Transmigrated into Naruto World Chapter 1202

Transmigrated into Naruto World Chapter 1202

After the 10 days had passed, Jian Chen's strength had made huge improvements. Already reaching the Middle Great Saint tier, the Saint Force within himself was now much stronger than before. Even his Saint Weapon, the Light Wind Sword, had been upgraded and became even harder than before.

Furthermore, Yan Chenyu was the girl he loved; the only girl that had touched his heart both in past and present life.

Wu Jiu said. None of these men could hold themselves from looking at Jiang Chen. All of them had witnessed Jiang Chen unleash the True Dragon Palm; the dragon claw he unleashed look real and mystical.

"I knew you guys wouldn't know about it. The number one genius of the Shangguan Clan, Shangguan Yiqing has just come out of his secluded cultivation, and I heard he has reached the Mid Combat Soul realm. Since the Shangguan Clan are still unable to find out where Jiang Chen is, Shangguan Yiqing and Xuan Yuzi from the Myriad Sword Sect gathered together and held the Gathering of Skynet at Mount Tianyuan, and they called many geniuses to help set up a trap there, waiting for Jiang Chen to arrive."

"You have torn the Imperial Decree and conspired with our enemies to hurt the Crown Prince! Each one of these crimes is a capital offense! However, I won't be killing you now, I'll imprison you in the Heavenly Jail and focus my time on those damned people!"

The area immediately became silent. The whole Center Square had become deadly silent. Everyone had the same expression. Their mouths were wide open as they stared at the old man who was kneeling down.

This young man was none other than Jiang Chen. I took him about two hours to cross Mount Tianyuan's region and leave the Jian Province. Even the Shangguan Clan's Clan Chief wouldn't expect Jiang Chen to be some incredibly fast. Therefore, both superpowers thought that Jiang Chen was still in the Jian Province.

"The great Nubis, I, Huang Tianba, have come to help you." Huang Tianba hurried to him from behind.Chapter 690: King of the Sword

In fact, before Tan Lang bumped into Jiang Chen, he had little confidence in this mission. Asking him to kill a peak First Grade Demon King was nearly an impossible mission, and he would perhaps have to work with other fellow disciples. But now, with Jiang Chen working with him, he had full confidence, as Jiang Chen was a man who had killed a Second Grade Demon King, let alone that Heavenhawk Island Master.

"Damn you, don't you see master dog sitting right here? How dare you ignore me, this is ridiculous!"

"He asked you to get lose; are you deaf?! Fuck, go as far away as possible. Don't disturb my, your father's, dining!"

The lord's eyebrows furrowed together as he hummed in thought, "He most presumably used some sort of way to hide his strength. From what I gather from you, the captain is a rather mysterious character. I'd like to meet this person and see just what type of person this captain really is. Very well, you may leave first. This should bear no matter with you anymore."

Qin Ji laughed, "Eliminating a single kingdom would be nothing; these soldiers would be capable of destroying several kingdoms with ease. Our Qinhuang Kingdom provides over 200 Human Tier Battle Skills and 50 Earth Tier Battle Skills for the soldiers in any of the elite divisions to learn. Thus, any soldier in any of the five divisions are capable of at least one battle skill. Such a strength like this couldn't compare to any smaller nation."

Jiang Chen's eyes suddenly opened up, and an ancient dragon like power was emitted from his body.Chapter 463 ÿ Old Great Emperor

Nangong Yunfan burst into laughter.

Now, no one dared hesitate any longer. All of them immediately took out everything they had in their storage rings. Now, the entire stronghold was emitting all sorts of colorful shines. The auras from the varieties of the natural essences dispersed the pungent smell of blood at once.

After the patriarch had left, the lord of the Shi family had sent men over to the Jiede clan to spread the news and tell them of the whereabouts of the Duanyun sword.

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