Immortal Martial world realm Chapter 2469

Immortal Martial world realm Chapter 2469

Yan Chenyu said.

Based on the scorpion's current state, it appeared that the injury on its throat that Jian Chen had just inflicted didn't harm it that much.

Even the guards and elders of the Changyang clan all grew excited and happy when they saw the Imperial Advisors come walking into the clan compound.

"Buddy, that's daddy's war trophy! Give it back to daddy!"

Jiang Chen said.

Pulling out the delicate dagger that had been embedded in his back, the man looked at his daughter in disbelief, "Yun Lian, what has gotten into you? What reason do you have to kill your own father?"

In the blink of an eye, three months had passed. Today, the wooden door to the room that had been tightly shut for three months finally opened slowly. The white-robed Jian Chen walked out and on his shoulder, a small, snow-white tiger lay at ease.

When the lord of the Cloud Capital himself had heard what had transpired, his entire person went as stiff as a board. He simply couldn't believe what he had heard--the ten or something factions that had once been separate were now united. With their powers united, they were now stronger than not only the city lord, but most of the factions in the Blue Wind Kingdom--a fact that was completely shocking to think about.

"Enemy attack! Enemy attack!"

"Bi Lian and I share the same opinion." You Yue agreed with her.

The monster's body was incredibly majestic, but what surprised Jiang Chen was that this monster had no facial features. When it turned its face toward Jiang Chen, a shiver ran down his spine. Its featureless face had a pair of eyes which stared at him viciously like a deadly poisonous snake. It was a very eerie feeling.

When the trio arrived at the city gate, they found it filled with people coming and going. No, it shouldn't be described as coming and going, it should just be coming. The once every year Qi Province competition attracted countless warriors from the world of cultivation.

Jian Chen accepted the jade pendant from the fifth elder as he would normally. He saw that the jade pendant was around half the size of a hand and carried marks left behind by the past. On both sides of the pendant, there were intricate carvings.

And this crystal core could give him this result. It was like it was specially prepared for Jiang Chen.

Qian Yun looked at Chang Wuji for a moment before looking at Jian Chen with a dark look, "Who is he?"

The Ice Demon King furiously roared out, then it threw its gigantic fist onto Shangguan Ying's Earth Shattering Palm.

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