Battle For Everblade Chapter 737

Battle For Everblade Chapter 737

Jiang Chen took out the Blood Banner and placed Han Yan into it. At the same time, he controlled the devil spirits within the Banner using some formation, then he put it somewhere secret, making sure no one could discover it.

"A big reason for why we were able to kill this Bloody Combat Wolf so easily is that lady luck was smiling at us."

"Speak!!! Who killed him?!"

"R-run aw-away! He-he's an Ear-earth Saint Ma-master!" One of the bandits stuttered with fear as his face lost all color. Even his speech had been utterly incomprehensible as he tried to run away. The other two men had been spooked at the mention of an Earth Saint Master and tried to run on foot as well.

Also, Jiang Chen was looking for Heavenly Yuan Pills, not some rare and precious treasures. In fact, the Heavenly Tower never ran out of Heavenly Yuan Pills. In his mind, exchanging Nine Solar Holy Water for Heavenly Yuan Pills was something only an idiot would do. Of course, Liu Hong would never say that in front of Jiang Chen, unless he first turned into an idiot.

"This is unexpected. Six of the seven Pirate Lords have ganged up to fight these geniuses of the Asura Palace. Truly unbelievable."

Jiang Chen was surprised by this. Previously, the amount of Dragon Marks required to break through to the next stage/realm was always the double of the previous, but this time, he only needed another 1,800 Dragon Marks in order to break through to the Combat Soul Realm. This also meant he only needed a total of 5,000 Dragon Marks.

Once again Wu Ningzhu giggled. She looked really beautiful when she smiled.

With still gleaming eyes, Tian Jian stared at Jian Chen almost as if he could see straight through him and into his mind. "Correct, I know of its true identity. Seeing how nervous you are now, you must be aware of it too!"

After saying these words, Jiang Chen turned around and continued jumping forwards. The pressure had no effect on him.

"What?! An eighteen year old Mid Heavenly Core warrior?! What kind of genius is this Nan Bei Chao? It's terrifying to just think about it!"


In just a short moment, many people in the city recognized Yan Chenyu. They immediately kneeled down and bowed at her. Now, Yan Chenyu was no longer the sick young girl they knew, she had become a real fairy in their eyes! Since they had no way to repay her kindness of saving their lives, they could only kneel down in front of her like she was a Deity. Or perhaps, in the minds of these people, Yan Chenyu was already a Deity sent by the Heavens to save them!

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows and followed Big Yellow's footsteps together with Yan Chen Yu.

"That's right, not a single one of the ten Heaven Saint Masters are a part of the Changyang clan. My teacher told me that the patriarch of the Changyang clan has a servant who is also at the Heaven Saint Master level, but this is a little known secret that no one talks about. If my teacher's words are to be believed, then the Gesun Kingdom has at the very least eleven Heaven Saint Masters. That's three more than what our Blue Wind Kingdom has.

Nearly half a day later at the imperial palace of the Blue Wind Kingdom, the king had been sitting in his study room when he received the letter. Reading it, his face grew more and more solemn, and the further he read, the more his eyebrows furrowed together.

"Haha, now you're begging me! Too late, I'll let you taste the abilities of a Mid Divine Core warrior! Remember, my name is Liu Hong, and in your next life, think carefully before offending someone!"

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