Stranger is Handbook Chapter 2848

Stranger is Handbook Chapter 2848

Blood sprayed out of his mouth, and even as he struggled to his feet, a streak of golden light slammed into him. Then again, and again! He was really starting to get mad now.

For example, the Origin Essence Pearl of a demonic beast.


Few people would be willing to provoke someone that strong. Besides, the newly-appointed Patriarch Bai Xiaochun had another role in the sect that made him even more domineering. He was a deva patriarch in the Hall of Steel Veins!

It was already late night by then. Qing Shui noticed that the floor of the pavilion which Canghai Mingyue was staying was still as bright as day, lit by the Light Stones so he tidied himself up, and walked towards the building.

Standing on the expansive rugged mountaintop, they could not see if the mountain range looked like a phoenix. Qing Shui put off proving it for now, as his priority was rather finding the Stonegold Phoenix Tail Grass.?

"Help us in the battle?" Qing Shui's eyes flashed. The Alchemist Sect has actually volunteered to provide them with aid...

Bai Xiaochun looked back at all the corpses, and felt like his mind was spinning beyond control. Hair standing on end, he interrupted the Vile-Prince's enthusiastic monologue to say, "Uh I got this body from my parents, Vile-Prince. I'm afraid there's no deal to be made. I just realized I have an important matter to attend to. I'll take my leave now."?

"I'm very, very good friends with Miss Yun Duan. Her problems are mine. You guys don't have to do this. I'm doing this willingly," Qing Shui spoke out his heart felt thoughts.

They walked over together. The sunless Immortal Fox Valley caused one to get an eerie feeling.

"Do you regret standing here? No matter how wise your smart mouth is, it's utterly useless in the arena." Donggong Taiqing scoffed at Qing Shui when he saw his insincere smile.

Qing Shui's thoughts ran to his alchemy. He decided to devote more time towards his craft and his collection of rare herbs because Qing Shui knew that the ingredients required for refining the Golden Fragrant Jade and Ten Fragrant Rejuvenation Pellet would all be hard to come by.

Qing Shui had initially thought of bringing her to his place and cook for her, but he immediately gave up that thought. He was afraid that he would lose control and the probability of it happening was very high. Therefore, they could only visit a restaurant nearby.

More than that, he actually felt that it was good fortune for him to have become the follower of a terrestrial necromancer! That was especially because of the ease with which he conjured flame. Clearly, this Necromancer Bai was spectacularly talented, and that meant that there was always the possibility that he would reach the celestial rank! Since Zhou Yixing was his first follower, and had no one else to compete with, that meant it would be easier to curry favor.

Soon, the three of them were on their way again, seated in the ship. Considering what had just happened, Bai Xiaochun suggested that they fly on the ship at night and proceed along on foot during the day. In rare fashion, Du Lingfei agreed, and as for Feng Yan, after a moment of thought, he nodded.

"I am part of the Qing Clan. My surname is Qing. I have no relations to the Yan Clan whatsoever. And I will make them pay for tormenting my mother and grandfather," Qing Shui said coldly, his tone clear and resounding.

After all, he had only just entered the top 10 of the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Superstars, and didn't have a very complete understanding of how things worked for that group. However, as for everyone else who was in the top 100, they couldn't hold back their excitement upon hearing the announcement.

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