Transfer Into NPC World Chapter 66

Transfer Into NPC World Chapter 66


There, he could sense an aura that was no weaker than his own suddenly explode with full ferocity.

After exchanging some pleasantries with Baili Jingwei, Yu Donghao and those affiliated with him departed while Qing Shui brought Baili Jingwei and Yiye Jiange to the Qing Clan's medicinal store.

Even as the entire world filled with heaven-shaking, earth-shattering rumbling, and the enormous fist was about to crush Bai Xiaochun, even as a huge crater opened up beneath him, and nearby mountains crumbled into dust, even as the air shattered....

"Come, come, everyone have some. This is something which is hard to come by and just a cup of it is very valuable!" Upon saying this, the man filled a full cup for everyone.

Qing Shui's spiritual sense quickly extended into the cave. Inside his spiritual sense, there was a giant figure. Qing Shui felt chills down his spine when he noticed the burly figure was about three metres tall.

The smiling Qing Shui put his hand out as well. "You must be Ding Lang, hello! I've heard quite a bit about you!" Qing Shui looked up and down at this stalwart and resolute youth. He had known for a while now that Ding Lang is the strongest person among the youngest generation in Hundred Miles City. ?

Qing Shui's spirit energy was quite strong but the Five-eyed Lion Wolf King was a Martial Emperor which specialized in such attacks.

"GodĄ­ killer!"

"Time to go back to the damaged fan!!" Having made his decision, he sent out a thought, and began to vanish. However, as he did, a whistling sound echoed out from the imperial palace.


"Let me give you something. I don't know whether you'll like it or not." Qing Shui smiled and handed Mu Qing a Violet Jade Sword and a box.

Qing Shui was shocked to his core. At the same time, he saw that this demonic beast which was almost the size of a small hill had a massive wolf-like tail which was almost 20m in length. He could instantly tell this Five-eyed Lion Wolf King was on the same level as his Five-Headed Demonic Spider.

Chapter 170 Auction Hall, Potential Fruit?.

Perhaps Nature Energy could work on the Tricolor Scorpion King!

The sudden and unexpected appearance of one right here led everyone present to go wild with anticipation.

Within the mountain cave, Bai Xiaochun sat there looking a bit gaunt, his hair disheveled as he stared at the pill furnace. With every rumbling boom, more cracks would spread out across the surface of the furnace.

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