A Thought Through Eternity Chapter 852

A Thought Through Eternity Chapter 852

Xuan Ye asked with a smile. He was confident in the herbs and pills he had brought.

"Oh heavens! So this is him?! The great hero the Profound River Palace has been looking for! So, he has been staying with the Nangong family all this time? We're so ignorant! A man who can kill great guardians of the Demon King Palace and attract Heavenly Tribulation is a monstrous existence!"

The Bloody Combat Wolf roared out an angry cry. It retaliated with a bright golden light beam coming from its body. The beam was crashing towards the solar finger and the energy orb.

A golden lion who was as tall as a pagoda suddenly landed in the square, instantly killing a couple of men with the shockwave that came from its landing.

"Ka Di Yun is the strongest expert of our academy!"

"Jian Chen, take care of yourself!" Ming Dong spoke to Jian Chen before following the ground to leave.

From her appearance, she looked to be around twenty five or twenty six years old, but there was no definite proof of her age. Although her appearance was not yet beautiful enough to cause nations to fight over her, she could not be said to be ugly either. She was pretty in appearance, and her natural disposition was far beyond what Tianmu Ling could boast of, meaning not a single man could dare ignore it. Her eyes however had a bone chilling stare that could freeze the spirits themselves as a terrifying expression adorned her face constantly as if to hide the killing aura emanating from her. Every single one of her opponents had not been able to survive and died by getting struck through the heart each time. Her speed with the dagger was comparable to only Jian Chen's sword speed.


A disciple from the Shangguan Clan said in a vicious tone.


"Lee Shan Yue, you really don't give a shit about your reputation anymore. As the chief of the Lee family, how can you threaten a young man with such a disgraceful tactic?"

Jiang Chen couldn't help but curse. He didn't know whether he should laugh or cry at this situation.

"It's not that simple. The Chaotic Ocean is a very large place, and it doesn't belong to the Asura Palace. Furthermore, even if the Asura Palace were to kill all those pirates, the Chaotic Ocean would still remain in a chaotic state, and new pirates would emerge shortly afterwards. It's simply impossible to kill them all. The Asura Palace does want to resolve this problem, however, it's an excellent place for lower ranked disciples to gain experience."

This event caused the name of the Changyang Clan to skyrocket. They completely overshadowed even the Hua Yun Sect's power to the point where they had replaced them as the authority figure. At this, Changyang Ba didn't know whether to laugh or cry. There was a helpless look on his face knowing that the Changyang clan could no longer be as low-profile as before.

Big Yellow grinded his teeth as he bounced and rolled around angrily in the courtyard.

At that moment, every Loyal Spirit Mercenary realized that this low profile man traveling with them was actually a high leveled expert!

Casually sweeping away the dust in his room, Jian Chen climbed onto the bed and began to cultivate once more, as per accordance to the lessons.

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