Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles Chapter 812

Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles Chapter 812

Because the fire had caught onto the fur of the wolf leather, the moment it was removed from him, Tie Ta was no longer on fire. Tie Ta's tattered academy uniform was exposed underneath.


Hearing this sound, Jiang Chen's expression changed dramatically! He was really familiar with this sound! As if having sensed something, the quiet broken sword within his storage ring suddenly jumped up in joy.

Tyrant nodded his head.



Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. After a long journey of killing and slaughter, he had finally approached the Heavenly Core realm. As long as he reached the Heavenly Core realm, his combat strength would increase exponentially. At that time, even Late Heavenly Core warriors wouldn't be his match.

Captain Kendall looked up at the brightening sky and laughed. Without saying anything, he walked out from his tent and sat down next to Jian Chen by the fire.

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"Tell him that a few days ago, everyone was in the same situation. Help should be a given, and so his thanks are unwarranted." Jian Chen replied evenly.

Jiang Chen unleashed a golden glow that covered body, he looked like a peerless god of war giving out his orders.

Against these two unavoidable swords, Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword immediately shot forward both swords with an azure and violet Sword Qi enwrapping around it.

"No! Retreat, all of you!" The king barked, but unfortunately he had spoke far too late. Jian Chen instantly moved into action, shooting his Sword Qi straight through their throats and splashing the halls with their blood.

By this point, Jian Chen was already a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master with an abnormally strong control over the Radiant Saint Force. His healing abilities were beyond most, so with the wounds caused by the stone being the only matter, it took almost no time before the wound was completely healed up with no scars left.

Monster cores could be used by the magical beasts as well, but the lowest rank of magical beasts didn't know if or how it could be used and only operated on instinct.

"You aren't fit to be my father. I don't have a father that is as cruel as you! From here on out, I forsake the last name of Yun and will take on the surname Bi!" Bi Lian howled with tears.

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