A Lotus to Remember You Chapter 473

A Lotus to Remember You Chapter 473

"Mother, uncle is right. I am not only the child of the Changyang clan, but the Bi clan as well. Wait until I have enough strength, I will definitely take revenge for the Bi clan." Jian Chen answered in a serious manner.Chapter 454: The Grand Princess

"The Guyun clan offers three hundred thousand."

"It takes more than three days for a river to freeze three feet deep, no wonder it can freeze this monster."

"And quick to the point. This old woman likes that. Indeed, we came all the way here specifically for the tungsten alloy. Little boy, you cannot monopolize this deposit all by yourself. You do not have the power. Why not give half of it to our Tianmu clan. We will ensure that you will be protected, and we will take care of any other troublesome matters. You will not be dissatisfied." The woman made an offer.

Zhou Bei Zhen and the other two old men knelt down, for them it felt like that piece of paper in their hands weighed more than a thousand pounds.

Within the imperial palace of the Gesun Kingdom, the heavily dressed king had a faint smile on his face as he spoke with the two men at the table with him. There was an elder and a young male who were both dressed in royal clothing. They also exuded a special aura and had a refined way of speaking.

However for the sake of his recovery, Jian Chen was not stingy with his Radiant Spirit Pills and took out two more. With three pills used, the recovery rate of the youth was astonishingly fast, and had even driven away the weakness from having his Saint Weapon shattered.

"He is rather easy to recognize. Someone told me that a majestic big yellow dog always follows him around. If you see a young man with a big yellow dog, it is definitely Jiang Chen!"

The thousands of years old Hundred Grass Wine was something that had the greatest benefit on an individual of the Heaven Saint Master level. Jian Chen himself had used the Hundred Grass Wine to increase the power of his mind. In Kargath Academy, it had even been enough to force Khafir through the bottleneck he had been stuck at for many years. From this, it could be seen that the potency of the Hundred Grass Wine was extremely effective. Despite this, Jian Chen was still willing to let each member have a drop of the wine. The Great Saints or Saint Masters strength would substantially increase after receiving such a boundless amount of energy packed in this drop of wine.

Jiang Chen said with an annoyed expression on his face.

Finally, every single Blood Devil had been killed, none of them had survived the slaughter. When they picked Redsun Town as their first target, the Blood Devils had no idea that they had actually just picked their own burial grounds.

Manager Liu coldly harrumphed with an angry expression on his face. Although the guards weren't important personnel, they still belonged to the Heavenly Tower. So, having their guards beaten was like having the Heavenly Tower's face beaten.

Within an isolated secret underground chamber of the Martial Saint Dynasty. It was a secret chamber with a huge space, and it had been constructed with hard stone. Underneath it was an energy vein. The secret chamber only had simple decorations, and a big, golden hassock was placed in the center. An old man wearing a grey robe was sitting on top of it. He looked to be in his fifities, and his hair was half black half gray. He had a majestic looking face.

With extreme arrogance and confidence, Yang Shuo told Jiang Chen.

"Mrrrr££" The cub gave a mewling sound as it began to sniff at Jian Chen's Space Ring with its nose.

Xu Yun said with a sneer.

"Of course, if sir were to bring out the Class 5 Monster Cores with the magical beasts, then our Heavenly Phoenix Auction House can openly proclaim this and definitely bring in a higher price. Why don't you think this over for a moment." Yullian continued to say.

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