Call of Duty Modern Warfare Chapter 851

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Chapter 851

"So strongˇ­. Not even my Undying Emperor's Fist measures upˇ­." Swallowing hard, he contemplated how that fact must have something to do with his Heaven-Dao Nascent Soul. Yet again, he sighed inwardly, convinced that everything he had done to reach the Heaven-Dao Nascent Soul stage had been worth it.

Greencloud Continent!

That radiant smile of hers revealed her pearly white teeth. The blacks of her eyes, set in that snow-white, jade-like face, was filled with intelligence, and happiness.

"It belongs to Sky City." Yu He replied directly, without any hesitation. Anyway, it was common knowledge that Heavenly Cloud Pavilion was owned by Sky City.

As for the heavenly dukes and marquises, and all the other nobility and aristocracy, although they hated him so much their gums itched, when he passed by, they didn't dare to even look at him the wrong way.

That simple move had a skillful grace to it, it was tyrannically sharp!

After stopping for a short while Qing Shui had to leave. Although Yu Ruyan and Duanmu Lingshuang tried to urge him to stay, Qing Shui still wanted to leave. After all, it was inappropriate to stay longer due to that matter, after leaving this time, perhaps it might be forgotten in a few years.

After breakfast, the moment Qing Shui and Hai Dongqing stepped out of the courtyard, they saw a young man from Hai Clan standing there, waiting for them. When he saw them, he immediately came up and said, "Clan head, Mister Qing!"

The sound reached an unbelievable level in a short time. Heaven shook, the earth trembled, and ripples spread out everywhere. As for the incoming sword light, as soon as it encountered those sound waves, it began to shatter into something that looked like innumerable tiny stars!

Qing Shui looked at the chaotic mess around them. He had basically killed those who should be killed, and the remaining ones should not be able to cause trouble again in the Southern City. He only needed to think about what to do with this Sword Demon Huang Qing who was standing before him..

"There's an old granny, oh, she has a grandson too. I treated him before, but I still lacked a kind of medicine at that time. The old Granny said that I could come look for her once I found it." Qing Shui only spoke half the truth. Nevertheless, it wasn't considered lying.

Face twitching, he realized that anything he did now would be as ineffective as punching a pillow. Not only was Bai Xiaochun's status particularly unique, but he had given away fish to too many people. The Saint-Emperor could already feel a big headache coming on.

"Ah, this is the life. I can have anything I want at the snap of a finger. Even the junior patriarch and all of them up in the rainbow district are probably jealous of me." He was currently laying on his belly, enjoying a full body massage being performed by eight maidservants. The feeling of their warm, dainty hands caused a wide smile to spread out across his face. He even reached his arm around the waist of one of the beautiful maid servants and pulled her close.

Despite how much it frustrated the boy, there was nothing he could do other than watch the twenty-first level turn into a scorching desert. And there was nothing he could do to prevent Bai Xiaochun from simply passing the level!

"Why are young people nowadays so dishonest, isn't that out right bullying? But I like itˇ­"

"Elder Sister Zhou, we'll be waiting for you to set another record. When you get first place in all ten, the Great Spirit Stream Bell will toll to notify the whole sect!" All of the surrounding Outer Sect disciples were cheering. Although there were a few disgruntled faces to be seen, and a few sharply spoken words, they were drowned out by the overwhelming applause. Zhou Xinqi's position among the disciples here was like the sun within the sky. In fact, she was well regarded by virtually everyone on Fragrant Cloud Peak.

Apparently, when something entered the River of Time and Space, all traces of its existence were completely removed.

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