Flowers Bloom from Battlefield Chapter 699

Flowers Bloom from Battlefield Chapter 699

However, in the moment he started to move, the rabbit blurred into motion, raising his right foot and kicking Bai Xiaochun hard on the back.

"Sigh, you are in the Skysword Sect, and yet you know nothing of Qing Shui, such tragedy."

Bai Xiaochun shivered. Eyes blank, he turned to look at Li Qinghou and murmured, "Uncle Li, Du Lingfei... is gone."

"The aura of Heavenspan River water?!"

It was a critical moment in which Zhou Yixing nervously watched what was happening, and was even visualizing what would happen next. In his mind, the paper ball would soon break through the shield, and Bai Xiaochun would scream miserably as he was destroyed in body and soul.

She was the second person in the competition to faint because of Bai Xiaochun.

As the berserk energy circulated his body, Qing Shui continued to look within himself and circulated the Ancient Strengthening Technique, slowly absorbing and taming that berserk energy for his own use.

"It has been quite a while since I was exposed to the rain, I'll just get super wet today then." It would be no problem for Qing Shui to get wet with his current physique.

Taichi Fist!


"Could this be¡­ Iron Essence? A material that was tougher than iron by at least a 100 times!"

As she looked down at the medicinal pill, her face softened, and she thought back to what Nightcrypt had just said. As she stood there quietly, she realized that her heart was trembling. After a while, the sensation passed, and an enigmatic smile appeared on her face.

Their weapons had a brilliant Core Qi which penetrated the cocoon and lashed out toward Qing Shui.

"It's him again!!"

Tan Yang's speed was monstrous, he threw himself towards Qing Shui. The Silver Bloodline Sword in his hands began to emit strong Sword Qi, and instantaneously, faint black Qi appeared in the air.

Her foster parents had told her before and she had guessed it before too. They must had abandoned her because they had no alternatives. Hence, she only wanted to know the reason. Furthermore, her foster parents had also told her that her parents had probably done this out of helplessness.

"Cough cough!" Qing Shui had wanted to justify himself, but ended up only coughing two times, causing everyone else to break into a laughter.

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