Quick Transmigration: Face Slapping The Second Female Lead Chapter 1728

Quick Transmigration: Face Slapping The Second Female Lead Chapter 1728

Regarding the fact that he was a Radiant Saint Master, Jian Chen already knew that revealing it would cause some certain effects. Though, he was confident that with his strength as a Saint Ruler and the important status as an Imperial Protector, the small troubles caused would not be problematic. However, he never thought that the situation was much more severe than he had initially thought. It had completely exceeded his expectations.

"Sire, this is nothing more than a misunderstanding. Our Qiangan Kingdom does not wish to interfere with your war, please stay your hand." Qian Yun spoke. He was well aware of Jian Chen's strength, so to protect the kingdom from falling into disaster, he couldn't help but plead out loud to him.

After hesitating for a bit, Jian Chen finally tried attempting to control the azure and violet lights. However, after a few experiments, his mood became more and more serious. After some internal inspections, although he could clearly "see" the specks of light, every time he tried to manipulate them, he would suddenly discover that the light specks existing within his dantian would become similar to mirages. He could easily pass through them, and was completely unable to grab ahold of them and put them under his control. It was as if they didn't really exist.

"6600 purple coins££"

Behind them, Chen Shuang shouted and unleashed a sword beam towards Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. Jiang Chen turned around and attacked the sword beam with his Single Solar Finger, blocking the sword beam.

The Class 5 Radiant Saint Master clearly seemed extremely friendly. Even though Jian Chen seemed to be a low class Radiant Saint Master in his eyes, he did not look down on him. He smiled, "I'm Lin Bai. If you don't mind, you can call me uncle Lin Bai. No matter what power you possess, as long as you are a Radiant Saint Master, you can enjoy good treatment wherever you are in the Holy Empire. You have the protection of the Radiant Saint Master Union in the City of God, so you don't have to fear bullies from clans. If they trouble you, you just need to report it to the union."

Yan Yang asked. Everyone here now considered Jiang Chen as their leader.

Right at this moment, a sudden change occurred. An oppressive sound echoed out from a distance, and soon after, nearly twenty figures were seen flying toward the battlefield. There were two people in the lead; one man and one girl. The man had a tall and muscular body; a very imposing appearance, and he was carrying a long and big blue ruler. The girl was wearing a skintight black dress, giving her a beautiful and seductive look. The girl was carrying a zither in her hand, and she was also portraying a very imposing appearance.



Hearing what Jian Chen had said, Wang Yanhong smiled, "Then I'll tell you about the Bloodsword Sect next."

Ming Dong continued to think for a moment in confusion before turning to look at the white robed man with in his voice doubt, "Senior, did this piece of jade truly belong to my ancestor? Who even was my ancestor? Is it possible that you've found the wrong person, I've never even heard about my ancestors before in my entire life."

"Did you guys see that?! Jiang Chen didn't even blink his eyes when he killed, he's actually looking down on the Heavenly Sword Sect! Just with his attitude and courage alone, he has my respect!"

"Boom!" The two bundles of energy collided in mid-air against each other, causing yet another explosion. The sound of the explosion was ear-piercing, and even the highest point of the heavens would be able to hear the crackling sound from it. For a brief moment, everyone nearby lost their ability to hear. The remaining dregs of energy that sloughed off from the blast spiraled into the surrounding area, and a decent few kilometers of forest below had been obliterated.

"Me neither, but it sounds like a rare pill. I wonder if the Myriad Sword Sect or Shangguan Clan have this pill?"

Jian Chen gave an apologetic smile and immediately cut to the chase. "Ming Dong, I wish to have your uncle Tian come forth and help settle a matter impartially."

Not only this, Jiang Chen's Qi was incredibly strong, making him terrified to the point of suppression.It felt, to on his weak body, there was a force that could carry a mountain.Under the suppression of the net formed by the sword lights, the old man was having a hard time circulating his Qi, and he couldn't even breathe properly.

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