Kindred Spirits Chapter 698

Kindred Spirits Chapter 698

"Safety first!" he said. Then he turned and vanished.

Zhou Xinqi - Apprentice of Li Qinghou, skilled in medicine concocting.

Thinking back to the Elder's yard filled with a sea of flowers, Qing Shui felt he had to leave something behind. Immediately, he thought of the Spirit Gathering Formation and took several Beast Parchment directly from the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal and gave it to the Elder. "This being our first meeting, this is a gift I have brought for you, I hope the Elder will like it."

The peak lord from Sunset Peak took a deep breath. Voice calm, he said, "Xiaochun, that aph... aphrodisiac pill of yours. Did you create it yourself?"

"Shameless! How dare they steal my blood qi! Well, I'll just have to endure the humiliation. I refuse to butt heads with idiots!" Fuming, he made his way off into the distance to another area. After sensing the levels of blood qi in the area, he rotated his cultivation base and turned himself into something like a black hole.

After hearing the words Elder Fei mentioned regarding the Supreme Elder, Qing Shui naturally thought of this, it seems like that bunch of old freaks no longer bother themselves with the running of the Heavenly Palace. But despite so, Qing Shui clearly understood that for the Heavenly Palace to have the reputation and prestige it has today, was all because of the support of these powerful old freaks.

He had helped her breakthrough to Martial Saint, and they even had some physical contact with each other. Although they were just little touches, Qing Shui knew that a woman like her would never let anyone touch her. She wouldn't even let him touch her hand if she didn't want to be together with him, much less her stomach and feet.

He had never imagined that three Outer Sect disciples of the Spirit Stream Sect would manage to evade him for so many days, and in fact, even get close to the border of the spell formation set up by his Patriarch. As for the disciple they were currently closing in on, he had a profound cultivation base, sufficient to not only strike down Chen Yue, but numerous other members of the Luochen Clan.

"Why? Is there a saying about it?" Huoyun Liu-Li asked, perturbed.

But the Blood Stream Sect was different. As evening fell, Bai Xiaochun could hear screams echoing out in the air. Apparently, disciples took advantage of the darkness to fight each other with renewed vigor.

"All of that will be what I rely on for protectionˇ­. Maybe nothing will happen. But if there is even the slightest sign of danger, I can rely on the ruthless plan Hao'er came up withˇ­. That plan could buy me some time, but it really is ruthlessly harmful. Although I don't care too much about my reputation here, it would be best to avoid it if at all possibleˇ­.

It is just that right now, the Diamond Gigantic Elephant has not yet understood those great strength, not to mention the ability of traveling in heaven and earth. That's why horns and sharp claws are still necessary for now, just like weapons of human martial artists.

After a few days of Qing Shui's guidance, the others had already started calling him ˇ®teacher'. There were many ways of addressing someone respectable in the World of Nine Continents. ˇ®Teacher' was one of them.

As it collapsed into pieces, a red glow shot out from inside of it, coalescing into the form of a flying shuttle. Astonishingly, the shuttle was covered with magical symbols that clearly did not originate in the Heavenspan Realm.

He wanted to cheer up. And in fact, after being teleported to this immortal domain, he had spent months searching. He had used everything in his power, including all of the power of his cultivation base, and all of his divine sense.

"Why are you doing this to yourself? Do you not want to live anymore?" Qing Shui placed down the bowl and looked at the woman that he could not imagine was the same person as the well-embodied lady he saw a few days ago.

"The little punk doesn't even know what that sentence means," the founding patriarch said with a chuckle. "And yet he throws it around anyway."

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