The Alchemist in the Apocalypse Chapter 2696

The Alchemist in the Apocalypse Chapter 2696

And with that, the barrier around the garden was dispelled, causing the exterior of the barrier to once more appear in Jian Chen's eyes along with a group of people waiting anxiously outside the barrier radius. Amongst this group was the clan leader, Changyang Ba.

The Old Great Emperor's expression immediately changed, with this attack, he no longer dared to underestimate Jiang Chen. It was difficult for him to imagine how a young Late Combat Soul warrior could possess such incredible combat strength.

Right at this moment, a spatial crack suddenly opened up in front of them. A devil fully covered with black scales dashed out from the crack. It was a First Grade Devil King.

Situ Qing hesitated for a moment. To have this blue-robed elder owe him a favor was not a very easy thing to do. He was in fact wondering if using this favor to deal with Jian Chen was worth it or not.

Sweat poured down from Wu Cong's forehead. Obviously, even he couldn't get used to this depth. If he dived any deeper, the magma's pressure and temperature would kill him.

Being a Heaven Saint Master at the age of 21 was something that had never been done before. The last outstanding genius, over the entire history of the Tian Yuan Continent, had been thirty years old at the very least when he had become a Heaven Saint Master. Even more surprising, that very same genius later on became a Saint King!

Jiang Chen burst into laughter, then he raised his Heavenly Saint Sword and charged over once again. He noticed that after the Third Emperor took out the King Weapon, resulting in his combat strength doubling, the pressure he felt became even heavier. The Dragon Transformation skill started circulating twice as fast as before, and new Dragon Marks were forming faster as well. If the situation continued like this, it wouldn't take long before he broke through to the Mid Combat Soul realm.

There was not a sliver of energy to be felt from this man; from the appearance of his face, he was nothing more than the average commoner. Nothing strange could be said about him except for the fact that he was floating in mid-air like some sort of supernatural figure.

"Hmph! Let me see what you're able to do today!"

Shaking his head, Jian Chen replied, "There are plenty of magical beasts living in the human world many of them are strong. I know there is a treaty between the strongest of the human world with your magical beast clans, but this only applies to those of the Gilligan clan. You aren't of the Gilligan clan, so there would be no trouble for you to travel in the human world."

The disciples and Sect Elders who were hung up on the pillars and beaten were still screaming and yelling. When they heard Fan Zhong Tang's words, they were so touched they felt like crying.

Yan Chen Yu walked up to Jiang Chen and asked with a worried expression. Since the Sect Chief said that this was a punishment for Jiang Chen; that meant this task was not an easy one. Blood Devil, just by the name itself, one could tell that it was not something that could be easily dealt with.

Yu Zihan asked, feeling extremely sullen.

"Haha, now I know, this Ice Demon has a Demon Soul! Furthermore, its Demon Soul is able to hide itself, and with the help of the environment here, it's able to revive infinitely!"

"Call me Jian Chen for now. When you are all in my mercenary group, then you will call me captain." Jian Chen spoke evenly before turning back to the first man who had pledged himself to him. "I still don't know your name."

According to Jiang Chen's estimation, in order to reach the Mid Mortal Core realm, his strength would need to double again; he had to form at least thirty Dragon Marks.

"We don't know, but surely within Black Sect."

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