Empire of Jadase: New Day Chapter 2723

Empire of Jadase: New Day Chapter 2723


"The grand master has an unpredictable temper££wait, the grand master knows my name?!"

"All of you followed me, we're going to attack every single stronghold; we are going to take control of the entire outer perimeter! I want everyone to surrender to the master dog!"

After 4 hours, Jian Chen had finally organized the large mass of various monsters cores. There were now 3 piles in front of him; one each for Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3.

Qing Yun didn't hesitate and left the room before mounting his Class 3 Magical Beast to ride back toward the Tianhua Sect in a hurry.

In the early morning of the Kai clan's courtyards, the large knocking sounds of the door suddenly broke the early silence.

"For the time being, I cannot. There is still plenty I need to do. Well, we shouldn't talk about this for now. Let's leave first, it's unclear whether or not the things we fear are superfluous or not." Jian Chen spoke.

Jiang Chen had gone through a huge transformation. When the dragon scales growing on his body reached a certain number, they stopped growing further. These dragon scales didn't fully cover his body, there weren't any scales from his neck to the top of his head, and they were absent from some other parts of his body as well. This was because Jiang Chen's cultivation had yet to reach the required level. Since the beginning, it could be said that he had to form 100,000 Dragon Marks in order to hit the peak, and only then could he transform into a dragon and soar through the heavens.

Yan Chenyu said.

Jiang Chen held Yan Chen Yu with his arm as he swaggered back to the Black Sect group. He was portraying an imposing manner with each step he took.

"This is a £¦Black Swamp Serpent'. It lays in slumber most of the time, and that's the reason why it chose to sleep at the border of sector one and two; basically, it won't be disturbed here. Nevertheless, a Black Swamp Serpent can be very strong, we can't be careless in handling it."

Everyone were shocked. No one had expected this enormous bid. Chen Jiang was simply amazing. First, he had fought in a bidding war with the Shangguan Clan, and now it was the Myriad Sword Sect.

The group continued their journey. After walking for about half an hour, they found another dead body. The body's condition was exactly the same as the previous one they had found; they head had exploded from just a single punch. Judging from the scene, there hadn't been any fighting, so this man must have instantly been killed.


Yan Chenyu asked.

Jiang Zhen Hai replied.

Yan Zhanyun expressed his opinion. In fact, with the relationship between Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu, the Jiang family and the Yan family were actually considered one single family. Therefore, Yan Zhanyun was the first person to agree to this idea.

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