New Game+ Chapter 1429

New Game+ Chapter 1429

Hearing this, Jian Chen turned around, and saw his older brother Changyang Hu standing beneath the platform cheering for him.

Jiang Chen replied and nodded his head.Nothing was more important for a warrior than an ample supply of pills.In Fragrant Sky city, no matter if it was the Jiang family or the Mu Rong family, selling pills was what gave them the most money.

A wretched sound could be heard as the Class 3 Magical Beast Mount was split in two. A river of blood flew through the air and stained the surrounding grass with it.

Han Yan suggested.

Big Yellow was an amazing and unpredictable being. Yan Chenyu was confident in him spying on the enemy situation.

Jiang Chen retrieved a jade pot from his storage ring. It was a storage pot actually, and it contained all the Energy Spring Water he had.

"Where is this place?" Jian Chen began to look around himself with confusion. But when he tried to climb out of the bed, more pain struck and snaked up his body, wracking his nerves.

"All the warriors who came from the Invincible Sect and Peerless Sword Faction are now dead, there are no survivors! This matter is getting worse by the minute! This has become much stronger now, perhaps even Ling Yi and Tu Ran will be unable to escape from his slaughter."

Wu Cong walked up to the front and threw his glance at Han Yan.

Besides, with the hawk's strength being at the Heavenly Core realm, how could Big Yellow plant a seed in his Divine Sense?

"Why are you so afraid? Participating in such a major war is our pleasure! Besides, we have no way to turn back now! We can either survive or perish together with Jiang Chen! The Imperial Emperor is a man who seeks revenge for the smallest grievance, and if we are defeated, only death will await us!"

Black Hawk said, shocked.

The Light Wind Sword in Jian Chen's hand danced in the air as it flew at Zhou Butong. Its movements flowed into each other, stroke by stroke, causing Zhou Butong to be shocked by Jian Chen's impeccable sword technique. He had to completely devoted himself to his fighting and used the full extent of the power of a Great Saint Master. Despite that, he was still having trouble defending against Jian Chen who seemed to be on an equal level to him.

Jian Chen looked at Tie Ta with a smile as he spoke he praised Tie Ta, "Tie Ta, I didn't think you were this amazing to be able to end up in the finals."

On the human side, the Profound River Palace was the strongest power. On the demon beasts' side, they were all led by the Demon King Palace. Because of these two supreme powers on both sides, true havoc had not once been wreaked in the Southern Continent.

Jiang Chen said.

"Welcome, guest!"

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