A Slackers guide to Immortality Chapter 1780

A Slackers guide to Immortality Chapter 1780


"Get the hell out of my way! It took me a hundred years to successfully concoct this Nine Lives Reincarnation Pill!"

"Haha, you are my daughter, of course you will always be a Qing." Qing Shui chuckled as he patted Yuchang's head. He was the one who saved her life, so naturally, he had already treated her as his own flesh and blood. Qing Shui would give everything he had for Yuchang.

The lady saw that a fish had bitten the hook and said happily.

It was another golden colored lotus!

He retrieved a crystal produced by the Crystal Lion and dropped it into the poisonous liquid. Then he pulled out about ten 1,000 Year Coldsteel Needles and six Frosted Iron Balls. He put all of them into it before he started the refinement again, until the ¡®crystal' had been completely dissolved.

Only a total of seven people would be able to enter the third level, the Ancient Blood Path. Whoever those people ended up being, they would have a profound influence on who became blood master in the end.

Sima Huoyu immediately spat out a mouthful of blood and got blasted backwards. Not to mention that Qing Shui was just doing it bare-handed. Sima Huoyu still had a considerably strong physique, or else, it would have been a question if he would still be alive. In addition to that, Qing Shui went easy on him.

As for the four peak lords, when they saw him beneath the statue, their eyes shone with anticipation.

"Brother Li, would you mind taking us up to the Great Wall to look around?" she said lightly, giving voice the words that Zhao Tianjiao had just been thinking.

The truth was that Bruiser's current state was only a sign of what was to come for the north bank. Back before he had reached the Foundation Establishment level of power, he had been incredible. And yet, he had completely surpassed all expectations, and reached Foundation Establishment smoothly and naturally!

The bizarre signs that the disciples of the Blood Stream Sect were seeing left them shocked. It was easy to imagine how, even as soon as the following day, Nightcrypt's name would once again rock the Blood Stream Sect. Even the other sects would surely hear about what was happening, and Nightcrypt would become even more famous in the eastern Lower Reaches of the cultivation world.

Bai Xiaochun cleared his throat. Worried that his reveling in success had pushed things too far... he decided to wrap up the inspection tour. Just when he was about to leave, he looked over at Li Xu, who had worn a very odd, borderline unsightly expression this entire time.

He threw his head back and laughed uproariously, then sighed at the feeling of accomplishment after all the effort he had expended. He felt like he had experienced something completely life-changing in this sixth level, something that would make his future more wonderful than he could imagine.

As he did, he began to ponder other matters, such as all of the wealth he had plundered from the Li and Chen Clans. That was when he started wondering if the Grand Heavenmaster was being like the Giant Ghost King, and waiting to get his split.

At the bottom of the crater, Bai Xiaochun lay there, his face as ashen as death, blood oozing out of the corners of his mouth. The force of the blow had knocked him unconscious. Furthermore, there was something else no one noticed, which was that a bit of black light could be seen on his right hand, that was currently fading away.

Qing Shui was speechless.

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