My Beautiful Commander Chapter 2728

My Beautiful Commander Chapter 2728

"I think we should leave now. I don't want to stay here for another moment." Qing Shui said, feeling pained.

"How did Nightcrypt manage to turn things around and become blood master when all the cards were stacked against him...? Considering how important he is with his skill in the Dao of medicine, he'll definitely be a formidable opponent in the future!"

This was the residence of the Tan Clan, Long Sword Tower was also the Tower belonging to the Tan Clan. Within Sword Tower, Long Sword Tower was an existence that could not be ignored.

Having reached this point in his train of thought, and seeing that Bai Xiaochi was really going all out, he sighed and gave the spirit automaton a nod of approval. After sending out his own divine sense one more time to make sure that nothing was amiss, he flew toward the hourglass world.

Qing Shui's moved his body slowly. He wanted to get used to the explosive increase in his body's powers. After such a tremendous breakthrough, he could not accurately use his powers. There was a need for some time to familiarize himself with this newfound power.

The Agility-Enhancing Fruits had also matured. After giving two of them to Mingyue Gelou, Qing Shui finished his breakfast and set out for the Shi Clan.

"I absolutely, positively must not run into any of those bizarre entities.... And I definitely have to avoid Bai Xiaochun.... I can't believe my fire soul arrow didn't kill him. He's completely inhuman!" Sighing, he began to creep forward, mind focused on a single thing: finding the exit, leaving, and never coming back. As for Bai Xiaochun... he had already made a decision. After he got back home, he would ask his entire family to track him down and kill him.


Booms rang out in all directions, and even more disciples looked up into the sky, shocked to the core. People ran back into their residences, unwilling to even set foot outside. Li Qinghou and the elders were struck speechless.

Regardless, Yan Zhongyue was part of Yan Clan. He was the son of Yan Haoran of the Sixth Branch and the direct grandson of the Yan Clan's Head. Back then, Yan Haoran had helplessly done his youngest son, Yan Zhongyue, wrong under the pressure of his own father and the Xiao Clan. But even so, he was killed by the linage of his elder brother.

"I can post my own missions... and go on one of those...." Bai Xiaochun's eyes lit up. Laughing heartily, he clasped hands in salute and then left.?

Shield Attack!

"It's been a few days since Elder Sister Yueshan has gone up to the main deck. If she doesn't see you out in the corridor tomorrow, then she'll probably go outside. Therefore, you need to be there waiting for her, in a place where there are a lot of waves crashing against the side of the ship!

Even some of the imperial princes were taken with them. It was almost impossible to estimate how many young men had their eye on them.

As time passed, more and more prisoners went into the private chamber, and endless screaming filled the halls of the prison. Everyone present was shaken, especially the inquisitors, whose eyes began to shine with bright light.

Qing Shui waved towards Chi Feng and the old man, Chi Ao. The two strode into the air and landed on the Fire Bird's back as a high pitch bird's cry rang out. They looked toward the three waving figures growing increasingly smaller until they totally disappeared.

Bai Hao stood off to the side, a bit stunned. For some reason, it sounded to him like Kitty was a cat's name and Lassie was a dog's name. However, he couldn't for the life of him figure out what family would name a daughter something like Blackie.

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