xiaochun. It only took a moment of thought for him to understand what Bai Xiaochun wanted. He bared his teeth at the Blood Stream Sect people, radiating an air of incredible ferocity. Then, his gaze shifted to Song Junwan's chest, where it lingered for a long moment....

"Impossible. You... you died! What are you doing back?!?!?!"

At the very moment he recovered his strength as a Martial Saint, everything was finally resolved. Without realizing it, he had begun to see Qing Shui as his own son. Everyone from Qing Clan was like his family. After being insulted and humiliated for two hundred years, this kind of familial affection was something that he cared the most about. It was also something which he could sacrifice himself to protect. Therefore, he wouldn't allow anyone to harbor any ill intentions to Qing Clan.?

After enough time passed for an incense stick to burn, the emaciated Zhou Fan staggered back. Snow was piled up on his shoulders and head, and each step he took left drops of blood on the snow.

The morale of the Wildlanders had suffered a severe blow upon the defeat of the gravekeeper. From what they could tell, there was absolutely no way out for them nowĄ­.

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