She Rules the Wolves Chapter 1668

She Rules the Wolves Chapter 1668

Therefore, Daoist Black decided to activate the Black Formation in order to defend themselves. It could help reduce the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness's losses, and they could also use it to fight back against Nanbei Chao.

Only Jiang Chen knew how powerful the family Wu Ningzhu was going to face was. It was the frightening Gu Family, and its mightiness was not something Wu Ningzhu could imagine. If Wu Ningzhu wanted to accomplish her goal by herself, perhaps that would be more difficult than climbing the heavens.

At that moment, a sword came flying out from the audience below the arena.


At his command, every single soldier charged into the courtyards. Even the soldiers surrounding the place had flown over the walls to charge at Jian Chen's group in huge numbers.

Jiang Chen continued, "But, those Pure-Yang materials are deeply rooted in young lady Yan's body, and it will extremely difficult for me to get rid of them completely, especially for the Fiery Dragon fruit remains.Young lady Yan's body is incredibly weak right now, so if I try to clean it by force, the Yin and Yang will collide, and I am afraid her body would explode immediately."

Hearing such a familiar-sounding voice, Tie Ta's eyebrows creased together in thought. "This voice££" he muttered before growing silent. Then, his eyes began to brighten as if he remembered something. He looked joyously at Jian Chen with excitement. "You're££ you're Changyang Xiangtian! Changyang Xiangtian, I££ I remember what you sound like."

Guo Shan shouted out in disbelief.

"How did you know I was killed in the Myriad Demon Mountain?"

"Fudo Seal!"

"Big brother Guo, alchemy is just my hobby, I am not really too much into it. Compared to the excitement from fighting in battles, I prefer the latter."

Jiang Chen asked.

Some tables and chair completely made from rock were placed in two straight rows. Right now, some of the tables were full. The majority of the warriors here were from the younger generation. Some of them were older than thirty, but in their early thirties. All of them had pretty strong cultivation bases, and the weakest of them were Late Divine Core warriors.

Shaking his head, Jian Chen didn't give a second thought, "This shouldn't be something that elders should worry themselves with." Jian Chen knew that even if he were to hand it over, the Shi family would not let him be.

If any mercenary were to come into the Magical Beast Mountain Range, they were there just to capture Jian Chen and bring him back to the Tianxiong clan for the bounty, and these 10 mercenaries in front of him were no different. If it weren't for the fact that Jian Chen was stronger than them, these mercenaries wouldn't have been so unwilling to fight him at first.

Clang, clang, clang...

By now, winter had already passed and summer was fast approaching. With the scorching sun bearing down on the ground, it was already like the top of a burning slab of iron. Since Jian Chen had spent a long time within the dark and damp holy grounds, he quickly found himself dry and thirsty.

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