Land of Martial Artists Chapter 2487

Land of Martial Artists Chapter 2487

"Get lost! Han Yan, you're the troublemaker! You're going to need this master dog during the most critical moment!"

"108,00 Swords, each of them are devastating, and the person who is targeted by them will suffer endless sword attacks! There is no way to escape from it, I wonder how this young man is going to counter it."

As if struck by lightning, Jian Chen's entire body began to shake as the parchment with the battle skill fell from his hands. In disbelief, Jian Chen looked at the young woman in despondence, "Bi Yunhai. Bi Yunhai. Your mother had the surname of Bi££"

Big Yellow immediately felt regret after asking that question. He could sense evil intentions behind Jiang Chen's smile.

Wu Jiu said.

The Crown Prince didn't take what Yan Chenyu said to heart, as Yan Chenyu was just a girl with an Early Combat Soul cultivation. Even if she was given a pair of wings, it would be impossible for her to escape from him.

Lin Bai chuckled and clasped his hands at Quan Youcai, "When the time comes, perhaps I really will need to trouble master Quan Youcai for some directions."

Jian Chen nodded his head, "Ah, yes, I've only been travelling for two or three years now."

A cold expression emerged onto Nangong Wentian's face. He and Nangong Wenyang knew these two guys, they the guest elders working for Nangong Yunzheng; Zhang Feng and Li Gai.

"It seems there is a treasure. Let's go and check it out."

A blood red dragon claw descended from the skies and covered the leading black crow like a gigantic prison.

The dawn had just arrived, but miserable screams could still be heard from the Yu family. It was the men from the Shangguan Clan who were here to keep the Yu family in captivity. The man who was in charge here was Shangguan Yu, an Early Combat Soul warrior. Together with him was an Early Combat Soul warrior. Beside him, there were also ten Divine Core warriors and thirty Heavenly Core warriors.

Han Yan asked with a smile.

Fast, this was extremely fast! It was so fast that the man only had the time to react, but had no way of blocking the attack.

"Welcome to the new vice-captain!"

When the punches met each other, a muffled sound erupted, similar to muffled thunder. The violent energy ripple exploded where their fists had met, rushing wildly in all directions. It seemed to even be able to create a gust of violent wind in a land beyond the nine heavens.

"Fuck, he just doesn't know his own status and cultivation, how can he agree to this match?"

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