The Order of Golden Roses Chapter 322

The Order of Golden Roses Chapter 322


"Old Man Gaoyang, what's there that we need to do? Can't the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan even handle a small case like this?" Old Man Qu answered in a relaxed manner as he took a sip of tea.

That was because it required some degree of physical contact with the body in order to clear the meridians. They may even be some contact with private parts.

Even as the cries of alarm rose up, the beating of the drum caused the blood within the veins of the cultivators to flow more swiftly than before, Bai Xiaochun included. The sound of the drum filled them with a desire to fight, and caused their bones and blood to vibrate. The sound even caused their cultivation bases to grow slightly more powerful.

The process of smelting, fusion and refinery required full concentration and a large amount of vital energy, a large amount of spiritual sense and a good fusion method.?

Then, without pausing for a moment, he continued on toward the Mortal Renegade!

Time didn't allow Qing Shui to think too much. He quickly dressed himself up in armor and everything that could amplify his strength. Otherwise, he'd be in danger when he was kicked out of the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal.

Bai Xiaochun's face fell, and he turned to flee. However, in that moment of distracted retreat, a screaming sound rose up from behind him, which was an arrow!

The devas were very excited by this, especially Feng Chen, whose eyes shone brightly. There was little need to mention the ordinary disciples, who went wild with joy upon hearing Bai Xiaochun's fate.


Many people looked at Qing Shui doubtfully, not understanding why the old man would believe this young man's words and had even promised that he would be rewarded heavily regardless of whether could save the young man or not. Qing Shui then said that he would do his best, making some people feel that he was some quack who was here to scam money.

"This is the Legendary Grade, Earth Element: Giant Spirit Divine Fist!"

One piece at a time fell to the ground until he was almost completely unclothed, revealing his strong, muscular body. He even pulled out a vial of medicinal oil that Bai Xiaochun had provided and spread it out on his skin, making him look even more athletic than before, as if he were on the verge of unleashing explosive and shocking power.


The two sounds resounded loudly almost simultaneously, it was then accompanied by an intense blood-curdling screech and the sound of bones breaking. Before the pitiful Three-Headed Dark Flame Python could use its strongest move, it was already disabled, that mournful screech seemed to have an emotion of intense dissatisfaction mixed within.

"Eleven-colored flame. Eleven-colored flame! Grandmaster Bai isn't at the master rank, he's a terrestrial necromancer!!"

Out of the remaining three, one was a Peak Grade Nine Martial Saint, while the other two were Peak Grade Eight Martial Saints.

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