Re:Birth of a Pokemon Master Chapter 2455

Re:Birth of a Pokemon Master Chapter 2455

"Get lost!"

"Wu Yun's strength is too strong; even 2-3 Great Saint Masters didn't have much chance of winning. We should take advantage of the fact that we currently have many people, and kill him first, since his power is much more powerful than any our ours."

His eyes looked at the bookshelves before he let out a sigh. With no small amount of regret, he began to head down the stairs, however, Jian Chen had profited greatly today in the 7th level of the library.

Jian Chen's eyes flashed with a tint of the azure and violet shades of color. Right in front of him, the giant sword made from pebbles began to glow even brighter with the same color before shooting straight toward the elder.

"What a fast strike. I've never seen such an exquisite swordplay. Brother Jian Chen really does hide his abilities. Who would've thought his swordplay is actually so great." Huang Tianba could not help but sigh.

"What an amazing Devil Weapon."

Wu Cong, together with the ones from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect were still looking at the magma pool. It was still calm, and nothing unusual could be seen.

Hearing this, the youths from the Yanji Sect all looked at Jian Chen with a cold look. Their eyes began to gleam dangerously to the point where if a timid person were to be the center of their attention, they would have fainted.

"Little bastard Chen Jiang, come here and face your death!"

Jiang Chen's soul was entirely submerged in a Kingdom of Buddhism like this. It was a true paradise; no slaughter, no bloodshed; the entire place was filled with brightness, entirely freeing one's soul from worries.

Jiang Chen sat on a big, green rock with his legs crossed. The blood colored Dragon Mark within his Dantian was vibrating, making the Yuan power in his body restless.

"Let's continue watching, the purification has yet to finish. Furthermore, the most difficult part is the merging stage."

Jiang Chen was floating in the sky, standing quietly underneath the tribulation clouds. He stretched his arms out, as if he was enjoying the moment. The Heavenly Tribulation would never be able to make him surrender.

"To save Han Yan?"

"Chief, Yu'er, you're also here."

Han Yan asked with mixed emotions.


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