True Martial God Chapter 1562

True Martial God Chapter 1562

Immovable Mountains!

"In order to resolve the impending crisis which would inevitably come, the Eternal Mother turned her three Eternal Sons into statues, and then used her divine sense to create worlds inside of them, filled with countless living beings. Her hope was that, years later, when the Mortal Renegade finally broke free, one of her people would be able to reach the Eternal Realm, and stave off complete calamity!

"What did you just say!?" Master God-Diviner snapped, rage burning in his heart as he glowered at Bai Xiaochun.

Simultaneously, a frigid coldness spread out from the shadow that seemed capable of freezing the soul.


"That poison beast is too powerful. If I also had one like it, I'd be able to do anything I wished." A young man looked at Qing Shui's Ten Thousand Poisonous Violet Sable and said jealously.

"We're not afraid of dying. Nor are we afraid of our people being wiped out of existence. We're not even afraid of humiliation. But being crushed by medicinal pills in this way leaves us stripped of our ideals, stripped of our passion in life! This is truly the worst of all possible nightmares!"

"I did not know that this sir was Madam Duanmu's friends, I had earlier said that it was shameless for so many people to make things difficult for this little brother, consider my Li Clan to be in the wrong, I will make reparations to this little brother later."

Standing behind the Saint-Emperor Dynasty cultivators were two demigods from Vile-Emperor City. They stood there very respectfully, and yet, deep in their eyes was an insufferable arrogance that they did nothing to hide.

"I'm willing!" Qingqing said anxiously, feeling embarrassed.

"Luckily, we still have Qing You, the genius of our Qing Clan. He has already broken through to the peak level of the Martial Warrior realm and his strength should be sufficient to handle those 9th Grade Martial Warriors from the other clans, while leaving the other small fish and shrimps [1] for us." Qing Yang was beaming when he spoke of Qing You. After all, only when the clans had strong individuals would they be in a better position to fight for future benefits.

He didn't want to force people to join him in Mistysea Province. After all, they were not enemies. As long as they ended up living a life they enjoyed, Bai Xiaochun was content. That had been his stance all along.

He was looking forward to the results of that sword which had shot out with a sonic boom.

"Do you dare, Bai Xiaochun?!?!"


Qing Shui had never seen a bed which would give one so much feeling. It was a double bed full of fanciful thoughts, with a thick pink mattress, soft fluffy pink covers and blanket. When laying on it, he felt that he would sink into it completely. It left only a small feeling that would make one think that if there was a beauty on it, it would definitely be a very visually attractive and seductive sight.

This was like the seventh inch of a snake's body1, or a person's throat. The entire saber formation crumbled, losing its formidable effect.

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