Inverted Dragon Scale Chapter 1985

Inverted Dragon Scale Chapter 1985

"Just kill them, they're so disgusting."

"Tianmu Ling, you must be here for the tungsten alloy as well." Jian Chen inquired.

"Alright, then in the future I'll call you Uncle Kendall." In Jian Chen's eyes, Kendall was someone he had a good impression of, and seemed to be quite honest and dependable now.

Ziying pointed at the Multicolored Stone floating some distance away, "Master, this Multicolored Immortal Crystal is the only thing that can help us for now. For the past few days, Qingsuo and I have been absorbing the Immortal Crystal's Spirit Qi.

The man trembled, and he quickly explained, "No, I wouldn't dare! Many people saw it, Jiang Chen really disappeared from there in a weird manner! But, that big yellow dog and the others passed through the Gate of Death!"

Hearing this, elder Yun's gaze moved to the entrance of the Saint Ruler's cave with a twinkling light. He quickly connected the dots quietly spoke with a heavy expression, "I hadn't imagined that the person the Qiangan Kingdom's Heaven Saint Master had been talking about was Jian Chen."

There was simply no time for Kendall to react. The entire top half of his body was in the jaws of the Golden Fur Tiger King, and its extremely sharp fangs sank deep within Kendall's body. Blood began to spurt out of his wounds like a fountain, covering the entire top part of his body with a bloody red color.

Jian Chen's eyes suddenly turned cold as he swiped at the sky. All of the energy in the world suddenly began to gather in front of Jian Chen's palm before he pushed it forward, pushing the world energy toward the disciples standing guard. As soon as the disciples were blown away, the door they had been protecting suddenly pushed apart from the world energy, allowing Jian Chen entry.Chapter 446: Killing the Hua Yun Sect (Three)

Nangong Wentian patted Jiang Chen's shoulder. For this third match, he would trust no one but Jiang Chen.

Feeling the ice-cold air emitted from the blood, Jian Chen gradually relaxed. He closed his eyes, and began to absorb the unique genes from within the blood, following the procedure he had read in books.

"I'm unable to tell even with my eyes, but even those Divine Core creatures were no match for her, it isn't difficult to imagine how strong Little Yu is right now."

Yu Tian Long was very familiar with Yellowstone. Under his lead, the group had begun traveling towards the valley.


Big Yellow was even wilder, he just bashed into the center of both trees; and then he disappeared.

When the poisonous needle got closer, only then did Jiang Chen sense that something was wrong. He hurriedly twisted his body, but it was too late. The poisonous needle pierce into Jiang Chen's shoulder, and the poison immediately spread across his body, making Jiang Chen start wobbling.

"There are no flames without smoke, how can there be water in this world of glaciers? This is amazing, it looks this is an unusual pond."

Looking at Yan Chen Yu's haggard look, Jiang Chen felt some pain in his heart.

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