Trouble with Five Chapter 1505

Trouble with Five Chapter 1505


"Dad, don't worry."

Even the Green Scaled Ape and the Bladed Crocodile stopped their actions mid flight and turned to look at the severed head of the Golden Fur Tiger King with eyes that betrayed their shock.

"What happened to Little Yu? Why did the disease strike with so much strength this time?"

"Uncle Liu££" The young lord's face slackened as he looked on in disbelief. He had a good understanding of his uncle's strength, and within the clan, uncle Liu was ranked third. Aside from an Earth Saint Master, there was not a single person that could fight and win against his uncle Liu. Even with that, Jian Chen had been able to kill him in a single stroke. This type of result was simply not one he could take.

Seeing that Jian Chen was no longer running, and was even voluntarily rushing toward him, Tianxiong Lie couldn't help but give a fierce-looking smile as he roared, "Yes, come. I'm going to dismember your body into thousands of pieces, no, dying would be letting you off too lightly. I will definitely make you live in a hell to the point where you'd rather die." As he said this, a wide axe suddenly appeared in Tianxiong Lie's hand. This axe was extremely large, over double the size of Tianxiong Lie's tall and sturdy body. The entire axe had the color and luster of yellow earth, and its sharp edge flashed with a cold, threatening glow.

"Patriarch, I'll take you to my Changyang Manor. If my mother knows that the patriarch still lives, she'll definitely be overjoyed." Jian Chen stood back up on his feet. Joy was evident in his own voice as well.

By now, every single villager had surrounded the three with curious expressions. Everyone called out to him affectionately and with ease.

"The four middle-aged men from before should be people of the Bloodsword Sect." Jian Chen replied.

The mercenary returned his smile, "It wasn't all that long, just a few years, that's all. Compared to those that have left their homes to travel for ten to a hundred years, I am still green."

What Lin Bai had said caused Lei Mingao and Lei Yin's expressions to change again. A Class 6 Radiant Saint Master was already a core member of the union. They definitely could not afford to offend one. Even their clan, the Lei family, did not dare to offend a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master so easily.

Wind ruffled through Li Wu Ling's hair, he was being presumptuous.

"Jian Chen, you're not exactly short on money, why are you auctioning off two Class 5 Monster Cores?" Ming Dong asked in confusion. Even Dugu Feng and You Yue were rather confused by the actions of Jian Chen.

Giving the question some thought, he said, "Fourth brother, this should be resolved by you. If it weren't for you, I'm afraid our group of four would have had all of our monster cores stolen."

"Young master Jiang Chen is too powerful, he can defeat a Qi Hai warrior while only being a ninth level Qi Jing warrior.He is truly a remarkable genius!"


Zhou Bei Zhen purposely hid the true identity of the alchemist.

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