The Box of Another World Chapter 1146

The Box of Another World Chapter 1146

When he heard what Jian Chen said, Nubis declined it straight away, without any additional thought, "Jian Chen, you definitely must not drag me into it. Each of the three great clans of the Holy Empire have Saint Kings and possess the strength of ancient clans. They cannot be underestimated. Also, I, the great Nubis, have nothing to do with the Holy Kingdom. Their infighting has nothing to do with me, so I, the great Nubis, definitely will not be dragged into this. It's basically a hell-hole. Whoever jumps in will suffer losses."

"Looks like older brother knows about these Blood Devils pretty well."

Ye Xiao was completely enraged, and so was Shangguan Chong. Their Yuan energies trembled violently and shattering the long robes covering their bodies, then it swept across the entire auction hall. This was a massive insult, this was even worse than directly killing them! From today onwards, they could no longer hold their heads up high and walk straightly. They must kill this damn dog and tear him into a thousand pieces! They must break all of that damn Chen Jiang's bones and burn him into ashes!

What happened next stunned Wang Ting and the rest of the mercenaries. All of them had their mouths wide open. It was as if they were all in some insane dream.

Fan Zhong Tang's eyes turned red, and he roared out loudly. The pain and anger he received from witnessing his own grandson burn in the flames was not something that anyone could ever imagine or understand.

When Big Yellow heard about his importance, his attitude immediately changed. According to what Jiang Chen said, he would be the main character here after Jiang Chen left.

"Damn it, is this guy a monster? His body strength is tougher than mine. He is only at the peak of the Early Mortal Core realm, but his combat strength is able to suppress me as well££"

Underneath the Space Gate was a mysterious matrix with several Class 5 Monster Cores at certain points of the matrix. Each supply point of these monster cores had supported the Space Gate when it opened.

Huo Yuner roared out loudly. The insulting look in Jiang Chen's eyes was an insult to him.

The current in the deep pond was really strong. Jiang Chen was swimming towards the bright light, and the current became stronger the closer he got to the bright light. Jiang Chen guessed that the reason why this pond wasn't frozen was related this bright light.

With Heixin Fu's attack, the war had officially erupted. The demonic energies above the city started spreading and revealing countless demons. The demons blotted out both sky and land as they let out ear-shattering roars. Each and every single one of them had a bloodthirsty look in their eyes and were jumping into every corner of the Dancing Sun City.

Half a moment later, Jian Chen slowly set out toward the peak only to discover that the top part of the peak had been obliterated without a single piece left behind.

"Don't worry. Since he came up with this idea, I'm sure he can do it."

Tie Ta let out a long sigh as he looked at the pile of dead bodies around him. On his face was a happy smile; although they had just fought a long and hard battle, he didn't show a single trace of exhaustion. Instead, his fighting spirit was awakened.

"Xiangtian, your silly second sister Mingyue left the family a long time ago without a trace. Despite all our attempts and efforts to try to find her, not even a single hint can be found. When you're traveling in the outside, please help find my girl." The second aunt Yu Fengyan implored Jian Chen. For her daughter to disappear without a trace for so long, made her worry as a mother.

Jiang Chen said helplessly. This guy was a Dragon Horse. His bloodline was at the top of all demon beasts, so there was no need for him to cultivate any demonic skills. If he really forced himself and used a demonic cultivation method, it would actually end up limiting his potential.

The group all wore the same white clothes, and they all carried huge swords on their backs. Their appearance caused them to look like a group of sword gods.

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