Infinite Adolescance in a VRMMORG Chapter 1293

Infinite Adolescance in a VRMMORG Chapter 1293


It was unfortunate that Jian Chen wouldn't be able to explain this situation to people. Even if he wanted to, he wouldn't be able to explain how he came about this method. Not to mention that if he were to talk about Azulet Sword Law, then Jian Chen feared that the the history of both the technique and himself would become a great problem.

"Slaughtering my entire family and all my friends?! Fuck! The Imperial Emperor is actually using such a ruthless tactic! My entire family has been imprisoned by them, I need to save them!"

They had dreamt about the Demon Palace one day getting annihilated, but they never thought it would come true today.

"Be at ease, Chang Wuji. While I admit that your strength is beyond any one of us in a one against one match, but you are only just one man. Combined with Changyang Xiangtian, there is only two Heaven Saint Masters within the Changyang clan. Compared to the ten of us, do you think the two of you have a chance?" An elder reasoned.

The old man respectfully handed the broken sword to Jiang Chen, but he was laughing in his mind, "What a rich idiot, daddy can't see anything special about this broken sword, but it still let me earn a High-Ranked Combat Weapon! Wahaha, I'm so clever!"

Xu Neng flipped his palm. In an instant, a crystal ball appeared and started floating on the auction stage. Following the appearance of this crystal ball, the temperature in the entire auction hall dropped immediately. Many people could feel a chilly sensation from it.

"Jian Chen, are you okay? Was the Saint Ruler from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger driven away?"

"Everyone, look! The sky has suddenly turned into a spectrum of color!"

"No, little brother. That Space Ring currently in your possession will bring you trouble as well. Why don't you hand both the Space Ring and the token over to me. I'll keep the both of them safe, I can guarantee their safety if you do. Not only that, but it will be one less danger to your life." The middle aged man couldn't help but smirk. Even his voice began to tremble at the sight of the two prizes in front of him. To him, Jian Chen and Ming Dong were both easy targets because of their age. No matter how strong the two might be, he was already dead set on pursuing them.

"Boundless Bandits!" Jian Chen's eyebrows furrowed together. He wasn't very familiar with this bandit group. When he had read the books in both Changyang Mansion and Kargath Library, the only thing he was able to learn about the Boundless Bandits was that they were a very strong bandit group that had existed for 200 years already.

Big Yellow said without any hesitation. Also, because his voice was very loud, he again attracted surprised gazes from the surroundings.

For two days, the three men traveled back to Mercenary City in a hurry. However, only Jiede Tai and Jian Chen had entered the city while Nubis stood a thousand meters away from the barrier. Mercenary City prohibited any high class magical beasts from entering. It only allowed mounts free entry.

After walking out the inn, the five Imperial Advisors flew off into the sky, leaving the rest of the inn speechless.

Shangguan Chong showed his face as well. He stood on the edge of the window on the second floor. A few disciples from the Shangguan Clan stood behind him as well. All of them wore the same ugly expressions.

The building was exceptionally tall, despite being only two stories tall, it had already reached several dozen meters higher into the air than a four story inn nearby. Even the area it had covered was large as compared to the Mercenary Union which was roughly the same size. On top of the great big gates to the auction house was a three meter tall board that had the four words "Heavenly Phoenix Auction House" written in fancy calligraphy.

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