Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush Chapter 1798

Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush Chapter 1798

When the Demon Soul of the Green Hellish Python entered Jiang Chen's body, the surging energy within immediately overflowed everywhere, causing Jiang Chen's body to tremble. The trembling increasingly became more violent, even causing Jiang Chen to furrow his brows. His face was covered in sweat as well.

Bi Lian resolutely shook her head, and looked at Jian Chen imploringly. She said, "Brother, Lian'er extremely likes to do these things. You should just let Lian'er do it. Please don't turn away Lian'er. Lian'er and sister You Yue will manage the Flame Mercenaries very well together. Also, Lian'er will ensure you that it definitely will not interfere with cultivation."

A change over came Jian Chen's face, but he did not say a second word about it as he immediately left the area. A Golden-Striped Silver Snake was extremely strong. It was also hard to come by. He had Little Fatty with him, so Jian Chen didn't wish for some sort of conflict to happen.

The Sword Qi hardened on Jian Chen's finger as he took notice of the panther. As soon as it got closer to him, his right hand flickered into motion, instantly beheading the panther's head with the Sword Qi blade on his finger.

When Ming Dong took out five gleaming purple cards, he revealed a huge smile on his face, "With these five purple cards, there has to be at least several hundred thousand purple coins. Hehe, now I am a rich man too."

But Jian Chen stood right where he was, like a stone statue that could not be budged. No matter what Changyang Hu did, nothing would sway Jian Chen. With eyes that spoke volumes of his murderous intent, he glared at the grove, waiting for someone to come out.

"Bastard! Jiang Chen, who do you think you are, how dare you talk to us like that?"


Seeing such a familiar piece of iron rod, Jian Chen's heart skipped a beat. Immediately opening up the nearby steel boxes, he discovered that they had also contained various mysteriously shaped objects with cotton packaging.

"Thirteenth Elder, I was only taking a look around. I heard from the Eighth Elder that the third area had a Saint Tier Battle Skill. Could this painting be it?" Jian Chen asked. Since he was afraid of disturbing the other two men, Jian Chen spoke in a quiet voice.

Jian Chen's eyebrows knit together tightly. He thought about that Saint Ruler from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger; if the speed of a Saint Ruler was that fast, then it would be fruitless to even attempt to run away from one. Although Jian Chen wasn't sure if the Saint Ruler from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger would attack him, he couldn't lower his guard ¨• he had to remain wary.

Jiang Chen asked.

Remaining silent from his spot in midair, Jian Chen tilted his head to look down at his mangled chest. He knew that if not for the fact that he had tempered his body with Chaotic Force to make it even stronger than before, then the third elder's battle skill would have most likely blown a hole straight through his chest. And if that were to happen, then it would be impossible for Jian Chen to survive for the remainder of the battle.

"More than one hundred years ago, the greatest Saint underneath the heavens used his sword to cut open the gateway to the Realm of Immortals; creating a new path for all Saints in the Saint Origin realm. With Ancestor Greenlotus's cultivation base, I'm certain he has ascended into the Realm of Immortals."

Right now, Jian Chen could only tell that the man had no hostility aimed toward himself. With a smile, he cupped his hands together, "This was a misunderstanding from my own carelessness. If it were not for my recklessness, this would not have happened, allow me to apologize as well."

However, these injuries weren't threatening to him. The Dragon Transformation skill gave him a natural regeneration ability, so the injuries he suffered didn't mean much.

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