Siana Chapter 1240

Siana Chapter 1240

There was a nice smile on Jian Chen's face. His expression was calm and serene--nothing too different from before. But if one were to look at him with not their eyes, but their hearts, they could see that the aura that Jian Chen carried with him was drastically different than before. In the past, his aura was sharp and open, making him feel like an unsheathed blade ready to strike. But now, that sharpness was hidden away from them to become rather calm. It was almost as if he had regressed into becoming an ordinary person.

"You have great senses, and you're an expert in all kinds of advanced and mystical formations, and you also have some secret tricks. You are our biggest secret weapon, so I'll need you to stay back and handle the most important task. Please don't disappoint me."

"So he was that Ming Dong? Hahaha, he is the hero that I, Ka Di Yun, admire so much. To lose at his hands, I, Ka Di Yun don't feel wronged at all. Not one bit!" Ka Di Yun gave a hearty laugh, for the bitter taste that was left in his mouth after his defeat had completely vanished.

"Answer my question!" Jian Chen glared.

The entire sky above the mountain range was filled with glints and flashes of cold steel. All those sword created by the Heavenly Saint Sword turned into shooting stars as they flew across the area. Each and every single one of them looked like a deadly sword, causing those who looked at them to feel a shiver running down their spine.

Jiang Chen unleashed the True Dragon Palm and tore Eldest Mang's attack to pieces. As for Han Yan, he unleashed a black beam looking like a devilish dragon that carried a tremendous devilish energy. It was so powerful that even the air started vibrating. With just this single attack, the Six Weirdoes of Mount Mang's formation was almost completely broken.

After his words left his mouth, Jiang Chen immediately unleashed the True Dragon Palm, he grabbed towards the man who stood closest to him.

Right after Jiang Chen's voice sounded out, four powerful energies suddenly appeared right in front of them. Four shadowy figures flew up from below and surrounded Jiang Chen and Big Yellow from four corners. These people had obviously been waiting here for a long time.It currently says 133$ in queue, but I'll still do 4 sponsored chapters. I had manager change it from 30$ per chapter to 60$.

"Then this city must be Lore City. The rumors are true then. The Qinhuang Kingdom and the Changyang clan have a connection between the two if the army is stationed here." Yun Lian muttered with admiration. The Qinhuang Kingdom was one of the Eight Great Powers on the continent, and with their support, the name of the Gesun Kingdom had been established as the dominant power over this area with no other equal.

"That can't be for certain. I saw three people fighting the Class 5 Magical Beasts. One of them was even a youth around the age of twenty. Those three Class 5 Magical Beasts were killed by this youth alone. I definitely saw this with my own eyes££"


Ling Du said.

Unfortunately only one of them had been able to escape with their life. The other one had been locked into place due to the Heaven Tier Battle Skill's might. With the restriction from the battle skill, he had no chance of moving at all.

"Hmph! What did you to do Guan Yiyun and the other men?"

Though with Jian Chen, he could absorb and refine the energy from the monster core without fear of the consequences which was possibly due to the glows within his dantian. The moment the energy entered his body, the berserk element would immediately be absorbed by them. allowing for Jian Chen to absorb the energy from the monster cores without fear. This was why Jian Chen had such a large advantage over the other cultivators.

Along their way, Jiang Chen's appearance had attracted many curious eyes. All of these people just followed them back to Inferno City, they wanted to witness what was going to happen.

Yu Zi Han's expression changed dramatically. They were simply too precious. Put aside the Great Devastation skill, the high-ranked combat weapon alone was an ultimate treasure. Even an ordinary Divine Core Sect Elder of the Black Sect would find it difficult to have a high-ranked combat weapon.

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