In Different World with Naruto System Chapter 285

In Different World with Naruto System Chapter 285

Ming Dong's slash impacted against the cross, shattering it into pieces before continuing on toward Ka Zhafei. In the end, it pierced into his body before striking at the barrier behind him. With an explosion, the barrier rippled slightly before the attack dissipated.

In the blink of an eye, Jiang Chen, Han Yan, and Big Yellow positioned themselves on three separate spots, cornering the Six Weirdoes of Mount Mang in the center. It was supposed to be a scene where the six weirdoes surrounded the trio, but the tables had now turned.

"Haha, all of you, die!"

"This££This, is a 70%effectiveness pill!"


"Uncle Kendall!"

"Mr££rrrr££." Closing its eyes in comfortable bliss, the tiger cub was fully content with being treated to Jian Chen's care. Right now in its heart, it was very partial to Jian Chen.

"Senior, I'll entirely listen to you as to how we handle the Hongfu clan. I just wonder when we will move against the Hongfu clan?" Jian Chen said.

The area past the stone doors was quite small, only a few men could stand inside. There seemed to be a single person resting inside and right above his head was a single fist sized nightpearl that seemed to endlessly pour out a ray of light that would never cease.

On top of the city walls, an armored middle-aged man walked out from a nearby building. Seeing the flying figure of Jian Chen, his face blanched for a moment before barking out an order, "Release the arrows!"


At the same time, the king of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom gave a command. The command made its way to the ears of all the soldiers, and the sounds of cannon fire could be heard shortly afterward. Hundreds of bright balls of energy could be seen rippling through the sky and smashing straight at the soldiers. Thousands of crossbow bolts were shot high into the sky, forming a dark cloud. They shot forth from the walls with an ear-piercing sound.

Jiang Chen's vision turned cold. Mu Rong Tian was the only survivor of the Mu Rong family, and he was a Qi Hai warrior, making him a huge threat. Jiang Chen wanted to get rid of this potential threat. That was the reason why Jiang Chen demanded Lee Shan Yue to leave Mu Rong Tian behind. Jiang Chen refused to let any potential threats get away.

Jian Chen flew into the air, using the tree branches on either side of him to catapult himself into the direction of the mountain range. Right behind him was the Silver Striped Golden Snake that was in close pursuit, its tongue continuously flickering up and down. The upright part of its body was 6-7 meters long.

"We're going back to the Black Sect to save Little Yu."


Bi Hai's eyes flashed dangerously; whipping up a barrier to prevent sound from going past it, he placed the barrier around the entire garden. It glimmered hazily in the air, but the entire place within the sphere was now protected from the exterior without people even being able to see what was going on within.

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