Waking Up With Five-Tails Chapter 2340

Waking Up With Five-Tails Chapter 2340

The moment Jian Chen had reached the pavilion, lord Yun Li hurriedly spoke out to the two envoys, "Senior envoys, this brother here is called Jian Chen."

"That's the Master Blissful! Never thought he would come here."

During the days within the fourth area, Jian Chen had also tried to establish his foundation even more. The experiences within the books he had read were many, and the amount of insights he could still gleam from them were plenty. Those under the Heaven Saint Master realm would absorb the vital energy of the world to increase both their Saint Weapon and personal strength, but there was a barrier from the Great Saint Master to Earth Saint Master realm. If one succeeded in crossing the barrier, then they would become like the dragon, but if they failed, they would degenerate to a cripple who couldn't cultivate.

Big Yellow loudly said as he flew forward. Then, he cocked up his butt and made it double in size.

"That's right, absolutely right!" Yun Li completely agreed. "As expected from the intelligent Jian Chen! What quick-witted thinking. This way, our troubles will be lessened. After stealing a Class 5 Magical Beast, there would be no way that the culprit would let it escape his control so easily. As long as we find the Class 5 Magical Beast cub, then we will find the culprit with it."

South of the City of God, a simple-looking middle-aged man sat in a dark basement, and practiced his Radiant Artes. The thick, milky-white light illuminated the dark basement, and bleached everything. At the same time, the entire room was blazing hot, as if it was a sea of fire.

"So strong!"

Not long later, Jian Chen and the man reached yet another Space Gate. Descending down to the ground, the middle-aged man spoke, "You can leave from here."

Hearing this, Jiang Chen felt a strong desire to tear this Seventh Emperor's mouth apart. His understanding regarding power games were deep, the Imperial Emperor was an outstanding figure of his generation, and the one thing he didn't like people mentioning was the event where Wu Jiu gave him the chance to visit the Island of Ice, as if his throne had been given to him by Wu Jiu. That incident had become a prick in the Imperial Emperor's heart, and it simply upset him whenever someone mentioned it. Wu Jiu was a man with an imposing bearing, and the way he behaved made some people feel as if he was taking credit of that incident. If this situation went on for a long time, the Imperial Emperor's appreciation would turn to hatred, or even hostility. In the current situation, this was the one thing no one should bring up.


"I've lost sense of the the old one. This means my poison has been fully detoxified by him. But judging from the last second, he is hidden away in this place." Nubis commented.

"Suddenly appeared a hundred years ago, is it be related to me? Why is this Island of Ice giving me a familiar feeling? I can feel something on that island beckoning me."

"Right, I also need to ask my sect to give up on revenge. With the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan both aiming at Jiang Chen, I'm sure he won't have a peaceful life. From now on, the resentment will only exist between the two superpowers and Jiang Chen. We can only step aside and watch the show from the sidelines."

In regards to the noise of the opposition, Seth and the other four chose to go silent and watch. If Jian Chen wasn't even able to resolve such a small issue like this, then how would he lead the mercenaries onto the world stage?

After saying that, Tyrant turned around and began flying. At this moment, the Zhuang Fan who was currently in the distance flew up to them and stopped right in front of them.

With that, a burly looking man quickly walked out of the inn.

Tian Yishan asked as he furrowed his brows.

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