His Invisible Halo Chapter 54

His Invisible Halo Chapter 54

Qing Shui regarded Gongsun Jianwu as she halted two meters away from him while smiling, her foxy eyes inadvertently trying to pull him in with their beautiful, alluring glance at him.

"Junior Brother Bai... I'm sorry, I can't save you...." He clenched his hands in anguish and helplessness before passing into unconsciousness.

Meanwhile, in another part of Giant Ghost City, glittering light could be seen in a certain residential building as Bai Xiaochun and the Giant Ghost King materialized.

As of this moment, the two most powerful individuals in the Eternal Immortal Domains were doing what they could to protect their homes, their friends, and their familiesˇ­.

"Is Sir Qing still angry at me?" Yu Ruyan looked at this youth then looked at her daughter beside her.

"Do you know what's in this thing?" Qing Shui looked at Di Qing teasingly.

However, he was bright red, because of the fact that he had no skin on his body. His face was expressionless, as if he couldn't even feel pain. As he stood there next to Gongsun Wan'er, he emanated the most terrifying of auras.

The Spirit Stream Sect's sect-protecting treasure, the Heavenhorn Sword, which had received a tenfold spirit enhancement, had been produced by just such an eccentric spirit enhancer, thousands of years in the past.

Two hours later, the lightning around his cell began to build up more and more, creating something like a lightning storm around him.

It was hard to say who among the two sects said it, but the surprise and derision in that person's voice couldn't have been more clear. "Only one person?!"

He moved so quickly that, from a distance, he was nothing more than a beam of light streaking through the air.

"Self-created pill formulas are precious to apothecaries," he said coolly. "I wonder what else the north bank has prepared to offer in exchange for the formula."

It was no ordinary fist strike; as soon as it began, his aura shrank down, and a black vortex appeared around his fist. As the vortex spun, Mistress Red-Dust's will was shattered and sucked into the fist, making everything around Bai Xiaochun a raging, illusory vortex.

He managed to refine 20 pills at that time, this lead Qing Shui to feel that this Meridians Strengthening Pellet did not have much of a strong effect. The description of the effects of the recipe was very vague, it just said ˇ®strengthening of meridians'.

As he tried to use the Taichi Single Whip again, Qing Shui automatically used the Qi concentrating technique from the Back Connecting Fists onto his own Taichi Fist.

"What the hell?" he exclaimed loudly. "I want to serve the sect! I want to work hard! This is ridiculous!" Under the solemn gazes of the Missions Office disciples, he sighed, then stuck his chin up and swished his sleeve.

The reason that Qing Shui knew that when one reached the highest state of the realm of "One with Horse", it wouldn't just be simply about an additional power boost to both the man and the horse. By reaching the pinnacle of the realm of "One with Horse", they would even be able to draw out two to three times of the original destructive power by being perfectly in sync with each other.

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