Serendipitous Love Fox Master Pampered Queen | HIATUS| Chapter 728

Serendipitous Love Fox Master Pampered Queen | HIATUS| Chapter 728

To think that someone actually successfully sneaked in. Not only that, but that someone actually saw them in such an embarrassing position. Initially, Wenren Wu-shuang was angered. But upon discovering that it was Qing Shui, Wenren Wu-shuang panicked and screamed at him to get out.

Effect of Great Revitalizing Pellet: Increase total stats by 20%, increase lifespan by 20 years, heals internal injuries within a short time, total stats will double within a one-hour span post-consumption, which will be followed by the user's abilities being reduced to parity with a normal person's for an entire month. The effects will only be limited to one pellet. Additional consumption will only cure internal injuries, extend the duration of the hour that stats are doubled, and the user's ability will still be reduced to a normal person for one month.?

Although "a tiger that had grown wings" was an idiom to express doubled might, Qing Shui personally thought that this golden-eyed, white, gigantic tiger on the ground appeared mightier than the one in the sky. If this gigantic tiger had grown wings, then he'd truly be "a tiger that had grown wings".

Bai Xiaochun was really starting to think of Song Que as one of his lucky stars. Every time he ran into him, he would save Song Que from an abyss of suffering. Whether it was in Sky City, on the Great Wall, or here, he was always able to get Song Que to call him uncle.

"The second master of Zuoshi Clan has his eyes on Miss Wu-shuang. As a proposition, we were told to bring Miss Wu-shuang back to our clan today, so if there is anything the Qing Clan needed help from our clan in the future, you can go to the Pingyang Country to look for us. How about it?" Zuoshi Yi looked at Qing Shui's calm expression and stated his true intention.

The prescriptions for the Five Dragon Pellet, Great Revitalizing Pellet and Beauty Pellet each were lacking a type of most precious medicinal herb which he could not find and which were irreplaceable. This made Qing Shui feel at a loss, especially for the Great Revitalizing Pellet's Phoenix's Tail, and the Beauty Pellet's Beauty Fruit both heightened Qing Shui's motivation to perform alchemy.

"I don't feel like I've made any sacrifice. I'm very happy." Yiye Jiange continued to reply calmly.

In response to his words, Bai Xiaochun stopped in place, a look of pride flashing through his eyes. Face lighting up, he turned to look at the scrambling Zhou Yixing.

The Ancient Strengthening Technique circulated gradually. Suddenly, Qing Shui thought of his >, the > which he had abandoned.

People could tell from everyone's astonished gazes that what they were seeing was real. They then looked towards that young man and the people from the Sky Prison Sect. The sudden turn of events caused them to be dumbfounded.

Before they understood all the trump cards the other party had, they should not be going all out recklessly. Moreover, the other party was still wearing a confident expression. The old man could feel the confidence Qing Shui had through his observations, which was why he chose to take a step back once again.

Hei Ming didn't turn around. Back facing Bai Xiaochun, he said, "All the heavenly marquises and all the heavenly dukesĄ­ are working together. Even if the Grand Heavenmaster wanted to shield you from them, it would be very difficult."

"They can't possibly be stopping at Hundred Miles City, could they?"

"The two men that Situ Shang brought along."

"Good job, Xiaochun!!"

"Young Master, why don't you come in and try our services. We will make you very happy, no matter what kind of play you like, we would accompany you." A ravishing beauty flirtatiously smiled at him as she invited him in.

"With unbelievable speed like that, an ordinary fist strike would be like a divine ability!"

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