Throne of Magical Arcana Chapter 968

Throne of Magical Arcana Chapter 968

"Of course I do," Bai Xiaochun answered, surprised. He wouldn't have riled up the entire north bank if he hadn't been aware of how valuable it was.

"Thank you, Old Master and Martial Uncle Fei! We plan to leave in five days. Mingyue and Liu-Li, go make your preparations!" Qing Shui thanked Cang Wuya and Fei Wuji before telling the two ladies after hesitating a little.

Could Canghai Mingyue be one of the divine bodies?

Qing Shui shook his head. He had not expected that a person like Dong Yan would also have moments where he would feel inferior. It wasn't hard to feel inferior. For example, the fact that Dong Yan was not as powerful as her was sufficient.

Qing Shui thought back to his experiences when he had created his first 1-colored graded weapon. Could it be that he had to reach the wondrous ˇ®forget-everything' state before he would be able to succeed?

"Something big like this, an entire cultivator clan rebelling, will definitely provoke a huge reaction from the sect!"

He could initiate a split-second kill if he were to fight against martial warriors of the same level. But in the scenario against a higher levelled opponent, it would be difficult as the disparity of strength was too great. If he were to combat against the old man alone, he might be able to land a few hits. However, that thought immediately vanished when he sensed a tremendous amount of strength emitting from the old man's body. He wouldn't be able to win anyway, so without a second thought, he chose to escape.

He entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal at night!

"Old master, you seem well!" Qing Shui smiled and greeted Baili Jingwei with the bow of a junior as soon as he stepped into the great hall.

"Hello!" An attractive and sweet-sounding voice rang. Hai Dongqing smiled as she looked at Qing Shui. Other than that, she also looked a bit surprised.

"Originally, yes, but the Old Ancestor died three years ago. Before he died, he gave me some guidance. He also bestowed many items which were useful for cultivation. I managed to make a breakthrough last year. Unfortunately, it will be very difficult to challenge that old demon. Thankfully, there are others in our clan. If we work together, I think there is hope." the man said calmly.


It was in that moment that he decided to use Bai Xiaochun as his grindstone, to use the pressure to not only ramp up his battle spirit to the ultimate degree, but to achieve a breakthrough during that critical moment between life and death.

"This heaven-defying art is so formidable!" a few aged elders observed gravely.

"That's the difference between our statuses in the sect," he thought. "Hmph! Let's see whether or not this guy has what it takes to submit to fate." As a cold, sinister smile spread out on Li Yuansheng's face, the surrounding silkpants exchanged glances. The turn of events had been quite sudden, and it didn't seem quite right that the vicious person from moments ago had suddenly become so nervous.

When Bai Xiaochun saw that, he slipped further into madness. The sea of fire destabilized, and immediately lurched toward collapse. Without the slightest hesitation, he flew out into the open, which attracted the attention of Chen Hetian, Li Xiandao and Bai Zhentian.

"Alright, enough of that. Hurry up and clear all this rubble away. The Dao River Court got destroyed too quickly, and everyone ran away. They definitely left some treasures behind. Let's clean this place out!" By this point, his heart was pounding as he thought back to all of the shakedowns he had performed in the past. However, all of those had been clan shakedowns. This was his first time overseeing a sect shakedown!

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