Diary Of A Bitch Chapter 2930

Diary Of A Bitch Chapter 2930

Jiang Chen said with a cruel expression. He shattered both of Fan Zhongtang's arms and legs, then threw him onto the ground like a crippled man, "Zihan, help me watch this old dog. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth; those whose hands are stained with the blood of the Black Sect shall die!"

Even Wang Yu was laughing out loudly now. In his mind, no matter how strong Big Yellow was, there was no way he could use his head to fight a mid-ranked combat weapon.

Seeing Jian Chen fight furiously against the seven men, Tianxiong Lie and Tianxiong Daoyun didn't waste a moment and instantly joined the group to fight against Jian Chen to make it a total of 9 Great Saint Masters against one.

Within the deepest area of the Green Sanctuary Sect, in the main hall of a magnificent palace, two huge pillars stood firmly. Golden colored dragons that looked real coiled around the pillars, the floor of this main hall was made with a unique silvery white rock, and mystical symbols could be seen everywhere.

"Oh!" Jian Chen looked to where the Zhou Mercenaries disappeared to, their image not disappearing from his mind.

This time, the man didn't take advantage of Duo Kang's sword to swing his whip around it. Instead, the whip became an extremely strong weapon of steel and smashed against the lateral side of Duo Kang's sword.

"The Blaze clan of Tianlong City offers one hundred eighty thousand purple coins. This Class 5 Monster Core is something my clan needs, I hope everyone will give my Blaze clan some face££"

A loud shout suddenly resounded behind his back, and a powerful energy wave burst out in front of Jiang Chen, preventing him from going any further. The man who blocked his way was none other than the Great Tycoon, the man who dressed like a scholar; Xiao Nanfeng.

Everyone in the Black Sect held their breath as they stared at the trio hovering in the sky with amazement in their eyes. They were extremely powerful, and none of the disciples had ever seen anyone so formidable before. The trio had just killed six Late Divine Core warriors without even giving their opponents any chance to fight back.

"Slash of Dawn, first style!"

Jiang Chen couldn't bear the curiosity and asked with his Divine Sense.

Inside a delicate courtyard within the inner circle area of the Black Sect, a young man dressed in white clothes stood solemnly. This courtyard occupied an entire mountain peak, and it was one of the best locations within the inner circle. Aside from Guan Yi Yun, only a few other disciples could have a place similar to this one.

They might not have heard about the Silent Poisonous Needle, but they were surely familiar with the Green Hellish Python. Its poison was far more poisonous than that of the King Serpent. Furthermore, it was mixed with other poisons as well. At this moment, everyone including the Divine Core warriors, had a change in expression.


The Soul Devouring Barbaric Beasts were frightening demon beasts! They lived in dark places, and were born with incredible stealth and sneak attack abilities. Their population was quiet low, but all of them possessed incredible offensive abilities, and their attacks were mostly targeted at souls. By devouring souls, they could make themselves stronger. If any ordinary warrior was attacked by a Soul Devouring Beast, the consequences would be devastating!

"We must save Brother Yan, but it's extremely dangerous to kill the Earth Devil."


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