Deus ex Machina Chapter 908

Deus ex Machina Chapter 908

The Dragon Transformation skill was the skill with the greatest Yang attribute. It was the natural enemy of all evil Yin energies. On the other hand, the Dragon Transformation skill could absorb anything in this world; the things it couldn't absorb was incredibly rare. This was one of the most frightening parts about this skill.

The Golden Lion said. Although all these 30 year old and above warriors felt extremely depressed, this was a fact they had to accept; there was nothing else they could really do. They couldn't just ignore the rules and kill themselves by stepping onto the path.


"Just wait and see. Shangguan Ying will die if he doesn't run away from here."

"Crown Prince's cultivation has become much stronger since when you entered secluded cultivation! It looks like you're getting closer to the Combat King realm; this is something we need to celebrate!"

"As long as you don't kill me, I can do whatever you want! I can be your woman! I can even be your human pet!"

In the same time that Jian Chen had finished his movements, the four elders had also finished charging up their Heaven Tier Battle Skills. With three of the Saint Weapons shining furiously with an eye-piercing light, the amount of energy flickering off their blades had already started to distort the space around them.

Pleading even harder now, she said, "I beg of you to help me. My Advance Earth Tier Battle Skill is yours in return."

"I'm sorry, I've killed too many people, I can't really remember who that person you asked about is."

An Imperial Protector and Imperial Advisor were two different ranks. An Imperial Protector was higher in power and authority than an Imperial Advisor. An Imperial Protector could mobilize the army at a whim and even order the Imperial Advisors to manage any affair. Another terrifying power that an Imperial Protector had was the ability to behead an incapable ruler or any incompetent official. This was to say that their power was even above that of the nobility of the kingdom.

"Rest assured, brother. No one dares to mess around in the Black Sect. If Fan Kun wants to harm Xiao Yu, not only I, even the Sect Chief won't allow that to happen."

The Imperial Emperor waved his hand, signaling Wu Jiu and Wu Qi to stop quarreling.

"Master, you don't need to worry. We don't know what the future calamity, but since the laws of the world have given birth to a Primordial God Silkworm, which has left behind the godsilk, we'll definitely be able to survive it peacefully. Once the godsilk fulfills its mission, it'll become master's treasure, which can be forged into a spiritual treasure of the world. With a spiritual treasure of the world forged from the godsilk, master can travel through the chaotic streams of space at will." Zi Ying said.Chapter 707: Destruction of the Flood Dragon Bandits

"Liang Xiao, you better remind Li Wu Shuang to admit defeat! If not, then he might end up like Ling Ao! Jiang Chen is not someone with a soft heart."

"These auras are so incredibly strong! Did you see those light beams representing their energies? I think they have at least 400 Combat Soul warriors! We don't even have 200 Combat Soul warriors; not even half of what they have££ I'm afraid this is going to be a difficult battle."

The Eagle Beast soared over the walls of countless tiny villages before finally the Eagle Beast slowly came to a stop, in midair in front of the walls of a great city.

The Class 5 Radiant Saint Master's loud voice immediately deterred the dozen or so large men from the Lei family. They immediately dispersed, and moved far away from Jian Chen without even making a sound.

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