Demon that Got Reincarnated As A Human Chapter 1885

Demon that Got Reincarnated As A Human Chapter 1885

"Is he truly as young as he looks?" The Qinhuang Kingdom's king spoke with some doubt.Chapter 395: Midair Showdown

"Father is number one, fuck it, who is father's opponent? Come die quickly!"

"Young master Jiang that also means some of these girls will be sacrificed?"

Seeing the large humanoid magical beast, Hudolf's face became priceless, and the furrow of his brows loosened significantly as well.

"How could this guy concoct the Nine Soul Restoration Pills? I don't believe it! This can't be real!"

Jiang Chen wanted to start crying. He was incredibly angry right now. But once he thought about what Big Yellow had done, if he was in their position, he would want to cook the dog alive as well.

The book had fairly clear descriptions written inside, despite it not being as thick as the others. It had taken Jian Chen 3 hours to completely read through the book. Because of this, he had finally gained some insights regarding this strange world.

Big Yellow had complete admiration towards Jiang Chen now. He used to think he was a mean guy, but he never expected Jiang Chen to be even worse than him. This evil plot that he had set up would dragon the Green Sanctuary Sect into a chaotic situation, and both of them could just sit back and relax while waiting to reap their harvest. It was a perfect plan!

"Jian Chen! In front of a Saint Ruler, you are powerless to run away!" At that moment, an elderly voice could be heard as the Saint Ruler from the Jiede clan appeared directly in front of him and blocked his path. Before Jian Chen could even react, the energy in his hands shot forth towards Jian Chen and melted into Jian Chen's body with a speed like lightning.


After the old monk examined Jiang Chen's injuries, he couldn't help but furrow his brows, "His injuries are very severe. All his internal organs are destroyed, and even his soul is in deep coma. If it was any other ordinary man, an injury like this would have resulted in death long ago. However, there is an energy that is continuously circulating inside his body. I'm guessing he must have consumed some kind of life-saving pill before entering a coma. Not only that, it seems that there is another mysterious, yet subtle force supporting him. It's a really miraculous and mysterious force, even your master can't tell what it is."

The sky was bright and clear. Suddenly, some £¦boom' sounds resounded in the thin air. With a split second, two objects rolled out from the thin air, and it seemed as if the two were unable to control themselves, as they were thrown onto the ground, causing two huge craters to appear on the flat surface.

"Of course, his potential is actually greater than Guan Yi Yun! I heard that he is the descendant of the Divine Devil, and the power of the ancient Divine Devil is sealed within his body! He is an extraordinary man! Besides, this man rarely attacks someone, but when he strikes, someone will die! That's why he got the name: Little Devil King!"

"Everyone, look! Look at how many soldiers are being sent flying by that cyclone££" Fearfully, one of the more sharp-eyed men cried out at the sight above of them.

"I will take care of this matter, you may head down." Bai En spoke to Ka Di Yun with his back to him. He showed a serious expression to Ming Dong.

The second tribulation bolt finally woke this young man up from his deep sleep. With great effort, he raised his head and opened his eyes. His eyes were cloudy in the beginning, but they soon became bright.

Those mysterious symbols light floated onto the defense mechanism. In an instant, the defense mechanism started violently trembling, and in the blink of an eye, a shattering sound was heard. The defense mechanism was shattered, and the bright Glory Lotus King was revealed in front of them. The smell made him feel very refreshed.

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