Gourmet Emperor: Master of Culinary World Chapter 404

Gourmet Emperor: Master of Culinary World Chapter 404

"There's another world beyond ours...?"

Bai Xiaochun had completely turned the tables on them, and although the River-Defying Sect had sustained heavy losses, in the end, they had achieved victory!!

"I don't understand this thing called love, but I know it isn't something that can be yielded. What do you think?!" Canghai Mingyue knew that Huoyun Liu-Li was stubborn; she would not give up unless she was persuaded.

Then she flickered into motion to eradicate the last bit of Bai Xiaochun's life force. Bai Xiaochun could tell how badly he had been injured, and could sense that the flame of his life force was on the verge of being extinguished. Groaning, he stuffed his mouth full of Godly Vestige Pills, but swallowed only one of them.

Qing Shui knew that Yue Ru was the one who fought with Qing Zi during the annual competition. He rubbed his nose as he thought "To think that they would be married soon after today."

"How is this possible?!?!"

"Stop messing around...." he howled. He really was afraid that the crocodile's messing around would end up killing him.

"Oh, the two clans that forced their way in are the Song Clan and the Xu Clan." Ye Guyan said softly with a chuckle.

"Eat up!" he said. Then he burped. Clearly, he had stuffed himself before coming backĄ­.

Bai Xiaochun had long since come to realize that fact. It was one of the reasons why he hadn't been able to replenish his stock of multi-colored flame, and by extension, unable to resurrect Bai Hao.

Qing Shui did not exert much power, but Song Lang was pushed back half a step with a dull impact. His eyes turned sharp suddenly, and charged at Qing Shui's chest with a violent fist.

"Something big is about to happen!!"

The two mansions weren't very far apart; in fact, they were within eyesight of each other.

The four deputy wardens and four dark inquisitors all clustered around him, feeling somewhat dazzled. It was almost hard for them to wrap their minds around the fact that this person had started out as a guard, then become a prisoner, and was now a majordomo....

Of course, Bai Xiaochun was focused on his secluded meditation, and the advancement of his cultivation base, so he didn't pay much attention to what was happening.

As of this moment, he could feel a very faint connection to the fan, something almost dreamlike in nature.

Bai Xiaochun would usually refrain from killing if he could, but once he startedĄ­ he wouldn't hold back! As of this moment, his murderous aura had combined with his frustration and madness, exploding out in unprecedented fashion!

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