Legend Of Namikaze Mirei-Naruto fanfic Chapter 563

Legend Of Namikaze Mirei-Naruto fanfic Chapter 563

Fan Zhongtang's sudden betrayal, together with his sneak attack that seriously wounded Guo Shan caused two breaches on the formation to appear. Soon after, the perfectly intact formation was shattered along with a loud explosive sound.

Ling Yi said with a loud voice.

"Perhaps he gained this piece of fur by coincidence. However, just what secret is this piece of fur hiding?" Jian Chen muttered under his breath. He had accidentally found this piece of fur from the elder and thus had been tempted by this strange and curious new find.

"Go on."

"We don't have to beg the Imperial Prince, he will help us by himself. I have a pretty close relationship with him. He is a man with amazing innate talent and a formidable cultivation. His position is very high, and he care for no one. However, he does have his weakness, and I believe you all know about it."

Right now, the entire palace of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was in turmoil. The king had already been captured and the palace was seized, but there were still countless imperial guards in there.

"What a tough head!"

Unable to stop himself from chuckling, Chang Wuji smiled at Jian Chen, "Perhaps I should have phrased it differently. The seven heads of the territories that once belonged to the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom came here with an important message for you. Fourth master, they are currently in the discussion hall. We should head on over."

Soon after, the man's strength grew even stronger, causing Jian Chen to struggle even more to defend himself. His face was already drenched with sweat as his Saint Force was slowly starting to dry up.Chapter 77: Battle Skill

The Town Marshal had no choice but to be an autocrat, as he had to consider the safety of the majority. Gathering all the people together was the only way for them to fight the Blood Devils. If they chose to fight the Blood Devils separately, the casualties would be higher. Besides, all the townspeople would become weak sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

It was very difficult for Shangguan Sheng to find out where Big Yellow was, but for Han Yan and the others, it was extremely easy, as it all depended on whether or not Big Yellow wanted to be found. After sensing the auras of these four men, Big Yellow revealed himself.

Jiang Chen had smashed the weak spot on the natural defense mechanism, causing a huge crack on it to appear. Also, the Spiraling Defense Mechanism had disappeared.

Sputter! The two old men who were Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers became extremely weak in that moment with blood spraying from their mouths. Their complexions paled in an instant, before looking at the old woman in shock.


"Careful, it wants to run."

After the entire matter with the Cloud Capital ended, the Flame Mercenaries possessed about three hundred thousand members and almost a hundred Earth Saint Masters, leaving the Blue Wind Kingdom practically desolate of it stronger population.

She remembered, that time when they fought against Shi Xiangran££

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