Rogue Merchant Deity Chapter 1849

Rogue Merchant Deity Chapter 1849

Loud sounds came seemingly without stop from all directions. It was the sound caused by fighting, it should be the outer circle disciples of the Green Sanctuary Sect fighting some demon beasts.

Unknowingly, Jian Chen had already arrived before the front door of the Tianqin clan. This time, he did not even need to use his presence to clearly feel where Qin Xiao was. At this moment, Qin Xiao was with a large group of people in the conference hall of the Tianqin Clan. They seemed to be discussing something important and even the atmosphere of the entire hall seemed rather heavy.

Outside the Black Sect, Daoist Black and the others finally had joyful expressions on their faces.

Jian Chen lashed out with his feet several times before landing back onto the ground. By this point, Tie Ta's face had been kicked by Jian Chen multiple times, causing his face to bruise all over.

Georgien's face took on the color of green and white as he listened to Jian Chen's words. His chest began to rise and fall as his breathe became ragged. This was the very first time he had someone from the younger generation look down on him. Such a fact made him extremely angry, but Georgien did not act upon his emotions. He had already seen Jian Chen's strength for himself back in the imperial palace of the Gesun Kingdom. He knew he was no match for Jian Chen, so if he were to recklessly charge now, it would be to only invite disaster upon himself.

Without a sound, the tree was instantly pierced straight through as the leaves continued on without faltering for even a moment. As they traveled farther and farther away, they continued to cut a path through any of plants in their way. It was only after ten kilometers that the leaves finally began to slow down, and in the end, disintegrated in midair without the azure and violet Sword Qi.

Because it was the Crown Prince, the Imperial Emperor's son! The Crown Prince being castrated had infuriated the Imperial Emperor, and this time, the Imperial Emperor didn't even know that the Crown Prince was here with them. If the Crown Prince was killed here, these guys would have to face the Imperial Emperor's fury when they returned.

Big Yellow said while wagging his head.

"Whatever, since great-granddaughter is so determined, grandfather will not force you. In the future, grandfather will just stay here and will guide great-granddaughter when she has the time." Bi Hai did not force Bi Lian in the end.

Jiang Chen left the main hall and went back to his own house.

"Oh? Is there is such a stone like that?" The patriarch spoke with interest before looking at Jian Chen. "Little brother, I don't know what type of stone could have such a mysterious multicolored light like that. Would it be possible for me to see what the stone is?" He said with some eagerness.

"However, I also said that as long as your hands aren't stained with the blood of those from the Black Sect, you will be spared. However, you'll still have to face punishment. I'll give you two options. First option, cut both your arms off and leave. Second option, I'll do it myself and then destroy your cultivation base, but I'll spare your life."

Jiang Chen waved his hand and unleashed pouring flames onto the entire battlefield. In an instant, the battlefield was engulfed in a sea of flames. All the chilly devilish energies hovering around the area immediately swam away, as if they were sneaky mice seeing a fierce cat. The devilish energies that didn't disappear were burned away by Jiang Chen's True Dragon Flames.

Changyang Ba's body began to tremble as his face started to twitch with emotion. He turned his head to the five Imperial Advisors as if looking for confirmation.

Not only Big Yellow, even Han Yan and Nangong Wentian stared at it with their mouths wide open and a stunned expression. Jiang Chen had actually never told anyone about the Ice Demon King except for Yan Chenyu, so none other than those two knew about its existence, that's why they were so shocked.

After absorbing the three Nine Soul Restoration Pills, Nangong Wentian's cultivation base had been completely restored. He was feeling good about himself, so he wanted to fight the three Combat Soul warriors alongside Jiang Chen. But, before the fight could begin, enemies suddenly sprung up like mushrooms after the rain. How were they going to fight so many enemies? Although they could ignore those Divine Core warriors, but with so many Combat Soul warriors standing right in front of them, there was simply no way they could win the fight.

Buzz££ buzz££.

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