Spiritual Seed Awakening Chapter 108

Spiritual Seed Awakening Chapter 108

On the other side, a youth around the age of thirty years old wore a white robe with golden linings. Both of his hands were wrapped up against his chest as he watched the two fight, "It seems Jiede Wukang's men have provoked a decent fighter. I didn't think he'd be so young though."

"Only ten days?"

After killing these people, Jian Chen continued forward past the threshold into the courtyards where a group of members were at.

"This Yang Yutian really is so skilled to be able to do such a maneuver. He condensed a Radiant Saint Sword over five kilometers away, and then controlled the swords to fly in from so far away. Unbelieveable." The Class 6 Radiant Saint Master from the Cheng family mumbled at a slight loss.

Seeing the young man walki towards them, a muscular man asked, "Little brother, are you interested in joining us?"

Just as Jian Chen submitted himself to a realm of calm, a sudden but strange feeling appeared within Jian Chen's mind. In that crucial moment, Jian Chen's spirit seemed to have harmonized with his long sword. He was the sword, and the sword was him; there had been no difference between the two of them. It was almost as if the sword had already became a part of his soul.

"Brother, I've become a Saint Master now! How unbelievable is this? In just half a day, my strength has gone from barely a Saint to a Saint Master!" Exuberant with just how much strength was coursing through her body, Bi Lian never thought that she would wield such power before.

Big Yellow gnashed his teeth in anger.

After saying that, Tyrant forcefully stretched out his arm, unleashing a golden palm that completely covered the disciple.

Although Blood Devils were cruel and inhuman, they weren't idiots. They were similar to demon beasts that had intelligence. Besides, before they became Blood Devils, they were actually human.

"Y-you££.you're an Earth Saint master?!" A man cried out in terror. There was a tone of utter disbelief in his voice as he asked to confirm his question.

With a sneer, Jian Chen activated the Heaven's Stolen Fortune and increased his strength three times over. His sword flickered and blurred mid swing as a series of metallic clangs could be heard when Jian Chen blocked sword after sword. But each time his Light Wind Sword clashed with one of the swords, the swords instantly broke apart to reveal jagged edges.

"Fourth Grade Combat King, so quick!"

The door to Big Yellow's room opened up, then he flew out like a golden bolt of lightning, landing right beside Jiang Chen.

Jian Chen flew 30 meters forward before finally smashing against a tree trunk and falling to the ground. His head knocked against a tree branch firmly as he fell to the ground unconscious.

They all knew that in the entire Saint Origin realm, the Divine Continent was the land with the richest Yuan energy; it was the heart of the Saint Origin realm, a remarkable place propitious to giving birth to great men. People of talent existed in large numbers, and mighty warriors emerged in endless streams. With their Combat Soul cultivation bases, they were considered men at the pinnacle of the Eastern Continent, but in the Divine Continent, they were just some small fry.

"Ai, Changyang Xiangtian was only fifteen by the time he left. It has been several years since his departure, but we don't even know if he is even in the Gesun Kingdom. If he is no weaker than his eldest brother, then he would be a Great Saint Master at the very least." The armored soldier sighed.

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