She Was Not As UGLY As You Thought Chapter 1343

She Was Not As UGLY As You Thought Chapter 1343

Even though Qing Shui managed to avoid his vital areas getting struck, the palm covered with Xiantian Qi still managed to strike his shoulder. Flying backwards from the impact, the bones of his shoulder shattered, and his flesh was torn apart as blood leaked out unceasingly. Despite this, all that could be heard as he was flung backwards, was the sound of Qing Shui's maniacal laughter.

"Let's leave. What about Situ Bufan though? That scum, why don't you annul the marriage engagement?" Qing Shui asked while walking out.

Li Qinghou was one of the legacy echelon cultivators high up in the air, shining like a star. However, when he saw Bai Xiaochun fly out into the open, his eyes went wide as if with madness. "What are you doing, Bai Xiaochun?!?!"

That aura would be a seed that the gravekeeper could use other methods to catalyze, and push to completion faster than ordinary!

"Senior!" Qing Shui called out for Mu Qian, who was just about to speak.

"If he goes in a different direction, then I'll ignore him. But if he enters the range of my restrictive spells, I can consume him with ease!

With the rest of his time, Qing Shui travelled around the nearby vicinity. After a while, he had returned to the entrance area. Seeing that everyone was safe, with about eight hours of time left, Qing Shui decided to explore the nearby surroundings.


It had taken some effort on his part to hold back from using it. Back in the Blood Wasteland, there had been too many people watching him, so even during critical moments, he had suppressed the urge to use it, or other things like Violet Qi Cauldron Summoning or his Human Controlling Grand Magic.

Even those who had not died would fall to their deaths!

Eyes flashing sharply, the old man with the horn coolly said, "He's not a Wildlander heavenly duke¡­. But nobody from the four rivers is in the great circle¡­.

Those three devas had already surpassed the will of the heavens, causing the sky to vibrate and the clouds to churn.

The surface of the lake was covered with smooth ice that radiated a feeling of extreme age. Everything was silent as he floated down and landed on the lake, within which he could see his reflection. The entire place seemed profoundly mysterious.

When Bai Xiaochun saw that Gongsun Wan'er was considering the matter, he breathed an inward sigh of relief. He was glad to see her acting reasonable and willing to communicate.

"Sect Uncle Bai Xiaochun reached Heaven-Dao Foundation Establishment!!"

As soon as he entered the perimeter of the spell formation, the gazes which had been resting on him vanished, and the eyes of the statues grew dark. Then, a creaking sound could be heard as the huge main gate slowly opened.

Zhao Tianjiao's face fell as, at the same time, the ground beneath his feet began to freeze up. In that moment of ultimate danger, Bai Xiaochun opened his Heavenspan Dharma Eye, causing control power to erupt out toward the flying sword.

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