Reborn as Qin Feng in Stellar Transformations Chapter 2614

Reborn as Qin Feng in Stellar Transformations Chapter 2614

"This place is not suitable for cultivating."

Jiang Chen turned around and waved his hand. In an instant, the golden gate turned back into the bronze plate and fell into Jiang Chen's palm.

"Radiant Artes?" Jian Chen mumbled to himself. He had heard about these Radiant Artes before, from the Radiant Saint Master girl of the Lei family. He had actually heard it again here, which caused him to involuntarily feel extremely curious as to what Radiant Artes were.

This person was a youth who wore an expensive looking white robe. His age was about 20 years old. He was also extraordinarily handsome on a scale far different than Jian Chen. However, while he was handsome, his face had a slight feminine aspect to it while Jian Chen had a masculine expression.

"So you're Jian Chen!" The gentle looking figured smile as he greeted Jian Chen.

Jiang Zhen Hai laughed out loud, what else could make him happier than seeing his son become someone great.

The Third Emperor said. After that, he informed all the people here through his divine sense, "Listen up; prepare the Nine Stars Killing Formation secretly. Once we've withdrawn from the Black Sect and Jiang Chen has released the Crown Prince, we'll activate the formation immediately and trap him within. I have a King Weapon with me, so we don't have to fear him. Our main goal today is Jiang Chen, not the Black Sect. Once we've killed him, we'll be able to kill the rest of his friends."

"Brother Jian Chen, a few days ago, I have offended you very much. I am aware of my mistake, and wish that brother Jian Chen can be the bigger person, and forgive the stupid things I have done in my ignorance. I will definitely bring generous gifts and personally visit to apologise in the future." The patriarch's tone was euphemistic and extremely sincere, completely forgoing his identity as the patriarch of a family. This was because in his heart, if he could erase Jian Chen's discontent for the Yan family, he could even give up his position as the patriarch of the family. Afterall, Jian Chen was someone he definitely could not offend.

Tianxiong Lie sneered. He suddenly let go of one of the hands gripping the axe, and his palm quickly became surrounded by a layer of yellow light. Just like that, it began to rush to grab Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword.

Jiang Zhenhai said with a smile. Having a son like this, he felt really gratified.

Big Yellow said.

As Jian Chen continued to heal, the girl never struck out at him once. Instead, she sat by the fire and continued to watch the flames dance absent-mindedly.

Sneering, Jian Chen spoke, "Hmph, you say it's unrelated? Your eyes must be blind. Yesterday several Heaven Saint Masters of your kingdom united with the Blue Wind Kingdom to attack the eastern stronghold of the Gesun Kingdom. Do you mean to say that they are not from your Qiangan Kingdom?"

Seeing the sudden change in Tian Jian's expression, Jian Chen's heart skipped a beat. Hiding away the cub in his embrace, he gave a hollow smile, "Senior, this is Xiao Bai. I found him in the Magical Beast Mountain Range."

Within the deepest area of the Martial Saint Dynasty, the Crown Prince arrived at the Imperial Emperor's bedroom early in the morning.

Although the Martial Saint Dynasty still had plenty of Late Combat Soul warriors, much more than the Black Sect had, after Wu Ningzhu and the mighty warriors of the Nangong family appeared, their advantages had disappeared.

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