The God of Power Chapter 2334

The God of Power Chapter 2334

"My brother, where have you been for the last 3 days? Don't you know how much I have been worrying?"

Nangong Wentian also threw his glance over to the center line and asked in astonishment.

A miserable shriek sounded out from a corner underneath Mount Tianyuan. It was a Late Divine Core genius who got hit by the energy which leaked out from the formation. His entire body turned into dust on the spot.

The natural Yuan energy here was the thickest among all the other places in the Eastern Continent. The scenery here was most magnificent, and a mammoth like existence was located right in the center of this province; the Martial Saint Dynasty's imperial household!

Jiang Zhen Hai said angrily.

Jiang Chen said.

Jian Chen looked at the man and said, "Before saying something like that, you should first discipline your subordinates."

"Brother, thank you. Aside from my mother, you are the only one that treats me so well in this world!" Bi Lian blinked away her tears. She could barely hold back the droplets flowing from her eyes.

Taking the opportunity where all the Golden Guards were stunned by what had happened, Yan Chenyu brought the Ice Demon King and broke their defenses, saving Yan Meng and the other two. The Ice Demon King even started launching brutal attacks at these Golden Guards, causing them to cry out for help.

After saying that, Jiang Chen simply ended his life with a powerful slap, giving him the same ending as the Third Emperor. His body exploded in an instant, and the combat soul in his body didn't even have the chance to escape. All that was left behind was a human head that was filled with unreconciled emotions and fear. The head was then stored in Jiang Chen's storage ring.

The Island Master had yet to give up, and he repeatedly attacked Big Yellow. He had spent a lot of time preparing for today, and yet, everything was going to fail. He was unwilling to accept this fact.

As they walked through the sports field, a crowd of students started to gather and chatter amongst themselves.

Following the continuous appearance of Dimensional Creatures, Big Yellow and Nangong Wentian discovered a frightening fact. As time went by, the Dimensional Creatures that emerged from the crack became stronger and stronger.

Within the room, the man Jian Chen rescued lay on his bed with a small glow of white light surrounding him. Right now, Jian Chen was using the light Saint Force to heal his wounds. The chances of his ability to use the light Saint Force like a Radiant Saint Master being exposed were a lot lower since it was daytime.Chapter 204: Ming Dong

However, before these two men could make it to that place, they heard a loud noise coming from outside the Yu family grounds. After that, four figures filled with tremendous killing intent suddenly appeared.

The Seventh Emperor suggested. He didn't even try to hide his sinister.

Right as Jiang Chen entered the light curtain, the scene in front of him completely changed. What Jiang Chen saw was a colorful world that stretched as far as his eyes could see. It looked like a dream; there was no earth below his feet, and no skies above his head, it was only a variegated, beautiful world where everything seemed so illusory.

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