Lovely Writing System Chapter 783

Lovely Writing System Chapter 783

"En, I do, the Demon Beast Sect, the big sect that rose the fastest." Qing Shui quickly said.

Bai Xiaochun continued to nod in response to everything he was hearing, and couldn't help but think that the name of the Hall of Steel Veins was particularly impressive.

"Old Man Ye, there hasn't been any grudges between our Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan and your Ye Clan. I hope that you won't be interfering today." Donggong Maisun said in a low voice toward Old Man Ye.

The white shadow was difficult to make out clearly, as if it weren't even corporal, but rather, a glob of light. But suddenly, it twisted and distorted, transforming into a white hand that shot forth toward Zhao Tianjiao with incredible speed.

The moment he did that, in that short instant, in that short pause, the Corrosive Poison Web bound the old man. This wasn't over. Qing Shui waved his hand once again.

"Alright, since he's gotten a bit smarter, I won't make things harder for him. He really should receive ten lashes for coming back late!" Turning, Elder Han vanished.

Two breaths of time had passed. He gazed at the pack of wolves about 30 meters away from him and began to activate his Ancient Strengthening Technique as quickly as possible, releasing an imposing aura!

Chapter 7 Impurities Cleansing.

"Did Marquis Zi LinĄ­ offend the exalted Celestial?"

Qing Shui knew that Weng Xue's husband was the Vice Castellan of the city, but it seemed to him that the man kept a low profile.

Even more shocking was that the powerful male phoenix's muscles began to swell and ripple. Cracking sounds emanated out as the entire phoenix grew larger. Most notable of all was how the feathered area between his two legs suddenly bulged with something hard and rod-like....

"I have to surpass him," he thought. "A true man knows when to stand tall and when to submit. I can't let myself fall too far behind during this half year. The only reason I'm doing this is for cultivation purposes, and that's all!" After convincing himself in this fashion, Song Que clenched his jaw and rose to his feet, face grimmer than ever as he walked over to Bai Xiaochun's side.


"I didn't notice anything. Did you?" Qing You asked Qing Bei.

"I suddenly felt like coming to take a look or else I would not have obtained the treasure today." Qing Shui said happily. This Crystal Lion was a heaven defying creature, if he had obtained it earlier, then the effects of the pills he had in the past would have greatly increased.

Similarly in the animal's world, for example a pack of wolves, the leader of the wolves would have all the female wolves. Wherever you go, the rules stayed the same. The ones who were capable would end up gaining a lot of things.

If by this point he couldn't identify Bai Xiaochun by the techniques he was using, then he didn't deserve to have lived this long. The Blood Stream Sect had long since performed a thorough investigation into Bai Xiaochun, and virtually all of the Foundation Establishment cultivators had heard stories about him.

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