Destruccion Sovereign Chapter 1305

Destruccion Sovereign Chapter 1305

The Eight Elder nodded his head, "That's correct, this is the holy land. I am sure that you can see that we are within the stomach of a mountain; the holy land is indeed here. The founder of Mercenary City, Mo Tianyun himself had created a single space within the city as a way to reach the holy land. That would come to be known as the gate to the holy land, and aside from that method, there is no alternative route to get here."

Jiang Zhenhai and Yan Zhanyun quickly stretched their hands out and helped Jiang Chen up. Both men wore bright smiles on their face, and the more they looked at Jiang Chen, the happier they felt. This young man in front of them was their biggest pride.

"Hurry up, the gate is going to disappear!"

"I had that idea as well." Jian Chen smiled before his eyebrows knit together, "I don't know when Senior An and Yun Zheng will arrive."

Jian Chen smiled back at Qin Xiao before replying, "Brother Qin Xiao, I just wished to come and ask when we will be heading for Mercenary City."

"Xuan Yuzi, those who choose to become my enemy will only meet one ending; death! Now, I have trapped Jiang Chen, and after I kill you, he'll be next, and his sword will be mine!"

Big Yellow let out a big yawn, then he turned around and entered another room.

As soon as Tie Ta's fist lashed out, the sound of muffled thunder appeared again. Just from the sight alone, one could tell that this punch was far stronger than the previous one with thunder breaking out continuously.

"Brother Guo, this dog was behaving sneakily and tried eat your herbs. I, your brother, helped you capture him. Let's cook this dog as a side dish for our drinking session!"

Xuan Yuzi was still in the same violent rage as before. His combat strength was indeed formidable, and he continuously counter-attacked with his incredible sword skills. If it was any other ordinary man, he would already have been killed by Shangguan Yiqing.

"Oh, after he came back from the Island of Ice, he went straight into secluded cultivation, and I don't think he has come out yet."

"Yes, that'll do. If need be, we can also have the other Imperial Protectors come spearhead this." Qin Wutian spoke.

Duo Kang was instantly dazed, but the moment he saw the long blade insert itself deep within the cheetah's throat, a look of pure joy appeared within his eyes. This blade was one he was extremely familiar with because he knew just who the owner was.

And before this final warning, the Heavenly Sword Sect's surrender had startled the entire Qi Province. No one could have foreseen the Heavenly Sword Sect's cowardly decision, they surrendered just like that, without even trying to fight back.

After that, Jiang Chen raised his head and threw his glance at Ling Yi in the sky, who now wore an unsightly expression. Then, with a loud voice he said, "Tycoon of the Asura Palace, did you see what just happened? This is the consequence of your actions. I suggest you get the hell outta here."

Big Yellow urged them.

"70 million."

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