Motivations of a Genius Lady Chapter 1229

Motivations of a Genius Lady Chapter 1229

Not only that, but in the same day, she had unexpectedly learned much about the dangers of the forest and gained knowledge pertaining to them. Her capacity for learning was extremely high, and even Jian Chen couldn't help but admire it. Of course, what was important was looking at her talent for cultivation, since in the Tian Yuan continent, one's own strength was what dictated who they were over everything else.

Han Yan couldn't help but curse.

Or put it this way, Ye Xiao did try to fight back, he had tried with all his effort, but Jiang Chen's strength was simply too much for him. His hard effort resembled an ant fighting against a human; absolutely useless!

The disciples from the Heavenly Sword Sect were all excited, some of them were even jumping up and down. Looking at the way they were expressing their feeling, it was almost as if they were the ones who defeated Han Yan.

On the other side, Xuan Yuzi struck once again. It was as if the longsword in his hand had become alive, he unleashed countless sword energies which formed into a dazzling sea of swords.

"Sigh, after rushing about for a day, I haven't even found a single material that is used to craft the Azulet Swords. If this continues, I wonder just when will I collect all the materials." Jian Chen mumbled to himself as he half-laid on the bed, and felt a little down.

A powerful fighting intent surged out from Jiang Chen. As he had just broken through to the Combat King realm, he was filled with vigorous spirit. Now that he had to fight a Fourth Grade Combat King, his combat strength was completely ignited.


"Those are the heads of the emperors!"

Wang Heng who was covered in wounds had burst out into laughter.

Jiang Chen took a step forwards, then he suddenly unleashed the True Dragon Palm, which struck toward the crystal beast.

"True Dragon Palm!"

"You were determined to kill me and take over all my wealth, that's why I can't let you go. It's better for your family not to challenge me, because if they do, it will be the Shangguan family's greatest misfortune. Now, die."

"For elder Xiu to want me to raise the tiger cub as fast as possible, it seems that there is still something I don't know. Did Rum Guinness not tell me, or is this something even she doesn't know about?"

Snorting, Jian Chen looked to a nearby tree. Twenty leaves from the tree broke away and shot toward the group with blinding speed.

"That's difficult to say!" Hudolf shook his head, "Sire Hari, you should prepare to run for now. In the case that there's a large group of travelers, then it won't be that bad. But if it's a single magical beast££.then Sire Hari, you should know the result."

Battle skills were split into four levels. The highest was the Saint Tier, then the Heaven Tier, Earth Tier, and finally the lowest Human Tier. Within each tier, they were then classified by another three layers.

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