Reincarnated as a Sword Scabbard?! Chapter 2324

Reincarnated as a Sword Scabbard?! Chapter 2324

Even Song Que was completely shocked.

Considering how well-practiced he was, and that his clone was helping, everything went very quickly.

The old man looked towards Zuoshi Yun in confusion. Zuoshi Yun's expression looked abnormal, despite so, he only remained silent. The old man also didn't really say anything.

The Demonic beast that had the most occurrences of many heads are the snake type Demonic Beast. As for the Beast that has the most occurrence of many tails, it was the fox type Demonic Beasts.

Back in the Qing Clan, Qing Yi was in a fluster as she realised that Qing Shui was missing. She immediately went to the nearby hills Qing Shui frequented in an attempt to search for him. However, there were no traces to be found. Unwilling to give up, she persisted on to no avail.

In the short amount of time it takes an incense stick to burn, Bai Xiaochun's Undying Heavenly King made another breakthrough. His fleshly body power now was equivalent to six berserk ghosts. He was tingling all over, and had to resist the urge to look up and howl at the top of his lungs.

At this point, Du Lingfei looked up at the crystal coffin and spoke in a loud voice, "Elder Brother Zhou, is this how you treat your Junior Sister when she brings people for a visit?! According to the rules my father set for the trial by fire, deaths would be unavoidable. Don't tell me the north plans to use governmental authority to avenge private grudges?!"

The quality of the robes was very similar to the one he made before. Qing Shui was already pleased with the end result. When he first made the robe, he felt like he needed to indulge himself in the realm of ¡®selflessness'. He was really happy when he made the next four fox-fur robes with the same quality as the first one.

When Qing Shui picked up the beast parchment, he was stunned!

Gradually, under the guidance of Qing Shui, the two of them had come to a tacit understanding. The beautiful and wonderful feeling of those lips akin to flower petals made Qing Shui forget about time.

"I still have a few tricks up my sleeves and will be able to save myself even if I were to encounter danger." Di Qing smiled and took out a porcelain bottle then shook it.

In this period of time, Di Xian was well on the right path in her cultivation. Qing Shui had given her all the tips he could, and even guided her directly for more than a week. That was not a long time but it was sufficient. After all, a master can only guide a disciple so much and the rest is up to the person. Qing Shui basically did not consider whether or not she could achieve success as it was up to her.

Master and apprentice both advanced by leaps and bounds in a very short period of time. It was almost impossible to describe how much they were benefiting. And although no expression could be seen on the gravekeeper's face, deep within his eyes was a gleam of a smile. He appeared to be ignoring Bai Xiaochun and Bai Hao, but the truth was that he was actually paying more attention to them than to his fishing.

Time passed. Gradually, another half a month went by.

Qing Shui lifted his head to look at the sky. He hoped that his feeling was wrong and they would only come after Mu Clan's old man had been buried. He didn't wish for the old man's funeral to be disrupted.

Although his powers of understanding might not be on par with Ghostfang's, he had worked for five times as long to do what Ghostfang did, and that was because of his fleshly body and his vital energy. Because of his cultivation of the Undying Live Forever Technique, his strength gave him incredible reserves of energy!

After she was gone, he looked at the leaf and began to consider what to do next.

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