The Harem King- Conqueror Of Kingdoms Chapter 715

The Harem King- Conqueror Of Kingdoms Chapter 715

Embracing the red zither, Shangguan Yiqing played different tunes this time. It was a pleasant tune that filled the entire sky with colorful lights, as if it was pleasant spring day. However, these bright and colorful lights were extremely devastating! Furthermore, this pleasant tune was like a true demon's tune, and once it entered a person's mind, it would immediately distract the person, causing him to be absent minded for a short moment of time. During a fight between true warriors, any split second lost was deadly!

The people explained what they had found in a few sentences and the topic of the conversation slowly digressed from Jian Chen's identity to the treasures he possessed. However, as soon as they began talking about treasures, gleams of light flickered within the eyes of all five of them, all filled with greed.

If Jian Chen was just another commoner student, then the four students would not dare extort a protection fee from Jian Chen if they wanted to remain in the academy. After all, all the upperclassmen in Kargath Academy knew that the headmaster always sided with the commoners of the academy. But these four students have been living in the academy for some time now, and they could tell which student was a commoner and which student was a noble. So when they saw Jian Chen, they could clearly tell that Jian Chen was a noble, and therefore dared to extort him for money.

Energy dispersed in all directions.Jiang Chen's fist destroyed everything, the Bright Yellow Finger shattering into bits of yellow sparkle and disappearing.

"This petty officer pays his respects to the honored Imperial Protector!"

The Fifth Grade Combat King became extremely angry. He never expected this monk to have the guts to attack a disciple of the Heavenly Sect.

Despite the fact that absorbing the World Essence would only give him 1% of what he should normally getting, Jian Chen had no desire to sleep or give up any chance to increase his own strength.Chapter 116: Magical Horned Boar

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow entered the same room.

Many people were discussing the recent events. When Wu Jiu successfully broke through to the Combat King realm, there was no doubts that it calmed everyone's mind. This was because, ever since they arrived at the Black Sect, none of them had met Wu Jiu. Only now did they feel at ease.

"Heavens! Where did this Jiang Chen come from?! Even Ling Ao was forced back by him! I can't believe this!"

In just an hour, Jiang Chen broke through the barrier, reaching the second level of the Qi Jing Realm!

Big Yellow was puzzled. He possessed the Dragon Horse bloodline that had been passed down since the ancient era, and he had dragon's essence in his body.

"Captain Hu Yun, are you saying that the seven capital cities of the continent were plucked from the ground by peerless experts in the ancient times?" Jian Chen's interest was piqued as he asked the middle-aged man. In the depths of his eyes, there was also a vague silver of disbelief.

During the next two days, Great Master Ran Feng used Buddhist healing techniques to help treat Tan Lang. Soon, when the third day arrived, Tan Lang had finally fully recovered. Not only was he completely healed, his constitution had experienced a tremendous transformation, and his cultivation had skyrocketed. He was now a Fourth Grade Combat King, the same as Jiang Chen. This was a typical example of a blessing coming disguised as a misfortune.

"Mother, you should say it right: fourth brother's strength is really amazing! Before he was even a Saint, he could easily hunt and kill Class 2 Magical Beasts. And after he did become one, even the combined powers of the geniuses of cultivation of Kargath Academy ÿdespite having the genius Upper Saint Cheng Mingxiang among their ranksÿ were beaten in under three minutes. The ten other who followed them were also easily beaten up by fourth brother as well." Changyang Hu was clearly excited, his voice was rising in volume as he spoke. "Mother, you didn't see the fight, but I did. Although fourth brother was by himself, he had beaten a dozen people until they were covered with bruises in the blink of an eye. These dozen people were all at the rank of a Saint at the very least, but against fourth brother, they were no match at all."

Li Wu Shuang suffered from the huge impact, and he was forced to take three steps back before being able to stabilize himself. Once he arrived at the corner of the fighting stage, the scornful expression on his face had completely disappeared, it had instead been replaced by a deep shock.

Jiang Chen said. He had no intention of sending the Jiang family to Red city. Now that everything in Red city had been resolved, he would be going back to Fragrant Sky city tomorrow and spend a few days with his father before leaving again.Chapter 67 ÿ You never ask if people agree or not

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