Scream Acres Chapter 2033

Scream Acres Chapter 2033

Hearing Jian Chen's arrogant words, the spectators below the platform began to cry out in shock, and began to talk amongst themselves in low voices. There were many elder students amid the spectators, and amongst them, quite a few did not have positive opinions about Jian Chen. They believed that during the freshmen martial arts competition, the only reason why Jian Chen had defeating Ka Di Liang was because Ka Di Liang had been too careless.

"So despicable! This Jiang Chen is a despicable and murderous man; what should we do now?! He'll definitely kill us all!"

Jiang Chen retracted his blood wings and landed back in the valley. The frightened teenage girls just stared at him blankly. They were still shocked by what had happened.

"Captain, I have a question to ask. Does the Flame Mercenaries have a place to stay? Where might it be? It can't be possible to have this many people drifting this way and that." Ha Ni asked.

"Young master Nangong, since there is an abnormality in the ocean, where are you going next?"

Jian Chen had long since left the inn and flew into the air toward the Qiangan Kingdom's imperial palace. He was completely oblivious to the trouble he had brought upon the inn's mother and son.

"Get it!"

Mu Rong Zhan said as he laughed out loud.

Tiangang Yi was getting angry. If it wasn't Wu Jiu he was talking to, he might have already struck by now, without wasting any more time.

Liu Hong extended his hand and grabbed onto the golden egg. When he felt the rich energy that was coming out from the egg, excitement immediately emerged on his face. He had no doubts about what Jiang Chen had told him.

Seeing this empty space, Little Fatty asked, "Grandfather, where is father?"

Jian Chen was dumbstruck. His entire body had gone rigid without moving for a long period of time. Even with memories from two worlds, he never remembered being hugged by a female before, so this was the very first time he had experienced the warmth of one.

About half a hundred thousand kilometers away, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom heard the news. The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was one of the strongest kingdoms around and easily had double the population of the Gesun Kingdom. Within the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, there were sixteen Heaven Saint Masters.

The Old Great Emperor's expression immediately changed, with this attack, he no longer dared to underestimate Jiang Chen. It was difficult for him to imagine how a young Late Combat Soul warrior could possess such incredible combat strength.

Duo Kang's face was extremely serious. This cheetah had been exceedingly clever when it had attacked him with its claws, leaving him unable to retaliate at all. It would seem that today would be a hard day to escape calamity, since this magical beast was even stronger than he was, and Duo Kang wasn't able to fight against the cheetah with his Saint Weapon.

"That's right, I'm Yu Zi Han, inner circle disciple of the Black Sect. I wondered who was arrogant enough to want my dad to come here personally, but it was actually brother Jiang! Brother Jiang is a peerless genius of the Qi Province, why have you come to Yellowstone's area?"


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