Out of Foxes to Give Chapter 10

Out of Foxes to Give Chapter 10

"Young man in white, he is the one who annihilated the Demon Palace!"

"Although brother Jiang's combat strength is incredible, there's still quite a big gap between us. But, I didn't expect him to be able to fly so fast. I'll increase my speed and see if he can follow."

"You're a Heaven Saint Master!" He exclaimed in shock. He had truly found it hard to believe that a youth that was younger than him was actually a Heaven Saint Master. Could this youth used some sort of secret technique to alter his appearance?

Ka Di Yun let out a breath in exasperation, "What is second brother doing for him to be this careless and lose to a brat who's only at the 8th Saint Force?"

Seeing that the tiger cub was fine, Jian Chen let out a sigh in relief. He hadn't thought of how many dangers that could possibly happen before he left, so he hadn't taken the tiger cub with him. After feeding the cub several heavenly resources, he allowed it to fall asleep so that it would wake up only after Jian Chen had returned.

As expected, the four apes let out a furious howl before charging at Jian Chen with great cumbersome steps.

Guan Yiyun was startled.

"Too bad, you'll never have the chance to laugh again."

"Fourth brother, come accompany your third brother in practicing some martial arts." While talking, Changyang Ke had already started dragging Jian Chen towards the place where he practiced and did not give Jian Chen a chance to respond. Changyang Ke was actually very excited at the moment, for although he was not a match for Jian Chen when comparing their intelligence, he did not think he would be weaker than Jian Chen in terms of strength. After all, his fourth brother was a cripple in terms of martial cultivation and could not even cultivate any Saint Force, in Changyang Ke's mind, this was the perfect opportunity to exact his revenge.

One day, Han Yan and Nangong Wentian both broke through to the Late Combat Soul realm, and Wu Ningzhu concluded her secluded cultivation as well. Utilizing her noble bloodline inherited from the ancient era, she broke through the bottleneck and became a First Grade Combat King. She was the youngest Combat King of both the Eastern Continent and the Southern Continent; a true genius.Chapter 484 ΓΏ Spatial Tunnel's Fracture

A dazzling smile emerged onto Daoist Profound River's face. He had finally witnessed Jiang Chen's true strength. A young man who could easily kill Lord Baoju; it looked like the Profound River Palace would come out victorious today. With the help of Jiang Chen, a frightening existence, the Demon King Palace suddenly became as fragile as a piece of glass.

Jian Chen nodded his head.

This person was a youth who wore an expensive looking white robe. His age was about 20 years old. He was also extraordinarily handsome on a scale far different than Jian Chen. However, while he was handsome, his face had a slight feminine aspect to it while Jian Chen had a masculine expression.

"Old Black will perform my best and make sure the Yan family is safe!"

The crash caused Jian Chen to be sent flying backwards 10 meters, before falling onto the ground. He spat out yet another mouthful of blood, filling the sky with droplets of it.

"Ice Demon, dismiss all these Ice Demons, and don't make any more noise. You can't afford to disturb the cultivation of the Ice God's inheritor."

Only the yellow clothed girl was standing in front of him, and since there was a layer of poisonous mist covering his body, no one else was able to see Jian Chen.

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