Evolution in Another World Chapter 2455

Evolution in Another World Chapter 2455

"Kaka, awesome!"


But during these two days, the one called Little Spirit hadn't come to him again.

Han Yan started laughing.

"What? This Origin Essence could help a Saint Ruler breakthrough to become a Saint King?" Huang Tianba asked in disbelief.


Jiang Chen casually shrugged his shoulders. With his senses, he was easily able to see how strong the Lion King and the Wolf King was. The Wolf King was only an Early Combat Soul demon like the Hawk King. An opponent like this was one Jiang Chen could defeat with just a single strike. On the other side, although the Lion King was a Mid Combat Soul demon, Jiang Chen had killed many existences at that level. Furthermore, after absorbing the Dimensional Purplesand Crystal and the Hawk King's demon soul, Jiang Chen's combat strength had increased by a lot. He was now at the peak of the Divine Core real. Even without using the Heavenly Saint Sword, he was still confident he could kill the Lion King. Today, he was going to wipe out this Demon Palace completely.

"A single division of the army? What for? Is there a war happening?" The king asked with surprise.

"If you dare then come and kill me." Jian Chen laughed coldly. He was gambling on the fact that the two elders wouldn't dare make a scene in Mercenary City. He had remembered the words from the Grand Elder: No matter what happens, do not try to fight in Mercenary City or risk having no help at all.

Yang Shuo was extremely shocked. Even if he had awakened and returned to his normal state of mind, he still couldn't forget the eyes he saw just now.

The Ice Demon let out another loud roar. After that, it leapt at Jiang Chen and attacked.

"When one of the combatant admits defeat, then the other combatant is forbidden from making any further attacks, Ming Dong is the winner!" A loud voice boomed out as two Space Gates opened up on both sides.

Shangguan Yiqing placed his palm on top of the strings and started striking them. In an instant, a beautiful melody resounded throughout the mountain range. It was melodious and pleasant to hear.

Evil wind constantly whistled through this land of death, and there were horrifying dead spirits everywhere. Big Yellow, Nangong Wentian, and Han Yan had spent a long time constantly killing them, but it seemed like there was no end to this constant slaughter.

Guo Lei said with a grin. He wasn't really scared like the other disciples, because he had the support of an inner circle disciple.

At that moment, the youths from before came running toward the carriage. They were from the Yangji Sect, and on their backs, the corpse of their dead friend could be seen hanging.

Han Yan started laughing.

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