Clockwork Revenant Chapter 1668

Clockwork Revenant Chapter 1668



This time, none of the group of three even had time to look at it. A massive gravitational force sprang out and grabbed ahold them. At the same time, the corpses pulling the galleon tugged it forward at incredible speed. To the shock of Bai Xiaochun, Song Que and Master God-Diviner, the corpses slammed right into them!

Now, though, he was panting heavily as Bai Xiaochun slowly pulled out another medicinal pill. As soon as he did, the stimulated battle beasts began to tremble in excitement. Gongsun Yun couldn't help but think about what had occurred when a pill just like that had been shattered and then spread onto Beihan Lie.

"Sister, Qing Yi said that you were not feeling well, how are you?" Huoyun Liu-Li asked with concern.?

Laughing heartily, he turned his head and bellowed, "Shanshan, my lovely daughter, aren't you always looking for people to pick fights with? Well I'm going to give you a chance to do just that. Go to the Necromancer Kettle and fight with whoever you feel like. Get the fruit of the Ghost King Orchid, and bring it back for me!"

The more Zuoshi Ziyan fought, the more anxious he felt. It wasn't weird for the very young man to kill the people from his clan with his current strength. He subconsciously moved his sight to Zuoshi Yun. Previously, he even had a feeling that Qing Shui intentionally left Zuoshi Yun behindˇ­...

However, these were no longer important, what was important was that in her heart this guy had already left behind an indelible mark. Yu He, regarding this situation, was totally at a complete loss.

Therefore, he targeted a single person. As far as he was concerned, the chances of the other four turning to help that single person were virtually none.

"Dream on!"

But all of these weren't important. The Fire Bird had finally acquired an insanely strong skill. Prior to this, without any powerful techniques, the Fire Bird had always been his biggest shortcoming.

After practicing the Ancient Strengthening Technique, he began to immerse himself in forging. After the boots, he had already prepared the golden scales of the snake king, wanting to forge a set of armor for Canghai.

"She likes me? This is bullshit!"

"No problem. These prescriptions aren't that bad, but the chances of failure are quite high. Even regular pharmacists have fifty percent chance of refining success." Cang Wu Yi chuckled. "So even if there's a one percent success rate, it's considered pretty good. Also, even if you have the necessary ingredients, you still won't be able to prevent this kind of failure."

"Magic Plant... Arsenal!"

Worried that he would irritate Bai Xiaochun too much, the Lightning Ancestor quickly absorbed the lightning and then kept his mouth shut. A few more days passed, but Bai Xiaochun never even looked his way, causing his anxiety to grow.

It seemed like he had cultivated lifting heavy as though it was light. After all, having significant strength did not necessary mean one can wield heavy weapons. Even if one could barely wield a heavy weapon, he would not be able to master it. Even someone with the strength of 100 jin would not be able to swing a weapon of 10 jin in weight for an extended amount of time. To be able to reach a 1:100 ratio of weapon mass to wielder's strength was already considered very powerful.

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