Bambi and the Duke Chapter 1312

Bambi and the Duke Chapter 1312

Hearing Jian Chen's answer, Bi Yuntian's smile became even more splendid. With a happy laugh, she said, "If this is what Xiang'er's request is, then mother will support you entirely." Turning her head, she called out, "Xiao Liu! In a moment, go to Lore City and hire the most prestigious teacher and bring him to the mansion so he can teach my Xiang'er how to read"!

£¦True Dragon Palm'

"These Evil Devils are nothing."


The one who received the biggest reward was actually Yan Chen Yu. Not only did she obtain the Ten Thousand Year Freezing Crystal, after all these days in Origin Mountain, her mind and mentality had changed completely. She was now accustomed to killing, and she was getting increasingly familiar with using her innate combat skill. Her combat experience was also getting richer.

Jiang Chen slowly put away the Bloodthirsty Sword as he spoke. Hearing that Jiang Chen wasn't going to kill them, the men immediately let out sighs of relief. But, they were wondering what kind of punishment Jiang Chen would bestow upon them.

Jian Chen laughed, "Do you think that everyone is like you and can become an Earth Saint Master at your age? Although there are many geniuses on the Tian Yuan Continent, the Gesun Kingdom is a tiny place. Just having one or two appear would be amazing enough, how could there be multiple?"

Jiang Chen said.


Liu Kui really died in an unjust manner. With his Mid Divine Core cultivation level, even if he couldn't defeat Jiang Chen, there was no way he would be killed so easily. He thought his life would be spared once he agreed to Big Yellow, and he didn't expect Jiang Chen would kill him with a single sword strike once he became relaxed.

The Fiery Tiger was just a normal demon beast, but it was still a rare tiger species.It doesn't have a special bloodline, but it possessed a very special fire.

Big Yellow was even ruder than the two men. He raised his head up high and impatiently commanded them to leave.

"I heard that Jiang Chen destroyed the cultivation bases of the surviving Mu Rong warriors and cut off an arm of those who were related to the Mu Rong family££ He is indeed fierce and cruel."

Daoist Black's eyes turned red. Now, he had no emotions toward death, he only wanted to personally kill Fan Zhongtang. Before he died, killing Fan Zhongtang was his last wish.

"The books said that not only could high level Radiant Saint Masters regrow arms, they could even revive the dead. It would appear that this wasn't a lie. If they could heal injuries like this, then perhaps the Radiant Saint Masters who stood at the peak have truly transcendent skills." Before, Jian Chen had doubted that Radiant Saint Masters could regrow an arm and revive the dead, but after seeing the effectiveness of the energy they used, Jian Chen firmly believed that this was the truth.

Shangguan Chong coldly harrumphed. He was consumed by extreme killing intent and even the strongest person wouldn't be able to stop him. Furthermore, Nangong Wentian might have more Nine Solar Holy Water! If Shangguan Chong could kill him, not only would he be able to obtain three drops of Nine Solar Holy Water from Jiang Chen, he might even be able to get more of them from Nangong Wentian.

"Of course not! We, the Blissful Manor have many good treasures as well. Usually, the final item will be from us, and we won't change the order unless someone can take out something even more precious than what we have."

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